Worlds 2020 Discussion


Also F for Rogue, they have it VERY, HIGHLY, INCREDIBLE hard to win against that monsters


“Welcome to the Worlds” :wink: (also to PSG :joy:


Yea, LGD does have potential like in their summer split. But they’re also not consistent enough like in their summer split to convince me now.


Here comes the results.


Congratulations to all the teams qualified. And to @Donluis524 for the Fanatic pick :+1:

However, it’s sad to see the finals turned into LCK and LPL playoffs again… I was hoping to see more regional clashes in the Worlds :joy:


Let’s pretend that we never said that LGD will go out of groups stage :joy:, overall the only team that surprised me was TSM with his horrible performance 0-6, TL connected the keyboard at the final moment but G2 trolled denying them the chance to fight for a place in quarters, FLY winning against TES!!! THE FIRST CHINESE SEED, that was unbelievable

Now talking about the quarters, it is really uncertain what’s going to happen, they’re tough teams, of course, I want a different champion, no matter who, just not an Asian team (not racist)


Well, Never have that expectation ever again. At least TL and FLY both got pretty close to make it out of their group I would say.

DWG is the one with the best performance in groups. It would take wonders for FNC or G2 to beat them for sure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


FlyQuest surprised me, honestly, and I’m really proud of them. I am really sad that NA is once again out of Worlds, but the fact that FQ beat TES… damn.

TSM has no excuse going 0-6.

I do hope that whoever wins will have played Draven at least once, so that we can hopefully, finally, get another (proper) Draven skin xd


Ornn seeing this



I need more skins to run it down mid with xd