Will there ever be Coin Shop games worth spending coins on?

Will there ever be Coin Shop games actually worth spending the coins on? They’re almost always two or three -dollar games, sometimes five or seven or so, at the most; but, at that rate, real money is less valuable and easier to waste than Chrono coins.

Maybe we’ll get something as good as Brigador again someday? (Granted, I still haven’t actually played it, but the soundtrack alone was worth it.)

I keep expecting something bigger and better like Axiom Verge, Hive Jump, Furi, Brut@L, Klang, Pit People, Tumbleseed, Salt & Sanctuary, Dead Cells, maybe even Thumper, Subnautica, Firewatch, Everything, The Talos Principle, SOMA,
just to name a few examples.

Even indies I already own, such as Stardew Valley and Crypt Of The NecroDancer and Rocket League and Hyper Light Drifter, would be cool to see on offer, and potentially even promote Chrono.gg a bit in the process by virtue of those games’ popularity and developer reach.

Even if games like these would cost 5,000 or 10,000+ coins, it’d be better than constant disappointment of having no use for my four month streak.
Anyone else feel my pain? Agree, disagree? Thoughts?


Now that’s a clickbait title if I ever saw one. Don’t want to delve too deep into this, just wanted to point out that it could have a huge effect on the perceived value of the game if a developer/publisher decides to put their (already well selling) game up for basically free. They really wouldn’t stand much to gain, even if Chrono paid them decently. And in that case the coin value would probably have to be really high (tens of thousands of coins probably) to make it worthwhile for them. Perhaps it could be viable if they partnered up with a publisher and both stood to gain with the coin shop games. Or if they themselves released a game which could be also had for coins. Insane promotional potential assuming it was a good game.

Most of the games you have mentioned also haven’t gone on a steep (not deep, silly me) sale thanks to this. They sell well enough anyways, so no point in diminishing the perceived value of the game yet, unless they stand to gain something (like Crypt of the Necrodancer having a nice sale price to promote the newly released DLC!). Perhaps when they are past their prime they are more likely to appear on Chrono also.


Edit; alright since that silly business, (at the bottom of post), is over lets restore the post back to it’s normal’ish state:

I really need to ask; what are some of you guys smoking or drinking? :thinking:
Dead Cells? TumbleSeed? what? those are brand new! are you nuts?!,
Talos is a 40$ game wth? SOMA 28$ jezz.
Rocket Leage 20$ Hyper Light same deal, Hibe Jump, Furi, Thumper, Firewatch, Subnautica too, are people crazy? Swear i saw someone asking for GTA V somewhere too once wtf?
You guys do know how business work right? (also point in case @nassi’s mention of sales/lack of deep discounts cos popularity )
and to ask for such high priced games… for free, if not “demanding” in a stubborn like “nothing else good enough”-tone, wow… I’m impressed at the gall tbh

  • Dropsy: Warm Damp Hug Edition - 20$
  • Tower of Guns - 15$
  • Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition - 13$
  • I am Bread - 13$
  • Lethal League - 12$
  • SotS: The Pit - Gold Edition + Healer & Necromancer DLC - 12$
  • Chiptune Champion - 10$
  • Legend of Dungeon - 10$
  • Cook, Serve, Delicious! - 10$
  • Cosmochoria - 10$
  • Dustforce DX - 10$
  • Slayaway Camp - 9$
  • Hammerwatch - 9$
  • Reverse Crawl - 6$
  • Ancient Planet Tower Defense - 5$
  • Circa Infinity - 5$
  • One Finger Death Punch - 5$
  • CAT Interstellar - 4$ (Early Access, price might rise on release)
  • Reigns - 3$

the majority of games are actually 10bucks and up! ungrateful much? (and that’s without even adding in Brigador which we all know was a nuts deal)

Monetary value? you had the opportunity to get these free, picking your own “price point”-coin exchange
Objective value? All of them with good, high or outstanding ratings, none of that “negative” crapola you see from other freebies, not to mention the even critical acclaimed nugget sneaking in here and there
Subjective value? man, if there isn’t at least a couple of games for everyone in that bunch, then wow, guess that really does just leave GTA V left then, better go G2A or some other shady dealer to get yer rocks on if not already owning it by now i guess.

It baffles my mind, not only that people are dissatisfied with the selection (the availability of keys frustration i can understand), but the prices too, wow, that just takes it to a whole other level
Yes it takes 2 weeks for games to restock, and it’s a toss up of what we get, but so far, inarguable, 20/23 have been 100% worth it, the remaining 3 can be discussed (maybe!), if someone already happened to own it, or wasn’t there in time then that’s on you guys, the quality have been top notch,
and if a game wasn’t your thing 1 time, tough noogies, not all giveaways have something for everybody every time, but if none of 20 games was “worth it” for you people, then it says a whole lot more about you than Chrono

How about appreciating the generosity, and work put behind being able to do this
not to mention the effort made of making these available and with the quality of games (even with the current 3) outdoing other giveaways by a royal f*** ton,

think i’ve said it before, but let me say it again, every game offered here is good one way or another, and far better than 95% of Indiegala giveaways (there is a reason they offer games so often, and in such great numbers, the quality sure does match most of the time),
I don’t know how much time i spend “freebie hunting” in the past, and let me tell you, 99% of the time the effort was just not worth the game, to the point where i’m so ashamed of owning some of the free crap (with ofc highly negative scores, but “ohh cards”), that i gave them their own little section in my library called trash
Only reason i haven’t picked every single game from Chrono is; paranoid of spending coins and “what if the next release has that magic game”, and, didn’t have enough coins to get them all,
but damn sure would have if they hadn’t teased my brain with certain goodies hoping to see again or alike

to ask a company, which lives on profit in case i need to remind people, to hand out mainly 20+$ games, FOR FREE, and likely in such quantity to be able to “satiate” a decent enough amount of the masses to not get further “lack of stock” complaints, is mind baffling.
The kind of “gimme” attitude that needs to be mustered up to even contemplate such request without thought or remorse staggers my brain to a halt, when people doesn’t consider everything going on behind the curtains, and just want “X” and want “more”

feel free to make suggestion and contact Chrono if you have any idea or advice how they are to stock the so prized games of your desires
but do try to be modestly grateful and at least sound as undemanding and unashamed as one could possibly pretend while doing so

Me?, i’m gonna happily, and appreciatively wait with glee for the next two weeks to see what they surprise us with next
(while carefully dodging most most other freebie giveaways containing mainly crap games, did i already mention those???)

Moral speech over, any1 making tea and toast?

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personally i’d like to see sanctuary rpg, one way heroics plus or even sots the pit dold with all 4 dlc in the rotation sometime. yeah the op isnt being reasonable at all

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“157 Steam keys for five dollars”?!, thanks BundleStars :stuck_out_tongue:. Literally an email title from some time ago. Not saying there aren’t some occasional good games in there too, but of course with a deal like that the majority will be hot garbage.

I also had such a category with something like 200 games and counting. After hiding all of them (click first, shift + click last, left click, set categories, hide these games from my inventory), I have been much happier with how my Steam library looks. Now I just have to work hard keeping it clean.

Also important to note, that those games honestly gain from being given out free due to the cards. The one cent cut they get per card sold adds up, and there will always be a demand for cheap ways to level one’s Steam account.


yea i don’t even buy those bundles lol,
i refuse to pay money if there isn’t at least 1 game i want in the pack
not even to earn profit from cards when the crapola sometimes are so cheap you actually come ahead with cards added together, but i just refuse, it’s not worth the effort to farm if i need to posses that drivel in my library now lol :joy_cat:


If only I could give you more than one like to your post. Some people are asking too much, seriously thinking you will get just released games in the coin shop is just plain ridiculous.

I saw this thread pop up and was going to go at it, but this conversation has been done a few times before and I said my piece back then and I just couldn’t be bothered. All I can say is @Gnuffi well said my friend, couldn’t have said it better.


I spent coins on Brigador and Cosmochoria (which turned out to be a surprisingly pleasant naked romp through outer space). I gladly would have spent coins on DustForce, One Finger Death Punch, Lethal League, and Legend of Dungeon if I didn’t already own them. So, imo, yes, there have been games worth spending coins on (granted, many of them have been around for a long time and could have easily been obtained for practically nothing in various bundles/sales over the years).

I think there is really only one game in the shop that we can all agree is total :poop: - the one game noticeably absent from @Gnuffi’s price list (I suppose the coin value is too baffling even for Gnuffi to justify :joy:)

Speaking of BundleStars, you mentioned you were interested in Furi @nintendude794. It’s currently on sale there for $7.99.


It’s all very subjective, I’m not very interested in the current games but I’m sure someone is.
Coins don’t have any real monetary value so I wouldn’t expect many pricey games coming soon.

Bundlestars used to fill my library with garbage I won’t play, I have since stopped throwing my money at nothing.:sweat_smile:


Giving you a like isn’t enough. I have to write down how much I agree with what you said there and it should be a pop-up message for anyone that is about to create a thread about the Chrono shop or even the people that are suggesting games for the actual shop.
Some people are a little delusional about games you could offer for a daily deal, but at least they were talking about potentially buying these. Now seeing the same suggestions for the coin shop is very, very sad. Actually it’s not. It’s just plain stupid. Man it feels good to speak freely for once even if it might offend some people. Sorry, not sorry.


I actually removed those games from my account entirely. First when I discovered trading cards I bought some real shitty bundles and decided to get rid of 'em for good.
I’m on Steam for about two years, so I’ve been a total newbie, but I don’t wanna end up with a 5k library with 99% bullshit like most collectors.
I have about 250 games now and that’s already too much.


Next people will be asking for Mario Odyessy to be in the coin shop in two weeks time (a game exclusive to the Switch that hasn’t com out yet)


Oh yeah, good idea, but only if they offer the Switch as well. I worked hard for dem coins!

Why are direct replies only working 50% of the time?!

What are you talking about? It’s a Chrono exclusive PC release of course!


When is the $800 Assassin’s Creed: Origins collectors edition coming to the coin shop? :laughing: Anyway thanks Chrono I was one of the few that got Brigador and I appreciate all you do for us.


[quote=“Animosity, post:15, topic:5221”]
I was one of the few that got Brigador
[/quote]you know there is a bunch of people pretty jelly of you right?




I got reverse crawl, which I’d had on my wishlist, so even if I never get another game again (got cook, serve, delicious! and legend of dungeon too) it’s been worth it and will continue to be worth it in the future.

Plus the community here is really great, most people aren’t assholes and a few are rather funny.