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Who else has been stockpiling coins?


I started on day 1 an have:

10,053 coins
2 Legendary Streaks
66 Day Streak (as of 5/15)

I’m wondering if anyone else is in this boat with me. I’m secretly hoping that Chrono.GG will put out some super cool exclusive game that costs a fortune worth of coins. Like some exclusive kickstarter alpha. Anyone else with me?


Well now im in the boat.


Just started a week ago and I’m definitely going to be doing the same thing.


I was lucky enough to start on day 1. How many coins are you up to?


1700 because i was bought one finger death punch.


I’m at 8k coins, I’ve had almost all the games that have gone on the market so far. 12 more days and I’ll be finished with streak 2. I sadly blew a couple of streaks because I didn’t have a shortcut to the site


I think it’s a bad idea to randomly put a high price game onto the shop unless they make it known that it will be a possible price ahead of time, because it punishes people who have been using their coins… Even if right now announce their intention to potentially do something like this in the future it’s STILL bad because it punishes people who already spent coins not expecting something like this to be a thing. There’s no reason to award people for arbitrarily saving coins when they don’t really contribute to the traffic or monetary gain of the site anymore than the people who have been using their coins to get games they want while reasonably keeping in mind the expected range of game costs.


8k now, i would have bought dustforce if it was not sold out so fast, aside from that i either already have the games or am not interested. But the daily offer is often nice.


Me. Haven’t spent any and I’m on a streak of 69 days. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Your game backlog is looking a bit empty. :confused:

I think the reason Coin amounts are somewhat random is so no one has exactly the same amount and cause the Shop run out of a title almost immediately. You Streakers certainly have an advantage, though!


As much as I understand where you are coming from this is simply impossible, everyone has a different amount of coins, are at different streak levels, so really it can’t be told to everyone ahead of time whether they will be able to get the higher coin priced game or not. Its the gamble you take, do you get a game now or do you wait for something you really want? It’s a fair system.


Yes, but suddenly having a 100,000, or possibly even a 20,000, when the previous maximum has only been 5,000 would NOT be fair, because it is outside the range of reasonable expectation. I understand the “gamble vs save for later” logic, but I don’t think that would apply to the situation suggested in this post. I’ve personally picked up a couple games that I know I like (Surgeon Simulator and The Pit), while also taking gamble on one I wasn’t sure on (Dropsy), but I only did so when Dropsy was close to selling out and with the knowledge that it would be that long before I got back above the 2500 coin range again, which means I’d only likely have a chance of missing out on a 5000 gold game, since that so far has been the maximum price. Brigador was one of the first games available so people knew that to get it they’d have to save and not get the other games, so I would claim it should be reasonable to expect that a game that you want will be at most within a couple thousand coins of 5000. Too much more than that would be unreasonable.

Of course this is all a subjective matter of opinion, but I believe that at the very least my stance is based in some pretty solid statistics and logic.

(Also for slight clarification, since I like to reread my arguments before posting them, I’m trying to think about this long term with the numbers I used, obviously no one could get a 100,000 or 20,000 coin game now, but if they suddenly showed up in the future and the only ones able to get them were people saving coins past the reasonably expected max cost, I don’t think that would be fair. I think the absolute max cost any game should have right now in the short term is 10,000 and ONLY if people are made aware of such costly game being possible enough ahead of time to reasonably having a chance to save up for one. Not for saving for a specific 10,000 coin game, but for saving for a 10,000 coin game in general.)


personally i think its logical that the coin amount games ask for will go up for 2 main reasons

1, the retail price of brigador on steam is £14. if coin prices are linked to retail price (which would make sense) then obviously prices go alot higher than that and whilst i imagine it to be alot easier to get copies of games not retailing so high to give away it is a possibility that a bigger priced game may come along at some point

2, as more and more people collect coins theres going to be a bigger and bigger surplus of coins in peoples accounts, whether it be just because they are stockpiling them hoping for a bigger name game or they dont fancy / already have the games on offer. i worked out on my last 30 day streak i averaged 156 coins a day, thats 2184 coins every 2 weeks. so roughly your able to get 1 game every cycle of free games and only lose 316 coins assuming the average price is and will be 2500 coins. now if the maximum price of a game is say 6000 coins then people know that they can quite freely take one game a week even if they dont want them just because they can because they have that buffer built up.


10,815 coins
2 legendary Streaks
70 Days current Streak

I think i’m doing pretty well with this streak :3


I’ve only bought the daily deal (which is also a very cool thing) a couple times. (Parenthood, limited game time, and a long backlog of unplayed games – it’s a great time to be a gamer, lots of inexpensive games to be had, and some percentage of them are actually good. :slight_smile: ) I can’t say that Chrono owes me anything. But coins I can spend on free games just for looking at the deal each day? That’s really sweet. Thanks a bunch, folks. Aside from a game or two selling out very quickly, I trust they are trying to make things “fair” – for some reasonable definition of the word. But I also imagine more coins are being generated than consumed. (And that bots and multis, if not caught and banned, hurt the premise of the program: more views leading to more sales.) If that’s true, then low costs will only lead to faster depletion of keys.

Anyway, I missed day 1, but have an otherwise perfect streak. -2500 coins for Dropsy leaves me at:
7,924 coins
69 days

A little less lucky on the random rolls than Sl0ne3, it seems, almost 400 coins lower on generation with one fewer day.


I wouldn’t worry about it, redsweater. I’m pretty sure you two have enough for anything coming up. :sunglasses: I screwed up my Steak twice! Fortunately the second oops was only a few days in on the new run. is pretty sweet! Too bad more people don’t know about these guys - we need stickers and desktop backgrounds! Ooh, maybe an option to redeem some Coins for a voucher towards a daily sale! :heart:


not exactly “stockpiling” just lost out on couple of games i wanted but either wasn’t fast enough or didnt get enough coins at the/in time, so became paranoid and after purchasing a couple of coin games just “saving up under the mattress” so i can afford the next game i want instead of spending them immediately on any game they release
70 days streak 2x legendary, 6800 coins currently
with a few purchases, Hammerwatch, CAT Interstellar, Surgeon Simulator, would have had 10300 if not, (but then again would have spend 3500 on 2 other games if i could have and have been down to 3300)


I would have bought Brigador for 5000, but I never was able to save enough coins for it at the time. One good 30 day streak sets you vastly apart from the rest of the pack, but I’ve got no reason to complain - I try to check daily but get busy or travel across the IDL and mix up timezones/dates, or jet lagged. Or flying 16 hrs on-the-job go straight into crew rest for flight next day. So it’s my own fault. But every coin game is free, so I’m just thankful to have a shot at something in the future that I’d actually play (like Brigador).

Plus, it’s our incentive to check the daily deal out, drives more traffic. I get that. Many thanks to Chrono staff and devs that work with them! Someday I’ll see a coin game I want and grab it!


I’m in the boat to, I only bought One Finger Death Punch, and now i have 6868 coins with a 1 legendary streak and going for the second ^^.Very hype for the 2 games that will come.


Shoutout to the other whales! :sunglasses:

Day 67 (68 later today) 10271 coins.

Here’s hoping our patience pays off, for that opportunity, for that thing we want, to present itself.