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Who else has been stockpiling coins?


As far as I’m concerned everything is fair. It’s all free and clicking a coin each day can’t be considered work.
I’m grateful that the Chrono team gives us this chance and whatever they do is up to them.


Ditto for me.

Today I clicked on this little gold, coin looking thingy…and I got another 44 coins towards another free game. I am surely not complaining.The gaming landscape has changed quite a bit since the 90’s and the 2000’s. Even Game Giveaway of the Day doesn’t give a game EVERY day…like it used to. Free games are hard to come by.

So I appreciate, salute and thank Chrono for what they do.


8028 coins
66 day streak
2 legendary streaks
No skips

Not so much stockpiling for stockpiling’s sake, but I’m not going to spend coins on games I’m not interested in. I’ve only bought one thing so far. shrug


10,706 coin here
69 day streak (missed the first 3 days)
2 Legendaries
Not bought anything because I already own/not interested, although i wanted CAT Interstellar but it sold out so fast.
Would be willing to spend 10k+ coins on one bigger game if it was decent enough.


I’m jewish, maybe it’s in my blood.



I keep hoping they release a few copies of something really awesome in the 10k-20k coin range.


You’re beating me :frowning: I really thought I would be right at the top for never missing a day since it started :wink:


It would actually be really interesting having something like a score board, which displays the people with the highest streak & amount of coins, or something like that. Pretty pointless, but still interesting!


It would certainly be interesting, but probably unhealthy. People towards the top of the list may pass on games they actually want just to maintain a pseudo-celebrity status. Chrono may benefit due to the fact that those whales never cash in, but undesirable games may linger in the shop due to people with excess coins not giving in to their ‘Ah, what the hell’ tendency.

I’m currently hoarding coins because I missed out on The Pit. I missed it by just a few hours. When the next game I really want rolls around, I hope not to be below budget.


Every day for years without fail… I was convinced it would pay off someday.


RIP (years later)


Like the old saying goes:

You Snooze You Loose.

A very famous rally driver once said:

If in doubt. Flat out.

Feels bad man but at least it was all free and not actually worth anything per se.

Plenty of opportunities to get freebies and take part in giveaways that contain games way better than anything the coin shop ever had (Dead Cells excluded) if you hang around the forum/chrono community.

So many nice people around here too.

I’ll be happy to see that spinning coin go forever. For me, especially back in the day when you could lose a streak, it reminded me of a friend that plays the national lottery every week with the same numbers. On a couple of occasions he wasn’t able to buy his regular ticket and panic ensued as the numbers rolled out of the machine.
Like they say, You gotta be in it to win it.
It seems like you were in it but weren’t checking your tickets.
Saving up was never a good idea on such a platform because, well, no one else was, they were buying games with free chrono coins instead of saving for something imaginary.