When will any new games will be added on chrono shop?

and i wonder when will “There’s Poop In My Soup” will be sold out. Lol probobly in a moth. who would pay 3k coins for it

should be this friday, 16th

should be some new ones in a few days, and supposedly a bunch of people have paid 3k for it as 40%+ of the keys are gone

As others have mentioned, they should be available in anywhere from 1 to 3 days.

I have a feeling that There’s Poop In My Soup is not a GOTY contender, but still find it interesting that more people haven’t claimed a key. Most likely they are comparing the amount of coins needed to what the shop has previously contained, in which case it does seem quite expensive (and also compared to the game that released alongside it for 3750 coins or something like that).

Now I don’t have anything to go by but my own experiences, but in 30 days of checking chrono.gg I have amassed just shy of 5k coins. If the current trend continues this means that I can get one or two games each month for pretty much no effort, which I think is almost too good, even if the games aren’t the best. Especially when considering that there are 4 games (currently) to choose from each month and the amount of keys for the games combined is most likely orders of magnitude smaller than the amount of users. And there have been some great games in the coin shop too! Thus I expect to see price of coin shop games to go up quite a bit in the future. Other coin sinks might also emerge, but I guess this is a discussion for another thread.

Edit. Reformatted the link:

The reason I haven’t gotten Poop in my Soup is because it looks like a terrible game I would spend less than a minute in. I think a lot of the people have the same reasoning. I doubt it has much to do with price comparisions with other games, though that may be a minor factor.

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I’ve seen There’s poop in my soup on Jim Sterling’s channel. Most of the time, that’s not a good sign.

Hope they add New Games at the Time when New Games deal starts. Then there are the Most of chrono buddies

There now two placeholders on the store. 5000 and 5750 credits.


Interesting… will force me into a choice.

Oh shit, i just have 5500.

i have only 4,5k smh

Interesting, seems like I’ll be able to afford one of the new ones.
I’m not too picky about the games but I’d rather it be something I might actually play (:poop: soup ain’t a game like that).

uuhhh i see a market opportunity here :imp:

sets up desk in (not at all creepy) back alley and flips over open for business sign
“Economy got you down? really want that hot latest thaing? Don’t you worry! for just a small tiny unnoticeable interest*, we lend you the credits, coins, gems and gold you need in order to obtain what your fickle heart desires”


weekly interest ranging from 25%-80% depending on amount, credit rating and overall whimsyness of the cashier, all loans subject to payment and change without notice, because Gnome reasons, and Gringots is not bound by Dodd-Frank

Got 14k+ and those prices in the shop give hope for some juicy games! Will I finally spend my hard earned (not really) coins?! We will find out!

Somebody buy me Red bull because my dreams will be dead tonight or fluffy my bed

They’re out. It’s Tower of Guns and Lethal League.

Why its always the games i already have :frowning:

I got Tower of Guns

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Can’t grab some kind of trouble says to contact crono .so maybe later

Does anyone know the exact date new games will be added to the shop?