What was your first purchase?

After a long time of saving coins I have finally made my first purchase of Car Mechanic Simulator 2015, especially after seeing it on deal.

What was/were your first purchase(s) on Chrono.gg?

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Reigns, it was pretty early.

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Hammerwatch. then, SotS: The Pit - Gold Edition + Healer & Necromancer DLC and Slayaway Camp. We don’t even want to talk about the ones I bought.:hushed:

Brigador, right away at the end of the first month.


+1 for Brigador


+2 for Brigador


Garfield Kart, yesterday. :butterfly:


First game I got was Slayaway Camp, still haven’t finished it lol.
I missed out on Reigns and Hammerwatch but wasn’t sure on them at the time anyway.
Sword of the Stars: The Pit was a good deal as well but I already had the game.

Hammerwatch for me

CAT Interstellar.

I don’t recall. It might’ve been a packet of crisps at some shop.

It was CAT Interstellar, in all seriousness. (I like to be funny… I hope I was funny… please laugh)


It was Rise to Ruins on a daily deal (Formerly known as Retro-Pixel Castles).
If we’re talking strict coin purchases that be Brigador, right after opening the 30 day chest. :slight_smile:

I thought I’d never be interested in any deals on here till Dying Light… :star_struck: Had totally forgotten about its existance cause it’s not listed in my steam store hehe

Blind legend. Then I found out after the fact it was free on mobile… Still a fun game either way

From the coin shop? Dead in Bermuda, but it was for a friend so I don’t count that one. In the regular shop? Broforce, back when they didn’t support PayPal and I had to ask friends with credit cards.

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