What's the best games ever on the Chrono list in your opinion?

You know, i really wanted Brigador and Reigns way back on the first list of chrono. too bad when i just got enough, they were sold out haha!

i think those were the best games. Brigador’s graphic looks good and Reigns is such a casual and fun looking game.

Btw, I just got my first 30 day streak yesterday!
long way to go for me lol
i hope more awesome games come on the list soon! :smiley: ((<-- wat? i just earned first emoji achievement from this ))

insurgency and minion masters were really super cheap, insurgency from steam sale, i think 1usd and once minion masters were being given out free indefinitely. -better to get other games!
you can check steamdb.com for sale history price.

((ooh i also earnt editor achievement, hehe!))


-best purchase, ever…

oh you mean from the Coin Shop? :thinking:
the ones that i wanted most were Brigador, Dustforce, Slayaway Camp and maybe tower of guns (neither of which i acquired)

the most fun game i played from the shop so far, (-by sole virtue of being the only one i actually played yet), is MechaNika, really not bad for a simple point and click game, totally worth my coins.


I liked MechaNika.


Even though it blue-balled me. Totally wanted to go on a rampage at the end in the mech.


totally agree, -maybe in the sequel? :thinking: :crossed_fingers:


I’d say Insurgency, Cook Serve Delicious, and Brigador are the best games on the list. I got 2/3 of those from Chrono, and the other on my own.

Let’s be real though, my opinion is worthless. There’s only one winner on this store:


Brigador, Brigador, Brigador! Have I ever mentioned how grateful I am to have snagged a copy of this game?

Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan is a close second. Seeing this game in the Coin Shop was a very pleasant surprise, as I’m pretty sure I had it on my wishlist.

Honorable mentions: Meltdown and The Bug Butcher (both of which I bought - using my hard earned coins) and DustForce (which I definitely would have bought if I didn’t already own it on PC and console).


I’ll second Brigador I think. Though not as much for the game as for the phenomenal sound track it came with. I’ve spent more time with the soundtrack and enjoyed it more than I did the game itself.


Garfield Kart, obviously.

(on a more serious note, I own, not through Chrono, sadly: Reigns, Cook, Serve, Delicious!, Dropsy and Dustforce DX and I’ve got to say they’re all excellent games.

dropsy-hug )


I would also have to say Brigador. The soundtrack is amazing and when i first saw the game it brought back memories of me playing games like Soviet Strike and Nuclear Strike


ahaha thanks guys, now i feel even better for not getting brigador xD

Dropsy, which I missed by one day (and to add insult to injury, continuing to save up for it meant missing out on Slayaway Camp and I think waiting the last extra day caused me to also miss CAT Interstellar). ;_;


You can still enjoy the best part of it for free, limited streaming at least.