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What was your favorite videogame when you were 6?




Ok, ok, I will dive in Monkey Island like I will with Avatar. Please stop, I have so many hours in a day.


Mortal Kombat


Wow…totally forgotten about this game until you posted. I played the ZX Spectrum version and the end of stage music brings back waves of nostalgia!


Huh, I’ve yet to even finish those ones don’t I?


If you want to keep being my friend, yes.


oh snap i just remembered what was my real 6 years old game… (got my snes a bit later)
i didn’t have a console or a pc back then so after school i would go to my friends house play duke nukem 3D on his pc, being a french Canadian child i didn’t speak English yet so for us it was just to kill some alien…

and since it was on pc it didn’t had split screen so we decided that to be able to both play at the same time we would share the keyboard one of us would move the character with WASD(space bar for jump) and the other one would control the camera and shooting (arrow key and ctrl to shoot i think… ) it was back when mouse wasn’t supported


nice, monkey island is awesome.


Ok then Coraline. Out of curiosity,(and the possibility for a future fan :stuck_out_tongue:) since basically the whole Monkey Island franchise is on Steam for dirt cheap currently. Which one would you recommend as a start of point for somebody who’s generally against the point and click genre, but is kinda desperate for the game to win him over. I mean, just recommend anything really. Machinarium looks adorable, Samorost and Thimpleweed Park also seems like good choices.

I now leave you the fate of me(and my money) in your hands.


Ahh, the original 2-player gaming :’)


I feel a little bit too important right now, but not to worry. :joy:

coughs nervously and rubs hands together

Alright, I have a few suggestions for the GENRE. My first suggestion is: don’t start with Monkey Island.

Here’s why: it’s a darn classic p&c and, honestly, if you get stuck in the puzzles and frustrated – which you will, no harm in that – you may give up on trying other p&c games. We don’t want that.

However, we also don’t want you to go with any modern p&c game because there are plenty of bad ones out there and being modern doesn’t mean by any stretch of the imagination that it is good.

With all that being said, here are some good starting p&c games, which have a STRONG STORY, BEAUTIFUL GRAPHICS, GOOD LEVEL DESIGN and WAYS OF NOT FRUSTRATING YOU TO HELL AND BACK:

  1. Primordia
    Why do I recommend it to you? It’s one of the best games I’ve ever played and it’s worth it at full price.
    You should get it if: you like complex, branching stories, you like the sci-fi genre and you’re looking to immerse yourself in a new world.

  2. The Samorost Franchise (1, 2 and 3)
    Why do I recommend it you? The first one is free (link above) and can give you a taste of Amanita Design, although it’s far from their best game. The third installment is my favorite Amanita, followed by Botanicula.
    You should get them if: you enjoy the THEMES and ART in the first, free, one, if you don’t mind some weirdness and if you enjoy stories told without words and reading. They are very visual games.

  3. Unavowed
    Why do I recommend it you? Also by Wedjet Eye Games (Primordia), mechanics-wise, it’s the most diverse p&c game I’ve played. It innovates from the ground, and is more centered in dialogue and character progression than on puzzles.
    You should get it if: you want a long p&c game, you enjoy multiple choice games like TellTale’s etc, if you are interested in getting to know characters completely voiced-over with great actors and complex origin stories.

  4. The Lion’s Song
    Why do I recommend it you? First episode is free and gives a really good taste of the game, so you can easily tell if you’ll like it or not. It also moved me very much.
    You should get it if: You enjoy games that can bring forth heavy, recurring themes, if you’re looking for a game set in the real world and if you’re also looking for a p&c game that centers around story and history and not puzzles – although they are there.

  5. Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth
    Why do I recommend it you? It’s probably one of the most ambitious p&c games ever made. The art, the voice acting, the score and the flow of the game are all on a whole other level.
    You should get it if: You like medieval themes, complex branching stories and you’re good with keeping track of characters – seriously.

Franchises and games people usually recommend but I don’t recommend to you right now for one reason or another:

  • Deponia
    Why not? I don’t like the franchise. Loads of people do, but you should talk to them and not me if you want to be convinced to play it.

  • The Monkey Island Series
    Why not? I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who isn’t sure they like the genre already. If you’re wondering weather you enjoy the mechanic of figuring out the story as you solved convoluted – albeit funny – puzzles, then don’t get it yet (or maybe get it and play some other p&c game first since it’s so darn cheap atm).

  • Grim Fandango
    Why not? Don’t kill me, Tim, but that bloody second region can turn anyone off, seriously. Bloody hell.

  • Thimbleweed Park
    Why not? I am confident that, to fully enjoy TP, you need to get at least some of the references. If you’re unfamiliar or indifferent towards the p&c genre, you may not get some of the stuff right away. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic game and one of the all-time best p&c games made in the 21st century, but it’s also one of the most “throwback” ones. So keep that in mind.

Other titles you should keep in mind:


EDIT: had forgotten The Dream Machine and The Longest Journey.
EDIT 2: I have no mouth


No Gemini Rue? Also quite enjoyed The Dig (mileage may vary) and of course Day of the Tentacle…and maybe even Loom, Touche, Sam and Max and the first Broken Sword. This recommending lark is harder than you’d think!


Could hardly tell the difference from the 2D hand painted style to when it shifted to pixelart in Primordia. That’s a compliment to how seamless the transition was in the trailer. Kinda reminds me of Tormentum. Metal album cover upon metal album cover.

Sounds really petty, but Deponia’s Human designs has always turned me completely off. That’s my reason. :neutral_face:

Might or might not be where i gave up on Grim Fandango myself. Sad, because i found the back and forward between Manny and Domino quite entertaining.

Still own Hiveswap, still haven’t touched it.

I Have no Mouth. That’s something i should replay, now when i’ve gotten “old” enough to properly interpret the thematic concepts.

Overall: A bunch of games was wishlisted that i’ll probably get some of when Steam’s Christmas sale arrives, or maybe Black Friday. :money_mouth_face: Thanks Coraline. You’re always willing to help whenever anybody asks for even the most trivial of assistance. :kissing_heart:


The Grim Fandango disclaimer is completely fair, and I’ll fully back you on it despite my love for the game.

The term I coined, Rubacava Syndrome, came from somewhere after all.


As a fully paid-up member of the GoG gaming society, I can safely say that when I was 6, there was no such thing as video games … it was 1968!

We had to find other ways of amusing ourselves … footie in the street, annoying the neighbors, all the stuff you only see now in nostalgia clips :slight_smile:

It was around 10 years later that I got my first exposure to video gaming @ home … has to be Missile Command on the Atari 2600 VCS


Magnavox Odyssey was released in 1972 though.

Personally, I preferred to stay inside reading a book, drawing, playing the piano or playing card or board games. Outside of martial arts (which I still love), I wasn’t interested in sports. Never was, never will be.

Things really haven’t changed that much. Kids still go out and play and do sports. Just the format for those of us who likes to sit inside have changed.


When I was 6… well, I can name multiple games I played around that time but not any favorites.
Now let me think… Super Mario 64, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Age of Empires 2, Sonic 1, 2 and 3


When I was 6, there was no

but one racing game I really loved - Destruction Derby.

And there were a lot of strategies:
Civilization 1 - and still remains the best turn-based game I ever played.

Age of Empires 1

Transport Tycoon De Luxe - The new OpenTTD version for Windows 7 and 10 cant compare to the classic one on Widnows 98.

Shooting and action games
Duke Nukem 3D

Doom 2

GTA 1 & 2

And there was:
Terminal Velocity

Maybe Im a bit old, but I think this was the golden age of gaming, the 90´s.
Kind of strange, but back then I didnt have to crack or buy any game. You only had a burned CD and you could play. Or borrow one CD from your friend.


Lego star wars 3



Some Atari and PS1 games… Can’t remember the names I was pretty young… Lots of PIXELS and BEEPING SOUNDS… the good old 8bits days…
But I do remember Need for speed underground being my favorite when I was like 6… I didn’t had a PC then so I was often sneak out and go to a cyber cafe to play…

I got my PC a year later or so… lol its spec more of a joke nowadays but back then it was ok… I started to get into gaming that moment… Stronghold, COD, MOH, NFS, The deep web :thinking:, etc…