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What was your favorite videogame when you were 6?


6? Damn! I can’t remember anything that happened when I was 6, though when I was 13~16 I have so many good memories.




I used to play Lineage II on my dads computer when i was little.


Mario Kart 64


My favorite game for a long time was either Super Mario Bros + Duck Hunt or Galaga when I was that age I think.


My favorite game to watch at the time was Street Fighter in the arcades, I couldn’t play it as a child – lack of funds and poor hand-eye coordination. I think it was years or practice before I managed to beat SMB.


When I was 6 (1982) I had an Atari and played DigDug, River Raid, Galaxian and Gyruss on that system for years. They were my favourites until the little grey box of pure joy came along and SuperMarioBros took 1st place. I was bout 10 at the time that I found out there was another world past the castle in world 4-4. My mind was blown and I was slightly angry at the prsopect that there was no princess but just endless levels. The completion of 8-4 was a great day indeed and I remember that moment like it is branded onto my mind. The smell of mums cooking, the light coming through the curtains, the feel of that 70s style carpet beneath my feet and the smacking sound my hand made when I punched my sister’s arm in disbelief and elation that I SuperMario had rescued a real princess.


Uhhhhh. I think SNES was out at that time. So probably Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Gray Wolf. I really enjoyed the game but I don’t remember why.

I wonder how to link a picture like everyone else.


Yeah my sister was always controlling the ducks for me to shoot.


I think I was about 14 when I started playing SF2 in the arcade. There was always a plan to try and make funds last as long as possible by challenging others to credits. I’d arrive with enough for 5 or 6 games each day and sometimes ended up with 20 games sometimes just the 5. Those days were glorious and I miss them dearly. The arcade will always be my favourite place on earth, it’s a shame that all my old haunts have been turned into swishy wine bars and night clubs. Sure there are a few that remain but I have to travel far to get to them. I’ve visited a couple and realised that it was never the big room full of machines that attracted me but the vibe and community. It was the first time I ever experienced PVP in a game and the opponent was right there next to you and you had credits on the line. Sometimes it got heated but mostly it was all good and friendly. We were all discovering new moves and battling each other with them. We even called Ryu and Kens Hurricane kick the Mike’s Big Brute Kick cos our friend Mike was the first to show us how to do it and it kinda sounded like it too. I still refer to a Tatsu as a Mikey.


i also had mario paint but i didnt have the dumb mouse so it was unusable… i still havent played that “game” since… i guess ill try it on my dead bed… so i wont be disappointed for too long


Obviously @KingAsgore3 wanted a reason to share that his favorite game was Baldurs Gate 2 at the time. What we say beyond that point is just an accessory.

I personally can’t really remember what I’ve played at the time as with most things in life. I can’t really sort them chronologically. Although at that age I either had an Atari or NES and no, I’m not old. My parents just were incredibly behind and my relationship with video games was shifted back a few years, which I think is a good thing. On the Atari my favorite was Gauntlet and on the NES Super Mario Bros as far as I can remember at least.


i’ll also always remember that intro song… so many memories


I think it was Counter Strike 1.6


It would have been on a Dragon 32 but I doubt anyone knows what that is :smiley:


Hunchback for C64. I still play it and many other C64 games when I feel nostalgic. So many fun games



I liked that one game with the rocket louncher.

seriously though when I was 6 there were plenty of consoles out, Im sure I had a dreamcast then so… bluestingy… except I could never complete that in my youth xD so I’d always revert to sonic :smiley:


Red Dead 2, man I had a good time last week


That doesn’t seem like a game that would be suitable for a 6 year old, where are you parents?


Playing it with me


While that’s probably a joke, and I do agree with you on the surface, if you’re kid is gonna get exposed to horrible violence everywhere, porn in the phones of his classmates and who knows what else, you may as well let him read Baudelaire banging decapitated heads of prostitutes or shoot some cowboys in a carefully crafted piece of art (wich I heard it’s the case with this one).

That said, I can understand how someone would preffer to keep them as “taboo” to help them understand is not suitable for them, even if as a whole society we’re inepts enough to being literally unable to do anything for it. Keep in mind I use society as “we all together” not as some sort of evil thing to blame and evade responsabilities.

I say this because I found it’s almost the “rule” to be shooting in games online and having watched porn having 7 years even for kids in religious schools.

On top of all that, I have no idea what’s in the game, how graphic it is, and so on, so I’m playing devil’s advocate to hell and back here.


Surprise surprise guys

It’s me again

the curse of monkey island enthusiast.

I know, very surprising.

It’s almost like I played a wide range of game from a tender age but couldn’t see them properly due to all the fat chickens blocking my view.