What proportion of games that you start do you finish?

Everyone plays differently, some of us dip in and out of multiple games at a time whilst others focus on a regimented completionist approach. The one thing that we’re all likely to share is a massive gaming backlog, so riddle me this…

What proportion of games that you play do you finish? My personal approach has been with me since I was little - start one game, finish that game, move on. Growing up with a limited budget and a potential of 2 or 3 new games a year meant that I’ve always been determined to get the most amount of value from everything I’ve owned, irrespective of price each game is important to me. Now I fully admit this is somewhat insane, and given that my games library is more or less all bundled games rather than direct choice makes this even worse, BUT I vehemently disagree with the idea that getting things cheap devalues them, and I’d rather give me full attention to someone’s work.

So there we have it I’m at 100% (give or take a rare exception) - Beat or bust.


Ideally I try to approach it just like you. Start a game and finish it, but I only want to beat it, not hunt for achievements or anything.

However there are two types of games I don’t finish. Ones that I deem too difficult - mostly rogue-likes I don’t like to invest hundreds of hours in - or games that I simply don’t like, although it’s because they are badly made most of the time. I have a few genres I dislike, so it is very rare that something finds its way into my library that I end up hating because of what it is if that makes sense. Now if I have a game like that I remove it from my library, if I didn’t pay too much for it.

Although I do have a few games I didn’t finish, because I felt like playing something else and forgot about them or I’ve been playing them in coop and we didn’t find the time to continue.

Posted it before, but if you want numbers here are the stats. Won’t play games are mostly games I haven’t finished too.



I try to get 100% steam achievements for most games (though I only add games I think I’ll like - none of the spam/idle for 30 seconds games), though I’m happy to sink hours on end into that one game (achievements or no) that catches my fancy rather than burn through as many games as possible.

But uh…

…I’m working on it. Damn you Killing Floor 2 and Neverwinter! And bundles! shakes fist

“Won’t Play” is pretty much all terrible terrible games that were given away back when I was a wee young steam user and didn’t consider that there might be a reason they were free.


Hey, a fellow backlog assassin!


So, for me finish is 35% (achievement/game completion whatever), that is what I consider a ‘fair shake’ into a game. If I don’t feel like putting more effort into a game beyond that limit then maybe the game isn’t for me.

On that note, ~50% of the games I have played I have achieved that level of completion. But I am making progress:


I finish most of the game that I started tho still there is that 1% of games that either gonna eat all of my time or that I got bored of it so I leave it for later and forget to finish it lol…


Also a backlog assassin but I’m afraid of logging in and tagging like 200 new games so…

I’m not sure how you can get that info using another website? :thinking:

I know that around 30-35% of my Steam library is untouched. Need to work on that.

And I’m really good at hopping which means I always have like ~30 games installed and I madly hop between 10 of them and don’t get them finished.

Reason why I haven’t touched Witcher 3 in 2 years: I forgot what the controls are. :joy:


I caved in and did the thing


Never played: 205

edit: my stats were wrong.


There’s also the like of AStats and Completionist.

AStats is very leaderboard oriented, and only shows games with achievements.

Completionist also only shows games with achievements, but is just a personal tracker - no leaderboard.

BLAEO is the only one I know of that allows you to track achievement-less games as well.


I use both, but none show the “played but not completed” like BLAEO does… :confused:


I was going to ask you people get your pie charts, but I don’t know if I really want to look at my own, it’s going to look horrible…


I’ll bite. How are you guys making the pie charts?


this group


That’s too bad, not accepting new members, and the tool is only available for group members. I checked the SG link, the thread is closed too… oh well…


they made a new SG thread i think (should still be open)


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I’ve never been that bothered about completing a game. I’m always bouncing around the games I have installed and end up trying other games and forgetting about the 30 I was playing. I’ve been this way since the ZX Spectrum days. Then the Amstrad 464, Amiga and then PC.

Did someone say they have 30+ games installed? Jeez!

image :wink:


LOL! NO IT ISN’T! Trust me you don’t want to see that information :smiley:

I usually am used to stick to something for like ages, but on top of:

When I like a game … I just can’t stop playing it and I want to go beyond perfection (not even talking about achievements) as much as possible. I’m really competitive in nature and this hurts me from trying something else for more than just few hours even if I think I like it.
During the years I’ve had large portion of time gaps where I was jumping from game to game constantly and I never felt any satisfaction despite how good the games were. And oh boy… the times when you spent like 5 hours on something you can’t even call “good game” in the end… always hurts a lot for me.

The answer to the main question for me should be … whatever grabs me to the point me wanting to be among the best in it. Which means probably less than 1% of the games I finished - not counting the short fun ones like puzzles and what not that require 5-10 hours and there’s no room for improvement of course.


I did and you just made me completely reevaluate my standards. :astonished:

That should be illegal.


because petabyte drives are just no fun to leave unoccupied :wink: