What proportion of games that you start do you finish?

According to my Backloggery:
Red: Unfinished
Grey: Beaten
Yellow: Completed (100% achievements or otherwise do everything the game offers)
Black: N/A (games with no completion point, such as purely multiplayer games)
Almost half of my unfinished games are unplayed ._.

So, about 49% beaten/completed, and about 24% started but not beaten, I guess that means I beat about 2/3 of the games I start.

Edit: Maybe I should elaborate on how these numbers come to be. I don’t like leaving games unfinished, but some games I only play with/for friends, and we rarely get the chance to play, which leaves those games unfinished for a long time. Some games I start and end up not liking, I still try to finish those, but they’re low-priority.
A lot of the time, I struggle to get through games that require time or effort to get into after downtime, or even just to boot up. The games I have the easiest time completing are ones I can launch and play on a whim while doing something else.
Many of the unstarted games are freebies or from the few bundles I’ve bought. A bunch are older console games that I don’t even remember how I got >>


Had to manually do this in G-docs. Only for PC. May add Console at a later date.

Edit: I think it would be interesting to see the portion of time spent in comparison to category. Problem is getting game time… >.>


You should really finish those MMOs.


I normally have 2 games installed on my computer. If I do start a new game, one of them gets uninstalled. So its very hard for me to remember since a lot of games have replayability, new game+, or some continuation after killing the final boss. One that tended to stick around a lot is Skyrim because of all those mods. Hmmm.

I’d say I don’t finish most of the games but still play them a lot.

I do like doing side-quests and talking to all the NPCs, which takes a lot of time. So I do all the filler which takes me away from rushing to the end.


whistles nonchalantly I don’t know what everyone is so upset about… and no I won’t say how many games I have installed right now… BUT THEY ARE ALL FOR LEGITIMATE PURPOSES!


A week ago, I created a steam folder… especially for completing achievements I haven’t earned yet.


They will become perfect games. I will make it so!!!

But most likely

Get bored with them and start up even more games to not get all achievements for…

I am obsessed with achievements if you haven’t guessed xD