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What music are you listening to?


found an old podcast back when podcast was a viable resource to find new music


Gonna have to burst your bubble there. This is a dj mix / set, not a podcast and they‘re still a good way to discover new music. :sweat_smile:


w/e this mix is a condensed version of the Going Quantum Podcast with the same guest :wink:


I googled and couldn‘t find anything where they talked at all. Only what seem to be condensed versions if I were to take your word.


i couldn’t find it either but i remember vividly the conversation between the guest and some small talk like " i was in that mind set when i made this song, i use that and that to get the thingy etc" it was like back story of a song, they played the song, and they did that for almost an hours or so each time

also synthFTW


Ran across this concert a couple of days ago, far too late in the night to finish it. Had the time to sit down with it yesterday, I enjoyed it immensely and figured I’d share it with you lot.

It’s about 2h of some of the greatest hits of Swing Jazz, a study of Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller, comparing and contrasting the two with some interesting tidbits and historical commentary by the MC in between songs.

They did a second concert also available on youtube focused on Duke Ellington, which I will probably listen to today.



Just because I think what they do is pretty amazing, ima share

I have a very eclectic music taste, so couldn’t really specify genre’s - but I hope none of you mind when I yoink pretty much everything linked here :smiling_imp:

(Except actually, for you classical fans, this is something someone else showed me, and I found it pretty breathtaking - )
Ok, thanks, love you, bye :grin: /


Almost anything by Flight of the Concords but especially


YES! Youuuu beaaaauuttyyyyy!
Here’s two of my fav’s


My counter to that is:

Tons of gems here!!!


Inner City Pressure :heart:

You missed a couple of great ones

Also, you posted Think about it, and Sello Tape twice :wink: :wink:

All great though. Such a good vibe in basically everything they do :laughing:


Dammit, can’t see the videos as I link them so I got mixed up when trying to link a bunch at once…




going to see them live next friday :slight_smile:


Where did everyone go? :male_detective:


Busy , listening to music probably… :smiley:


Poor, sick music addicts… Please donate earbuds, to help these poor people fight their addictions :pray:


@Fraggles :hugs: :musical_note: