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What music are you listening to?


That was a really neat video and pretty good music as well.
Thanks for sharing.


Everything. If I like a song I like a song and in almost every genre there’s a song that’s good. Grind, Death, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Rap, Electronic, House, Psychobilly, Rockabilly, Horror Punk, Trap, Techno… the list goes on and on.

Actually can’t believe I haven’t replied here before, anyway gonna do a little list in the style of the OP, but I gonna limit the genres to what I’m listening to lately and to specific songs.

Progressive/Technical Death Metal - The Faceless - Black Star
Rap - Vince Staples - 745
Jazz - Taylor McFerrin - Already There
Doom-ish Rock - Chelsea Wolfe - Vex
Jazz, but sorta experimental and electronic?! - Jameszoo - Rolrolrol

Yeah, gonna keep it like this. Just way too much music around.


i can’t believe nobody has mentioned this yet or even this
also this list severely lacks some Johnny Cash
and the O.G. hamster dance:

(and pretty much everything disney depending on mood/game)
and everything in between from A to Z (no freaking dubstep tho)


That baker cat song reminds of a cartoon… but I can’t figure out which one. >:(
Also here’s a 10 hour song to listen to after Desu!


I’ve always been a punk person, mostly of the pop punk/skate punk variation. The Offspring is my favorite band, doesn’t get much better than that.
I do switch it up with different stuff at times, I mean I’m a big Phil Collins fan (which people tend to find amusing :sweat_smile:).

@Gnuffi I’m always up for some Disney, very few movie songs could be considered bad.

Powerline man!


i used to play so much (old original) Counter-Strike listening to “Powerline”!!! :joy_cat:

i still sucked, didn’t help me stand out or see eye 2 eye :wink:
but damn was it fun times and awesome use of/fitting disney muzaik :ghost:

A Hole New World - 9/6/17 - $5

Yeah man! It’s my favorite Disney movie, it seems to be rather underrated.


I’ve been spending a lot of my time lately listening to Celldweller (and Scandroid, Circle of Dust, and the hundred other bands Klayton is responsible for.)
The genres, according to Wikipedia are: Electronics in rock music, Industrial metal, Alternative metal, Nu metal, Drum and bass, Electronica.

Other then that, I usually listen to OSTs, some of my favourites are the soundtracks of ICEY, Crypt of the Necrodancer, FTL, Don’t Starve, Invisible Inc., Ori and the Blind Forest and Bastion.


Yeah Right was the first one I’ve listened to! Kendrick’s part is killing it! Still gotta give the album a listen, though.


Synthwave, smooth jazz, symphonic rock and heavy metal.

But nothing gets to me quite like a good saxophone player. :sunglasses:


that dude looks like his head is about to explode while hes playing sometimes, but that was some pretty legit sax


Talking about exploding…


i will take the power of the Red moon and bring this post back from the dead,

i’m currently listening to this old dubstep song on repeat

if you have other similar song don’t be shy to share them :stuck_out_tongue:


Never have a thread been resurrected harder.

Well. Suddenly felt super nostalgic for some Tower of Heaven, so currently replaying it and the music is still great as always.

Here’s the one from the first stage:

Edit: How dare i forget linking their stuff.

:point_down: Flashy goodness, the composer’s own site.

And link for the game if you’ve got 20/30 minutes to kill.


I have been listening to a lot of progressive rock
You can’t go wrong with rush, yes, Genesis, ELP, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, etc…
Or progressive metal like dream theater, Symphony X and Haken.


Reviving this thread to say I was at the Concertgebouw during my trip through Europe and had the pleasure of watching a concert there.

I’m not a big Bach fan – attempting to play his violin concertos sometimes grinds my gears – but this is just splendid. It’s my background music while I type important business e-mails.

Have a nice week, everyone! :blush:


How about some Beethoven to go with that Bach???

Or some Mozart???
I can’t go down this rabbit hole right now…I have things I NEED to do…


Rock/Metal mostly.

Few of my favorite bands are : Tool,Rammstein,Kyuss,QOTSA,Mythic Sunship and so on…too many too really reasonably list :stuck_out_tongue:


Jet Set Radio OST…it’s not even just video game music as far as I’m concerned. Never even played it btw haha but knew about it as a kid so I still have nostalgia for it!