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What is your favourite icecream?


Bacio and stracciatella, wrapped in a brioche. Now I want one, thank you :smiley:


vanilla chocolate chip! -the basics are always best. :+1:
Used with good hq dark chocolate and it beats pretty much anything, could even add toppings of choice, sorta like a pizza because you got a perfect base for you to play with, :yum:
pineapple sorbet, green apple sorbet, lemon sorbet (really important it’s not too sweet/sugary), and mango ice cream/vanilla-sorbet blend :drooling_face:
i really really loved Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, but for some ludicrous ridiculous reason they decided they wouldn’t sell that anymore here, but instead waste effort on new silly combos :man_facepalming:


Turrón icecream, “a southern European nougat confection, typically made of honey, sugar, and egg white, with toasted almonds or other nuts” as Wikipedia explains.

PD: When I was younger my favourite was lemon.


:open_mouth: you tricked the rules of space and travelling


CAN you maybe show a picture of it? I can’t fully comprehend what you are talking about


So, after all that talk about bacon seeds you’re telling me you don’t like their new Bacon Vanilla combo?



Of course… you want me to spend the day dreaming of icecream, don’t you? :wink:

Bacio, hazelnut and dark chocolate:

Stracciatella, vanilla and… dark chocolate, cause it’s never enough:

All wrapped in a brioche. Any sweet bun will do, like this:

@Eidos that’s the recipe for torrone, a Christmas food typical of Cremona, city also famous for the Stradivari violin school and craftmanship. I’ve been in Cremona many-many-too-many times, it’s a wonderfull small medieval city.
There’s and old saying that describe Cremona, it goes like this: turòon, Turàs, tetàss. Translated from cremonese dialect is: turrón, Torrazzo (which is the name of the Cathedral’s bell tower) and big breasts.


sadly i believe my nation was deemed not the right fit for market/as a customer demographic with most B&J products, like, we have maybe 5? :thinking: (a bit exaggerated, we have a couple more, but a ton less than US, and they are very quick to can even regular flavours)
-combined with an asinine business/marketing strategy that probably didn’t help their product much

:face_with_monocle: tho i’m also a bit of a bacon purist anyway, and don’t believe bacon should be in either ice cream, donuts or beer :wink: :smile:
in the words of the 15 star top chef connoisseur: “give it to us raw and wriggling” :yum:



IMHO, nothing beats the cool yet spicy taste of Chili pepper Ice cream :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Holy cow this is one of the grossest things I’ve seen all week. Yuck. Yuck. And yuck.

Is this a thing??? I need this! Which country do you live in and which brand do you buy?


Yeah it’s a extremely popular food in Christmas in Spain, if you go to a house and there’s none it’s like a falling star, very strange. Nice saying, now I want to go there!


sadly icecream is one of the worst junk foods on the planet…




Given the chance, I can’t get enough.


I’m from Southeast Asia and there are no brands selling 'em… as of now, they were once offered as a “novelty” flavor by one brand, “Selecta” if I’m not mistaken. But there is a specific province here that still offers it as a specialty delicacy.

Also I did find a few videos on Youtube from America that featured Tabasco and Jalapeno as their versions…

And here’s the one from my country, featured on local news a year ago… of course you may not understand the language used on the video though.

I also love Mango ice cream, cheese ice cream and Ube.


Nothing is better than an ice cream sandwich or 5.


oh yeah i love those but its hard to come by
i know one in tesco that is very cheap but not a high quality treat, but other than that i cant recall any that i’ve seen :frowning:


The only way that I can look at that picture without it hurting my brain is to rotate it 180 degrees -


I don’t get it but sure :ok_hand:t4:… I really need to go get ice cream now.


Went out and found this

I didn’t know they sold Magnum like this.