What is your favorite game of all time?


If you would ask of all time, probably I would answer World of Warcraft, but I have other favorite games as well: Call of Duty, Dota 2, Little Alchemy, Tank Trouble, Twisted Metal 4, etc.

Right now I play as often as I used to back in days, due to quarantine and COVID virus I have a lot of free time.


One game? I refuse to conform!

Metro series
Bioshock 1
Borderlands 2, 3
Fallout 3, NV
Dishonored series
Call of Juarez series
Call of Duty (only the ww2 themed)
The Witcher 2, 3
Mafia 2
Grim Fandango
NieR Automata
Age of Mythology
The Long Dark
The Wolf Among Us
Disco Elysium
Valiant Hearts: The Great War


All time favorite? That’s hard. I’ve probably played Chrono Cross more times than I’m comfortable disclosing. Love most of the Fallout games, 3 is my favorite from that with New Vegas being a close second. I tend towards games I can get lost in though I have a habit of never finishing them.


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Favorite game of all time? That’s a tough one. I don’t really have an all time favorite since there are just so many good games. One that comes to mind is Bionic Commando for the NES. Beaten that game like 8 times. That’s a lot for me to replay a game that many times. I’m sure other’s have played other games many more times on repeat. Haven’t played it in awhile. Another one or series of games are the Soul’s games. Those games are just so damn good. I know I’m not the only one who is a huge fan of the series. Everytime the soul’s games are mentioned, I always want to pick them back up. They’re that good.


Heh. Got Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin. Getting the paws on the original’s Remaster is mega difficult. I really want to see the doggo with the sword in his mouth. :heart:


Well, uh this is a hard one to answer. Skyrim, for sure I’ve played the most time playing but I wouldn’t really say its my most favorite. Thats too broad a question. Now if we were to go into specifics like favourite open world game Red Dead Redemption 2. Fav medieval game, Skyrim. Favourite FPS game Battlefield Bad Company 2. Favourite MMO, Elder Scrolls Online, favourite Racing game, Mario Kart 7.


This is always a tough question.


I always find myself going back to Mega Man X, and Doom (OG)

Both of these games really still hold up today. MMX is still a very solid game, controls are super tight… still.

And looking at the Original Doom, the source code is out there, so there’s 1000’s of ways to play it. Personally I’ve taken a liking to GZDoom and running the Doom Zone mod. It adds character classes, new weapons, animations, enemies, alternate fire modes, grenades (not an additional wepon, just press a button to toss one like in most modern shooters)

I very highly recommend it. I’ll even give you the resources to get the stuff yourselves from a safe place.


Select GZDoom.

Then you can add it to your steam library, and run it with the doomzone.pk3 launch option.

Not to mention, you can also run Heretic, Hexen, and Chex Quest as well in GZDoom.

Also even supports VR.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Mini Game Doge 2048 | SSF3


Shinobi III Mega-Drive


Well I have many favorites game, but If I had to pick one it’d be, hands down, Borderlands 2.
From the loot system, passing through the story, the memorable characters, its unique sarcastic humor, the gameplay and the settings, everything was well crafted to keep you attached to this game and enjoy its wonderful experience.
Don’t get me wrong: I also think Randy Pitchord is a despicable human being but I think he’s probably one of the main inspirations for the creation of Handsome Jack, who’s one of the best and most hateful villains you’ll ever see in any media. He is our real life Jack, and if they ever decide to make a movie based on the Borderlands franchise someday he should totally be played by Randy.

As to quote Tiny Tina: “Blame the player, not the game”.

Overall, this is the best game I’ve ever played in my whole life, and I’ve finally managed to buy it after so much time during 2020’s Steam Summer Sale, finally paying my “debt” I had towards it and 2K Games.
If you see it on Steam or anywhere else buy it, in special The Handsome Collection. You won’t regret it.


This question is not so hard for me. My favorite saga always has been Crash Bandicoot and if I have to chose only one game it would be Crash Bandicoot 2 : Cortex Strikes Back. I beat that game at least once a year :grin: