What is your favorite game of all time?


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For me there are just to many to pick from so i will only pick my top 4, which are:

  1. Madden NFL 2009 played this game for years on the wii & loved playing it all the time.

  2. Rollercoaster Tycoon for Original Xbox this game i probably dumped maybe a few hundred hours into it i remember waking up early on Saturdays and playing it almost all day long or when i was done with school for the day(I was Homeschooled) i would jump on and play it.

  3. Euro Tuck Simulator 2 I’ve been playing it since it came out i remember playing the demo a thousand times before i saved up my money to buy it and dumping probably a hundred or so hours into it, then i used the game code that came with the psychical copy on steam and have over 380+ hours on it and i just love playing it and enjoying and learning about trucks while driving a very nice looking European truck.

  4. APB:Reloaded i started playing it in March 2016 its i game i wanted to play before 2016 but couldn’t because of my old potato laptop but when i was able to get a desktop in 2016 i was able to play it and have been playing it ever since, APB is just Cop vs Crims game where each team has things to do when in missions like one team has to drop a package somewhere and the other team has to stop them but if they dont it will go to another point to drop or something going for around 6 rounds all in a somewhat open world and overall it’s just a fun game even tho there are some game play & community negatives to it it’s still fun.


My favorite is probably Gothic 2. There’s just something about that hand-crafted, dog-eat-dog world that you don’t find in other games


I’d have to go with Phantasy Star Online. It’s a shame that Sega can’t just “man up” and say that the Western version is cancelled.


I have to go with The Last of Us and then the Uncharted series, without even having played them; I merely watched playthroughs of them cuz dont have a PS, but i think those are the most amazing games overall production-wise.




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I could never pick a favourite game 100%, because it’s always subjective with the times.

though it’s probably bluestinger, or sonic shuffle, or resident evil, or hogs of war, or nightmare creatues…

or dark souls, yeah at the moment it’s definitly that, then every dragonball game, at the same time.


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My favorite game overall is a toss up between Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor, Fallout 3 and Batman Arkham Asylum.

but my favorite game to play in short bursts right now is: Crashlands and Dynasty Warriors 8.


Have been playing rooftop snipers almost a week - rooftopsnipersgame.com
I think it’s my favorite by now.


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Oh shoot, someone is calling me out?? :grin:

Actually, @gamer13 reminds me of a good question:

Does a favorite game require a large time investment or not? This has always been a point of contention for me, as I love some games in the first 5 hours or so I play them, but then as time goes on I just lose interest. Do people consider the overall impression a game gives, the need to play a game again or the strongest feelings they have for it when thinking about a favorite game?


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Not really, mine wouldn’t even be all that fun to play for long periods of time.


Singleplayer: Pokemon Yellow

Multiplayer: Halo 2 + 3