What is your favorite game of all time?


has to be system shock 2


Definitely Undertale by Toby Fox, this is because of the immense but quirky story.The awesome characters and emotional moments, and even though the pixelated graphics this game manages to make amazing sprites, animations and backgrounds.I’ve watched all the popular gameplay, played it myself and even bought some merch.I think it’s safe to say I have an obsession.

P.S go check it out


The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for Super Nintendo. I spent a lot of time attacking those chickens - probably because I could never figure out how to get up the mountain. I gave it a try on an emulator later on when I was older. Half an hour later I was staring at that mountain… To this day, I don’t know how to get up the mountain!


Whining and crying obnoxiously in the most aggravating and irritating manner to get my way. Very fun game. Available for multiplayer too, but the singleplayer campaign is rewarding enough as it is. Currently I unlocked $275 per month for no reason, a new car every six months, a new computer every 8 months (new computer, not new computer parts), new gaming console on day 1 of its release, fine dining on a weekly basis, chocolate milk for lunch every day (lunch being at 4 PM because I wake up a 3:30 PM and go to bed at whenever), a ride to anywhere I want on a daily basis (despite having a new car every six months that I don’t actually use), and a golden toilet just because. I’m working on getting someone else to pay Chrono.gg for all future purchases of games as my next unlock goal.

So far I’ve only bankrupted four relatives, and six (now former) friends. I think I’m progressing in this game nicely.



super mario bros 2


i really loved dark souls. many, many hours collecting all the coins in that game. great environment design, too! ultimately, the main defining factor for me was the combat. realistic and weighty, the combat was some of the most satisfying gameplay i’ve ever seen!

combat, and gameplay in general, is a really big deal for me. other games don’t care about things like balance and hitboxes. maybe dark souls will spawn a new genre of game; we’ve already seen some new games like Lords of the Fallen and Nioh that look pretty nice.

Lately, i’ve also really been getting into fez. great game, great puzzles, excellent feeling of discovery. maybe fez 2 will come out soon; here’s hoping! Not likely though. never thought a game so good would fail to have a sequel - hopefully it has 8 eventually. 9, in fact. Every time i play a game i like, i always end up wanting more!

just got XCOM 2 in humble monthly, so i’m looking forward to collecting some coins in that. playing new games is always a really fun experience that i look forward to! gonna check out darkest dungeon sometime, too.


Grendel23, please return the coins. The Chrono.gg community would love to see what they are.


It’s Dark Souls for me, I honestly fell in love with games after I played it. It was just a purely exploration and action focused experience, and I still love playing the games to this day.


It would have to be one of the first games I ever played Cartoon network Racing for the nintendo ds sp colored edition I would play that game for hours and hours either that or my first pokemon for gameboy pokemon gold


Crisis Core for the psp.


Bastion was always one of the few games that got me to play it a second time through while still feeling satisfied.


@frst is playing that right now!


The Legend of Zelda: WindWaker. That will always hold a special place in my heart. It was the first game I played to completion. The expansive open world, the secrets hidden on every island, the day night cycle, the captivating art style, the brilliant combat system. I loved spending time sailing the ocean and exploring. I loved the story, as it was the first one to make me feel like a real hero (saving my sister is something I related to when I was a kid, and still relate to.) Coming back to the island later in the game and seeing Link’s grandma sick with worry gave me the feels. Made me think about the price of being a hero. A lot of Zelda fans claim that OoT is the best Zelda game, and I always have to disagree. I have yet to play a game better than WindWaker, and it will always be one of the highlights of my childhood.


I’ll always have a soft spot for Diablo II. Played the SHIT out of that for a long long time. Still download it and play through every now and then.


It’s true! I actually just finished it today. The combat is fun plus the art and narration are great.


I mean it’s gotta be Ocarina of Time. The questing itself wasn’t the fun part, exploring the world talking to random people and getting lost was the best part!


Grandmas soup was always handy to get!


Are you dunkey?


Mine would have to be Either Halo 3 for the nostalgia factor as I played it when I was entering high school, or Crash bandicoot warped for its even greater primary school nostalgia factor.


Just Cause 3 is my current favorite, probably my all time favorite and the game I have played the most hours. Before that it was Far Cry 3. But when you asked for my favorite game of all time, Interstate '76 was the first game I thought of.

If any game deserves a don’t change anything but the graphics re-master I-'76 is it. I spent an hour getting it running in Windows 10 and the gameplay was great but the 640x480 graphics sucked. (I’m spoiled now) I-‘76 is a mix of Starsky & Hutch + Mad Max + MechWarrior. I used to be addicted to playing online multiplayer I’-76 using AOL. LOL!