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What is your favorite game of all time?


Have been playing rooftop snipers almost a week -
I think it’s my favorite by now.


lol wtf


Check previous post in topic…


Oh shoot, someone is calling me out?? :grin:

Actually, @gamer13 reminds me of a good question:

Does a favorite game require a large time investment or not? This has always been a point of contention for me, as I love some games in the first 5 hours or so I play them, but then as time goes on I just lose interest. Do people consider the overall impression a game gives, the need to play a game again or the strongest feelings they have for it when thinking about a favorite game?


y but wtf at the actual game, lol


Not really, mine wouldn’t even be all that fun to play for long periods of time.


Singleplayer: Pokemon Yellow

Multiplayer: Halo 2 + 3


My favorite “diamond in the rough” game is Toki Tori 2+. It’s a Puzzle-Platformer-Metroidvainia with surprisingly simple gameplay, a ton of charm, and an organic learning curve. There’s none of that “you don’t have the upgrade necessary to get through here”. Instead, the only thing holding you back is your own understanding of the game. I had to play it a second time just to revisit all the areas I unknowingly bypassed the first time around. :100:


Mine has got to be the “Super Robot Taisen (Wars)” franchise. Granted 98% of the games in this franchise is in Japanese, but still, nothing gets my high up than a Turn based tactics games starring Giant Robots from all sorts of Anime like Gundam, Macross and the OG 70’'s Supers like Mazinger Z.


My favorite game is a tossup between Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario World, and Rayman 2. Not only are these games fun to play, but they each have a unique atmosphere and amazing soundtracks.


I always find new games and start thinking it’s my all time favorite)) here is happy wheels.


On Playstation: Threads of Fate. First game I ever finished and i love the shape-shifting capabilities of Rue. :slight_smile:
On Nintendo 64:: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - finished it, found all the skulltulas but not all of the secret. SO much fun!
On Playstation 2: Final Fantasy XI - it was beautiful and I think it still is, just hated the grind. Also, having to kill a ton of leeches for one Carbuncle Ruby was grr!

Honorable mentions to Devil May Cry because Dante, duh and oh also, wrecking the environment - almost everything you can see, you can slash. ^_^. Also to Final Fantasy 8 for turning enemy creatures into cards - loved that game mechanic. Never completed either. T_T.

Oddity that I miss: Fairyland MMORPG, first and second. The 2nd was taken down - didn’t gain popularity but the creature designs were wonderful and I miss that world. Would love if they had left it up, just to play for fun. Nostalgic now. Thanks to the OP for the question. :slight_smile:

Edited for clarity and highlights

  1. Max Payne 3 (3rd person action)- when you love the all time action (completely different experience than shooter games) and kinda like the character, his voice and non superhero abilities, just skills to slow down the time
  2. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (The REALEST RPG)- when you like the limitless exploring and infinite number of quests, building armor, collecting stuff and the most various types of roles - warrior, tank, berserker, archer, stealth, destruction mage (fire, ice, shock), mancer, necromancer and more more roles - INFINITE PLAYTIME
  3. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (RPG) - limiteless action, too many boss fights, stealth, action combat, 1 vs Too many enemies at once (like 1vs50) and various fights, action combat finishers - INFINITE PLAYTIME


For me it has got to be The Witcher 3. I mainly play strategy games and if its any good tower defense games. Played practically everyhting except sport or racing games because I just dont like them and suddenly the witcher 3 came out… my god what a game. Even gwent inside the witcher, I just spend hours playing a minigame inside that game >.< thats how good it is.
Not to mention the sfm animations with the characters…

edit/ honorable mentions, Final Fantasy Tactics on the ps1, I remember specifically using haste on myself over and over till I basically have multiple continuous turns and then stealing everty single piece of every enemy equipment, damn that game was fun, lots of combinations of teams to play it.


Journey. (the game)
Just found this ↓ looking for a good picture. Fangirling super hard right now and I’m a dude.

Runner Ups:

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (coming to switch! also really happy about this)



Epic Store, have my body and soul. I, Satan, am selling my soul to you.

Update: my best friend and I are screaming via voice chat.


? i thought everybody knew this :thinking: -and the reason it wasn’t hyped more was because it gets released first on epic and not steam ? :man_shrugging:

I THOUGHT YOU ALWAYS DID THIS ? :hushed: (caps means i’m using loud voices says the interwebs) :smile:






I didn’t know Tales of Vesperia was coming out for PC until steam recommended it to me on the front page like two weeks before it released.

So, no, didn’t know about it. Even if it was on steam I may have missed it. I assumed Sony had it locked to Playstation so I didn’t really follow it.