What Have You Picked This Steam Sale?

I Will buy theese games http://i.imgur.com/39QiwI9.png
what about you? yes you


this is what i bought (so far)

(might need to click to see all, appears like cut off a few)
now, i did “cheat” buying 5 of the games from Bundle Stars because they matched the price with Steam sale, but added a 5% discount voucher making it technically cheaper to get them there, but since it’s all “the same games within the same time frame” i count them all as 1 Steam Summer Sale purchase :smile_cat: since my wallet limit isn’t bound to where i buy them, but just when+how much


sorry, just out of curiosity; are you really planning to play all of them? :smiley: that’s a serious amount of games (and discount value!)

Just one DLC for Age of Empires 2 that I was missing.

I don’t think I’ll pick up anything else I have enough games that haven’t been played yet that I can easily make the next few sales without needing to buy anymore.

If I do it’ll be Transistor which is 85% off, though I’ve seen that discount before. Almost everything else has a pretty average discount.

Hey, leave a few games for the rest of us why don’t you?

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“to play or not to play, that is the question”
i think at this point it’s not so much about if i’m going to play them, but just if i wanted to play them :joy_cat:

i own some games from giveaways (indiegala, etc. + other unknown small stuff) that i care nothing for (like cheap shovel-ware style games only good for cards or to pad your game count), which i never intended to play and likely never will either, (they even have their own neat little section in my library)
but, excluding other games that came with bundles that held some games i did want, i’ve always wanted to play the games i bought/buy/own, even if it so happens to be that i never get around to it, for whatever reason :flushed:

spending 1000 hours in one game ofc reasonably detracts the amount of time you can play in another, and sometimes, even if you already own a game, and want to try it, and find the time for it this time around, might just happen to be you still aren’t in the mood for that particular game and picks another and it gets put back in the row once more :unamused:

I would never spend money on something i knew ahead of i wouldn’t “want” to play,
no point in wasting money like that, no matter the discount or savings.
In fact i never even buy a bundle if it doesn’t have enough “value” for me, meaning the game in the bundle “i want” needs to be worth the asking price,
so for instance if a game i liked required tier 2 or 3 purchase, but wasn’t interested in any of the other 5-10 games then i weigh the price on that game alone, and if it wasn’t “worth” 10 bucks to me, being in a bundle wouldn’t matter

so i always “intend”/“want” to play them, even if i might not ever get around to it, because i wouldn’t spend money on it if i didn’t
suppose it’s more about the “option” down the line of getting to and being able to play it when i want to, compared to the harsh truth of reality, that i might just never find the time to try all before i’m old and dusty :older_man:

(and sometimes i buy games i’ve already played/owned before but just to get “another” digital backup lol):smile_cat:


I got Pixeljunk Shooter and Stardust Vanguards. Bought them with money I got from selling cards, so it’s like they’re free to me.

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I’ve only bought Extreme-G 2 and Shadow of Mordor so far.
I’ll probably pick up some more stuff like Snake Pass later in the month.

My parents said I can’t buy anything. :cry:

Wolfeinstein: The Old Blood and the New Order.
Shadow of Mordor.
Tabletop simulator
Borderlands the pre-sequel
and finally PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

I think you can tell what my friends convinced me to get :slight_smile:

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That’s the plan, while most are gifts for some special friends. Also, prices not so hot when your currency isn’t the best! :grin:


Pretty extensive purchase… but it amounted to something like 90 dollars. Really good saving. :sweat_smile:

Gemini Rue 	
Brutal Legend 	
Super House of Dead Ninjas 	
Bit.Trip.Runner 2 + Soundtrack + Good Friends Character Pack 	
Invisible, Inc. Contingency Plan 	
The Banner Saga 	
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD 	
Costume Quest 1 & 2 Bundle 	
BattleBlock Theater 	
Doodle Mafia 	
System Crash 	
Pharaoh Rebirth 	
The Metronomicon 	
Learn Japanese To Survive! Hiragana Battle 	
Polandball: Can into Space! 	
Renowned Explorers: More To Explore 	
The Only Traitor DLC

Weren’t you just saying the summer sale was sheisen on the other post, @Gnuffi? WTF? Hahaha I told you, this is a pretty good sale.

It’s not bad, it’s just not outrageously good like it used to be, no one was a hater despite the feeling you had. :slight_smile:

oh it is, i stand by that statement, why i “only” got 30 games,
pff, it’s a crime so few games had no new high discount, or the amount that didn’t even receive “normal” high discount but just an average, or worse, lower discount than average. It’s 1 big conspiracy and racket i tells ya! :older_man:
and i believe my words were “uninspiring” not so far as to call it sheisen, usually i end up spending much more :triumph:
think the most “expensive” game i got were like 6€ this time around, not gonna spend 10bucks on Old Blood when it just went for 5 i tells ya (yes that’s on me for holding out) and likewise with other games,
but i’m still looking, just takes a while to scrounge through all the sales data to find a “worthy” discount :smile_cat:

and again, got not problem admitting it comes from a standpoint of being utterly “spoiled” (and a cheap bastard ofc), treat me nice once, ofc i’m gonna want and expect to be treated “nice” again :ghost:


Puts tin foil hat on.

It’s like boxing day sales, they don’t need to offer great discounts now because there are a lot of people who have already decided they are going to spend money. I think they make more money this way and offer the best discounts at slower times.

Makes sure tin foil hat is secure.


Only Battleblock Theater thus far. Thinking of also getting Knights of Pen & Paper 2 and maybe Transistor. Keeping the budget small and sticking to games with Linux support.


Cool choice! BattleBlock Theater is a great game! I’ve spent many hours playing it :slight_smile:

Transistor + Soundtrack, $4.49:

Tron 2.0, $2.49 (only 15% off during the GOG sale, wtf):

CPUCores (mostly for playing Killing Floor 2 in LAN):

Shamefully, I’ll also admit to microtransactions. I bought 400 crystals in Paladins because Ying got a badass robotic outfit that gives her the condescending HK47 tone. It was $8, to be honest I’m not getting the buyer’s remorse I expected.
“Do not run, meatbag.” " [Sarcastic:] Sorry."

Those are my purchases, but I’m going to do a quick callout for my personal favorite games:{
Psychonauts… Tim Schafer’s magnum opus and a fantastic platformer for $1 ($2 with the soundtracks, divided between actual in-game music and cutscene score). It’s easily one of the best games ever made, I’m not even going to try to stay objective here.

Killing Floor 2… I have over 130 hours in the first game. It was Unreal Engine 2.5 and undeniably flawed in some regards, but easily one of the best games I’ve ever played otherwise. Enemy variety, awesome gunplay, polished mechanics, and so on made the jankiness and odd technical issues bearable. KF2 basically steps on the first game in every regard. The engine has been vastly improved and incredibly optimized, the mechanics have been slightly modernized with sprinting and quick melee (but still plays as a proper KF successor should), it’s built from the ground up to be mod friendly save for a few quirks, and other than a few odd omissions from KF1 it’s everything that game was and more. It also has a much more fair business model; anyone who played KF1 knows it had the Payday problem of extended support leading to a ridiculous amount of DLC, but KF2 instead opts for boxes of cosmetics while providing all weapons and vanilla maps for free.

Speaking of Killing Floor 2, you can get KF1 for free right now. After near a decade of support, you’ll have plenty of fun once you get used to a bit of the jankiness:

Now, I absolutely loathe SquareEnix, and it makes my skin crawl just thinking about recommending these games… but in the end, Avalanche and United Front are (in the latter case, were… @#$% you Square) awesome studios and I have to recommend their best games.

An actual open world. There’s a story mode, which is a decent tongue in cheek story about an over the top American agent overthrowing a bad dude, but other than a few cool stunt segments it pales to the absolute blast you have once the world is opened up. 50 side missions taking you to various unique locations, a world packed with small details and variety (unlike JC3, a 50km paradise of empty and wasted space), aged but exceptional DirectX 10 visuals (unlike poorly performing DX11 visuals of JC3)… my praise for JC2 is endless, as well as my loathing of JC3, and I highly recommend that you check out the highlight of the series.

This one kind of hurts because SquareEnix basically killed off the studio right after this; they dodged production of Sleeping Dogs 2 (design documents point towards a Watch Dogs that isn’t a complete letdown), forced them into making this MMO crap, then pulled the plug after staking their company on it. It was entirely unwarranted as in many ways, Sleeping Dogs is GTA with actually decent writing. It has a fun combat system, an awesome world full of things to do and places to explore, and stupid things to try. It was a late Xbox 360 game, so expect the occasional rough texture and fake stores, but otherwise it looks quite impressive visually and the DX11 renderer in Definitive Edition certainly helps. DE wasn’t necessary, but it did make several quality of life changes that balanced the DLC with the story better and cleaned up many minor flaws in the game. That’s not even talking about the story, an undercover cop drama mixed with Hong Kong action. That’s all I’ll say, just go play it.

So there’s GTA-minus-the-crap, how about Assassin’s Creed?

Another awesome studio, Monolith, which never disappoints. Another awful publisher, WB, which always disappoints. This one got a bit of controversy thanks to WB review embargo shenanigans, which were entirely unnecessary as Shadow of Mordor can hold its own quite easily. It’s a mix of Arkham style combat, Assassin’s Creed parkour (if AC parkour actually worked as you wanted it to), and an orc heirarchy of idiots who bash each other over the head for promotions (insert edgy political joke here).

I’ll go ahead and stop it there. The exit to reality is right through that sale, don’t let the buyer’s remorse hit you on the way out


Nothing, I’m broke…

Although Shadow of Mordor for 36 looks like a good deal