What good black Friday deals has everyone found this year.

The i5s are absolute units, especially the newer ones. These beasts get the job done, and for a very efficient price-to-power ratio. My brother always goes the i5 route and I go the i7 route, but neither of us have had any CPU-related bottlenecks in years…the only reason I recommend i7 or i9 chips is for graphic design artists, combinatorial number theorists, and mathematicians…notice gamers are excluded from that list, even though gamers are the primary marketing component for those chips. Gamers do not need (nor will need) an i9 simply because the way games are programmed today takes full advantage of the CPU but they are typically waiting on the GPU to finish crunching a bunch of polygons to display the next image. Or, in the case of ray-tracing for next-gen cutscenes/games, still waiting on the GPU to finish number crunching the reflection/refraction/distortion of every beam of virtual light that is visible to the player.


It really depends, if you have a slow i5 of course it’s not good, but this is rarely the case. i5s are usually faster than i7 per core. i7 on the other hand has more threads/cores usually.
So for gaming I suggest a CPU with fast cores rather than more cores. If you use a lot of statistics, data science and such, then I suggest getting a CPU with lot’s of threads and cores. Otherwise you will never need it.

There are only a few games which need a very good CPU, you will hardly find that bottlenecking your system and even then, most games don’t support CPU’s with multiple cores and threads.

For instance I have the Ryzen 1600 and I have only seen it’s usage rise to like 30% or so, even with more CPU intensive games like strategy games (EU4, Stellaris, CKII, Endless space, etc).

So if you want more specific advice, I would need to know what you intend to play. Although I think you can bet on it that if it has a good GPU that the CPU is sufficient as well. Otherwise just check the CPU benchmark site. PassMark Intel vs AMD CPU Benchmarks - High End
My last CPU was a slow i7 for today’s standards and had a score of about 7000 I believe and that was already plenty for all games on a normal speed.

That laptop looks fine. The i5 seems good enough, but it would really depend how you would use your laptop. I would just be careful with refurbished/used if you don’t get a good warranty on them.

You could give me a list of games what you play and if I have them myself, I could play them a bit and tell you the performance on my pc. So you have a rough idea how much CPU/GPU/RAM they use up.

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I actually found a really great deal on a scratch and dent/refurb on the Dell outlet website, that of course is currently sold out. So I’m planning to wait until another one comes in and buy that. Had the 8th gen i5, a TB hard drive, 256 gig SSD, the 6gig 1060, etcetera for 850 USD (plus shipping and tax). Was more than I wanted to spend, but the difference in power and the like was too big to ignore at that level.

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so… after buying 100$ of goodies on the blizzard shop, waiting 2 weeks that my order gets process… revived a refund and a mail saying that my order was cancelled…

i then proceed to contact the support who told me that they’re BO on the order i made and i will be able to order it back when they have more stock… meaning STFU buy it later full price loser…

it’s fun to see that hole that diablo immortal feel into is now the new home of blizzard

If you actually bought something on sale they (used to) give you the same price later if you had any problem with the order, even more if the fault was on their side. This was Blizzard a few years ago. So, if you still want to make the order, be sure to submit a ticket before asking for the discount you had (for the same order).

the dude told me that the offer was over and he could do nothing so i dont think the blizzard we knew still exist

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Well, then don’t buy anything since you’re they clearly don’t value you as a customer. One by one sure adds up.

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