What game do you want to see re-featured on Chrono?


Since we only feature one game per day it happens from time to time that you miss a feature, forget about it or simply want to hold off to see if a better discount comes along.

What is a game that we’ve featured in the past that you want to see on Chrono again?

You can view all our previous features on this page: Chrono.gg - One game. One amazing deal. Every day at 9AM Pacific.


Half life 3, I didn’t have anywhere near the coins necessary last time it was featured. Been saving a while now though.


Although I already own the games, I think everyone should have more Reus (11/02/2017 and 8/25/2016) and Crashlands (8/06/2017 and 12/24/2017) But seeing as how they were both already included twice I don’t know if they need a third callback!

Keep on surprising us with new stuff!




Dungeon Punks
Sword With Sauce: Alpha
Valdis Story: Abyssal City
Universe Sandbox ²

if you are open for games you haven’t had on offer yet I’d suggest these two:

What I’d also appreciate would be if you could offer games for different platforms if they are supported across multiple, e.g. I’d instantly snatch Crashlands if you could work on an offer which also supplies the android version (or IOS) as an additional code. :slight_smile:

  • Cross of the Dutchman (regular)
  • Legend of Dungeon
  • Rogue Legacy
  • Crashlands
  • They Bleed Pixels
  • Dustforce DX
  • Looterkings (but “single”)
  • Darkest Dungeon
  • Terroir
  • Book of Demons (depending on early access status-time of sale/discount)
  • Hearthlands
  • The Cat Lady
  • Witch’s Pranks: Frog’s Fortune Collector’s Edition
  • Wonderboy The Dragon’s Trap (tho i’m guessing no one will be able to match Nuuvem’s ridic historical low price point setting :grimacing:, but still -toss a good deal again)
  • Enter the Gungeon, (tho i already own it, i’m sure others would in on the deal if it’s as good as last)
  • Planetbase (tho why ITAD claims you did it for 6.5$ last time i have no idea when apparently it was 11 :man_shrugging: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)
  • 50 years
  • Adam’s Venture Origins (tho i have passed it by several times for 6bucks :confused:)
  • Sundered
  • Seven: The Days Long Gone
  • Tower of Time
  • Four Sided Fantasy

… probably a few more i forgot… do you guys just want my entire wishlist instead to cross reference? :wink: :blush: :smile:

Caveat; i’m a fickle buyer sometimes, so either i pass(ed) on a deal because it’s not cheap “enough”, (for whatever obscure reason i deem fitting at the time), or a game does/doesn’t fall into the "spur of the moment"category purchase for me, -where i disregard my deal settings a bit more


gnuffi no, bad gnome!
I bought that game for cheap on a steam sale and returned it after like 30 minutes of boredome :sleeping:


yea, but you don’t like pickles either :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:, so obviously you’re CrazyR :wink: :smile:


But I do like them, just not on a burger :point_up:


but that’s their proper place ! :open_mouth: :triumph:

:smile: :+1:
i get it tho, but i also have a ridiculous amount of time spent in Nation Red, so probably not surprising i’m fine with Gungeon too :blush:

(next you’re going to tell me you don’t want pineapple on your pepperoni pizza either… :dizzy_face:)

PS, did i just set a new record for derailing a topic ? :thinking: :grimacing:, -sorry… :zipper_mouth_face:


Axiom Verge + OST


I bet quite a few of you would like to see Brigador return. Last daily deal (according to the search bar) was at 13/8/2016 (long before I joined) and somewhere mid april 2017 or so added in the coin shop.


A little hard to do now, since the game is no longer in alpha… released a couple of months ago…

Totally agree.


Then obviously make it the current version. It’s so obvious I don’t even know why you felt the need to point something THIS obvious out.



Jokes aside, Redout Complete and Prison Architect Deluxe came with pretty bad timing for me. There were a few other deals that I can’t remember, but those two were the ones I definitely would have wanted the most.

I have a lot of hours in Prison Architect and Redout already, too… but for Redout, it’s just been the demo, and for Prison Architect, it’s always been on a family shared version (plus the soundtrack is really good).

I’m pretty sure RimWorld is one of those games where the developer tries to avoid Steam sales for fear of devaluing the game, but it would be awesome if you could get a Chrono deal going for RimWorld at some point, if not just for the publicity. It’s amazing that in a lifetime of playing management games, there’s only three that ever matched RCT… Prison Architect and RimWorld are two of those.


Sorry, I was in a hurry earlier, should have finished my thought abs task of digging this out: Steam :: Sword With Sauce :: Sword With Sauce is no longer in development.

The game left development not because of being completed and polished. Just FYI…


So far you’ve featured Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide twice, once on 9-Mar-2016 for $18, once on 27-Sep-2017 for $20 (4-pack). I’d love to see either the second Vermintide II or another Warhammer game grace the front page of Chrono, like Total War: Warhammer II, or Battlefleet Gothic: Armada.

Also, Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak would be awesome!


I missed out





It’s fantastic.

  • in approximately 4 weeks.