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What Borderlands DLC should I play from the Handsome Collection?



I’ve played a lot of Borderlands 2 (and Pre-Sequel) these past few months, but I’ve gradually stopped after the Commander Lilith & The Fight for Sanctuary DLC.

Now, I’m looking towards starting to play some of the Borderlands 2 and Pre-Sequel DLCs, but I haven’t played any of the DLC yet, so I have no clue which one to start with. Any suggestions about which DLC I should start with are welcome.


Edit #1: Thanks for the recommendations everyone!


For BL2, I thought all the DLC were worth playing. If you’re not looking for a campaign, the headhunter DLC are quick and fun (farming Frosty in Marcus’s Mercenary Day is the fastest way to get tons of eridium and good loot, BTW). All of them have more coherent plots than the main story arc.

For TPS, Claptastic Voyage is the only story DLC, I think. I enjoyed it as well.


aren’t all their dlc’s rly short, like 1-2 hrs anyway (so just play through all of them)? I only played 2 or 3 so far but that’s what i gathered so far


i’m currently remaking a playthrough of borderland 2, from what i intend to do is level up in the main story, then look at the dlc and do the one that seems the less fun so i have the fun one for the en

currently level 13 if you want to group up, hit me up on steam bellegueule


I would need to remember what level my character is.
And I won’t be home till late tomorrow.


no stress i’m not even sure if ill play before the weekend xD


No, only the headhunter DLCs are short. If you rush through the story DLCs, you can finish them faster, but if you do all the sidequests (why wouldn’t you?) expect a decent time investment. Dragon Keep is 6-11 hours, Torgue is 3-7 hours, Scarlett is 4-12 hours, Hammerlock is 4-8 hours. Plenty of gameplay there.


I finally got BL2 Handsome Collection. Heh. Just need to sort times with you guys and my bestie for her computer - would rather not stress this lil potato if I don’t have to do so.

Never played BL before at all.


I’m quite sure i did Torgue, and i also did one in a winterland with a choo choo train and snow men as well as one named a bloody wedding or whatever, and i do all side quests always (which is why i always show up overleveled for whatever mission im doing, have the same issue in Ass Creed Origins atm), and i rly cant remember those taking more than 2hrs


Imo all the dlcs worth playing but if you really want to farm some good weapons i would start with captain scarlets or tiny tinas dlcs(im not saying torgues campaign of carnage or sir hammerlocks big game hunt are bad but there are a few weapons worth getting from them)
Feel free to try all the headhunter dlcs,theyre all extremely short and quite rewarding expecially the christmas one


does anyone know if dlc weapon can be obtain in the golden chest? i’ve been keeping keys like a maniac so when i get level max i can gear myself but i’ve never be able to commit enough time to reach level max so i’m now at 300 keys or so and can’t wait to actually start using them


Never got any dlc weapons from it also feel free to use some of the keys if you need a couple of high level guns


I strongly recommend Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, I simply loved this DLC :heart_eyes:


You can only get purple rarity loot from it


I’m currently using the boost feature they added to make and hopefully cap out all the characters atm.

Def recommend Tiny Tina’s assault on dragon keep


That’s because you’re only playing the headhunter DLCs (you’re referring to the The Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler for Torgue; it features him but is not named for him). Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage is the shortest of the story DLCs, but you can’t complete the main quest and all sidequests in 2 hours.


k, i wouldnt know rly, thx for info


how you do that? havent found it


The Tiny Tina DLC looks pretty fun, probably will start with that first.


You need to finish the campaign on any character, after that when you select character you have the option of “make new level 30 X character” in orange text, they appear below the base white make new X character option

(from google btw, not mine)

They start at level 30, have some Eridium unlocks (until the before 12 eridium ones), I think they start with 200k money, 12 Eridium (enough for 1 upgrade without doing anything), random gear, all main quest missions done except Talon Of God (which needs to be completed to unlock the stash) and they spawn where the commander lilith dlc optional entry point is.

They have none of the side missions completed so those pop up everywhere.

This is the only use I’ve found for golden keys, since I can’t give them guns from my other characters right away, I just use the keys to get good enough gear to make the final campaign boss easier and unlock the stash soon after.