What are your all-time favorite indie games on steam?

Personally, I love games made by Behemoth, Ska studios, basically, anything flash related. Kinda curious about your favorites, being my first topic post and all.


Man… I don’t consider some of these indie games (that is a whole 'nother topic), but they have the label, so here are 4 games I really enjoyed:

(I was gushing about it for weeks after trying it out, still love to pick it up and play from time to time)

It may be an abusive relationship, but I love this game.

This one I love strictly for concept, and execution… A shame it didn’t keep going.

Man crashlands is good.

Games I didn’t link to because everyone already loves them: Darkest Dungeon, Hollow Knight, Neon Chrome (and JYDGE), Tower of Guns, and stuff by Behemoth games.


i don’t do favourites/ranked lists, but i can mention a couple i greatly adore and that all sits pretty comfy up high for me

  • This War of Mine
  • Grim Dawn
  • Hollow Knight

and of course:


FTL: Faster Than Light - Nice rogue lite. Relaxing with a great OST.

Cave Story + - Sweet game made by one guy (I remember this from around 2006 as freeware. Worth a buy)

To the Moon - More “experience” than game but still great story


A game I enjoyed that few know about is Duet.

I enjoyed it because I could actually feel myself get better. I would enter a zen state and just do.


( RCT may or may not be considered Indie)


I think this thread is losing credibility… Euro Truck Simulator is really big. I don’t know its beginnings, but I hardly think an Indie studio could pull this off.
And Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 was HUGE back in the day, so that’s clearly no indie game at all.


by how popular it is doesn’t mean it isn’t indie, Lots of games we consider Indie are big. Before Microsoft bought them Minecraft was Indie, terraria is indie, Undertale,Cuphead, and so on. RTC yeah might not considering at least now since Atari owns the game, and with ETS2 SCS is still indie they make and publish all of there games they did for a time had help with a no name publisher Valusoft because they didnt have money back then to publish there own games but since 2012 i think they publish there own games.


Nothing is surpassing Path of Exile for me that is available on Steam.


It was published by Microprose. RCT (the original, not 2 as it was a sequel to an established IP) was a strong part of the bedroom-programmer era, but it has similar roots to X-COM. A big publisher in the PC gaming space picked it up and brought it places.

And, like X-COM, the IP drifted away from the creator to Infogrames, being butchered by disgusting cash-in IPs. The difference is that X-COM suffered from this two decades ago and had a resurgence when 2K acquired it, while RCT remains in the hellish landscape of Infogrames/Atari abuse and hasn’t seen a good game since RCT3 (2003).

Speaking of which, RCT3 can no longer be purchased. I hope this is a sign of things to come for the IP, as Alone in the Dark (another Infogramestari-abused franchise) was recently sold to THQN.


I’ve played too many great ones, but these might be my top 10.


Huh, I did not know the humble origins of RCT, but then again back then I wasn#t exactly at an age where I questioned such things. :smiley:
And I only ever heard of the X-Com games since Enemy Unknown, and those games are all pretty great, as far as I know (well except The Bureau). I actually just found out there were X-Com games before that, I never heard of any of them.^^

And while I played the absolute crap out of RCT 1 and 2, I really hated the new look in RCT3. Just like Zoo Tycoon 2, I found their transition into the third dimension to be really ugly, and I just went back to playing more of RCT2…
But yeah, I know Atari is trying to squeeze every last dollar out of the RCT brand, with their mobile re-releases and such, and it’s really sad. Reminds me a lot of what EA is doing with another of my childhood favorites, Dungeon Keeper.
I am so glad about the devs behind Planet Coaster and War for the Overworld, who prove that there’s still life and love in those game concepts, and that good things can come from those, if the right people are in charge.

Oh and what about Alone in the Dark? That frnachise completely went past me, all I know is that the old game(s) were really good and that Illumination a few years ago turned out to be a complete dumpsterfire…


Some stuff that I don’t see get mentioned often, not in any particular order.


Oh , Grim Dawn was amazing!


would have to be my favorite…


There are so many to choose from…

-Hollow Knight
-Enter the Gungeon
-Stardew Valley
-Dead Cells
-Her Story
-Monument Valley (though game is too short, and not on Steam)
-Ori and the Blind Forest
-Rogue Legacy
-Epistory-Typing Chronicles
-Bridge Constructor

There are surely more, those are the ones off the top of my head right now…


Probably Terraria or Regions of Ruin if we’re talking pure aesthetic indie.

A new favorite of mine though is Empyrion - Galactic Survival. It is insane fun, there’s a lot to do, lots of update’s, very active devs who respond to you, rich little worlds (though I do wish there were more animal life on them maybe that’s coming?) and more to come. It is great!

If I can include several more of my favorite indie games though:

  • To The Moon
  • Kenshi
  • Wayward
  • Kingdom/: New Lands
  • Oxenfree
  • Pillars of Eternity

And finally, Mount & Blade: Warband. :blush:


what is indie??

this is my favourite but i dont know what qualifies

this is also great from the same developer


Indie for games means the publisher is independent.