What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


Agree, never knew Chess could be this exciting!


I love Zakk Wylde’s style of play and he can sing too.
Stoned & Drunk
The Blessed Hellride
Black Label Society, 2003, Metal
THUG Pro custom OST


I’ve been rewatching The Office (for the millionth time) and it still makes me laugh. What a great show.

Spoilers because I don't want to ruin ANYTHING for anyone who hasn't watched yet

Jim and Pam remained adorable from S1 to the very last, Dwight is always hilarious, the newer characters–which usually turns out bad for shows!–are actually good (Erin, Andy etc). And somehow, the writers always managed to keep those really awkward scenes in. I mean so awkward you feel like you cannot keep watching…and yet you do. lol


I cannot tell you how many times I’ve rewatched The Office. Andy was always one of my favorites,


I’m sad with how things ended with his character.

The Office Talk (spoilers)

At first I really didn’t like Andy, but his character grew a lot with the seasons (basically right after his anger management). I thought he and Erin were adorable together (kind, considerate etc), but then the writers made him selfish and almost cruel to Erin (and everyone else). Which, I don’t know if anyone else feels this way about his character, but it felt completely out of character for him. Also, a lot of what happened in S9 felt really strange.


That’s exactly right. Regardless, The Office is great to pick up and binge again and again.

Also entirely unrelated but if anyone here hasn’t watched Psych, do itttttt. I don’t watch a ton of tv in the first place, but it’s probably my favorite long-form tv show.


i actually went through a YT binge of office highlights recently, exactly because i didn’t want to cave into the desire of spending all the time watching all the seasons yet again again, again again… :sweat_smile:
aaand ofc it just made me actually want to rewatch the full show again even more :rofl:


That’s the only way to do it with The Office. xD

Listening to:


There’s no reason why this has not been in a racing game yet…

Ride the Wind
Flesh and Blood
Poison, 1990, Glam
NFS Underground 2 (Modded in); THUG Pro custom OST


need more Goblin Slayer :yum:

ps. when watching a movie i just looove when 1/3 of it is recap :ok_hand:


Tonikaku Kawaii is i wonderfully dorky :blush:


Trickster, based on the bestselling trilogy of novels by Eden Robinson, tells the story of Jared, an Indigenous teen struggling to keep his dysfunctional family above water. Jared holds down an after-school job and cooks ecstasy on the side to support his separated parents - partying mom Maggie, who self-medicates an undiagnosed mental illness, and unemployable dad Phil, who has a painkiller addiction and a new girlfriend. But when Jared starts seeing strange things — talking ravens, doppelgängers, skin monsters — his already chaotic life is turned upside down. At first, he thinks he’s losing his mind, but to his relief, and terror, the supernatural events are all too real. It turns out there’s more than meets the eye to the place Jared grew up, the people he loves – and to Jared himself.

This is Indigenous Gothic – spirits, ancient magic, deadly rites of passage – in a coming of age story unlike any you’ve ever seen.

Official Trailer:

Spoiler-lite Overview:


Probably the best Marvel movie made since the Rami Spider-Mans. Great writing, phenominal acting, incredible artistic direction, superb choreography and amazing soundtrack.


12:30 the magic number :wink:


It plays, and I kid you not, ALL DAY in my work place and it is driving us insane. I don’t know why, but its catchy and I HATE it. lol


Who’s in charge? I would want some variety, despite it’s catchiness. But I don’t want to listen to the same song on my way home from work and relaxing, which of course catchy tunes end up skipping and repeating without end.


My manager, and she hates it too. The channels we get seem to be obsessed with it. We change channels, different song and then the next song that plays is “Watermelon Sugar High”. Today I heard it fourteen times! xD


Ouch… that is definitely way too many times.


If a cat can do this, we need to train all animals to do this…


lmfao DAMN

You need some metal to cleanse the ears…
Here, this should help:

(yes-that’s Metallica’s Master of Puppets at the bridge lolz)

Anyway, I started writing a short story, in which I’m using it as practice for using they/them as singular pronouns. I’d share excerpts, if it weren’t NSFW (a lot of my written works are literotica).