What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


I’m just hearing this song for the first time, a 7-minute epic synth opera by the rock gods of the galaxy, TWRP, featuring vocals by the wonderful Dan Avidan of Ninja Sex Party, Starbomb and Game Grumps fame

What a journey, this one really blew my mind :exploding_head:


Watching the new season of Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts. :slight_smile:


Well, I can tell the show is ending just by how little episodes we have, how fast it is going and how the art has fallen. What a shame.


Well, I finished it.


Entirely rushed. Redemption arcs for major people were hurried through, and for others I could understand, but rushing Hugo’s redemption and then to end it like that…killing him? What a wrong way to conclude such a wonderful show. Now, don’t get me wrong. If killing him was how they felt he could redeem himself, fine, but it itself felt very…shallow.

Then we have Emalia (?). They don’t keep her as Mega Mute despite all she did because “no one deserves to lose their mind”, yet twenty seconds later they let her be trapped in a Mute’s “forever dream”.

We don’t get a Mega cure to fix the poor Mutes, all we got was a half-arsed time skip. :expressionless: Honestly, I very rarely feel so disappointed in an ending, but I feel like in this case its even worse considering the overall show.

I would still recommend the show of course, but yea…disappointed with that ending.


Oh man, so nostalgic :joy:


Old by now but new Metallica style.

All Nightmare Long
Death Magnetic
Metallica, 2008, Metal
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock DLC; Guitar Hero: Metallica



I have a list this year! I’ve already ordered extra chairs.

I received this link from an author I follow and whose work I love:

Every year I re-read his book: Boy’s Life, actually a lot of us do. It’s my absolute favorite book. I always learn something new from it.

Full Disclosure - I own all but one of these audiobooks already so though this is a contest, I am all for anyone but me winning: BTW: Eduardo is an incredible narrator, one of my all time favorites.

Edoardo has launched a contest that includes free giveaways of four Poe stories narrated by him. “The Raven” is free. Free access to the others is achieved by sharing the post. You’ll also be entered into a contest to win codes for your choices of any three audiobooks narrated by Edoardo.

One of the stories is “The Fall of the House of Usher,” which would make for a great prelude to a reading of Usher’s Passing!

Edoardo Ballerini audiobook contest and Free Poe stories


Currenltly listening to this:

One of my favorite tracks is this one:



I’ve watched season 1 Rakshasa Street recently. It’s a Chinese animated series strongly influenced by anime but with a significant amount Chinese mythology mixed in. While it was pretty heavy on the tropes and cliche stuff I actually liked it. It wasn’t amazing or anything but it was a surprisingly nice watch. I liked character designs, I liked whole spirit world concept and I liked the way the story was told - with 2 narrative lines that went in parallel ending in a single conclusion.

If I got you interested - here’s a YouTube link to the whole season. If you’re wondering why the link leads to the 3rd video of the playlist it’s because 2 videos are just those 2 narrative lines pressed into separate files. I think series works way better when watched in numeric order provided by the rest of the playlist.


Looking forward to "Nature Trail to Hell (Part 2)…


I’m a huge fan of Dragon Quest, but that Netflix movie was garbage. The over acted movements were distracting and the pacing was horrendously fast. They should have done DQ a better service than this.




There’s this one person on YouTube that does a great job explaining how things work at the code level in the classic DooM games. Channel name: decino

Random fave vid:

lolz I love watching those dumbf*cks infight…



I’m not too old but I found this song a while ago it’s good, would be interesting figure out how things were back in those days, also RIP the singer


:steam_locomotive: :railway_car: :railway_car: :railway_car: :railway_car:


I just finished a rewatch of season 1 of 3Below. I really miss the show, and wish we had gotten at least one more season to see the characters again, but hopefully the last installment (Rise of Titans) will bring them back.

Anyhow, it made me listen to these songs:


I love Soundgarden.
Now I feel obligated to share…


Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear :relaxed:


I’m watching The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix and it is an astounding show. The story, characters and acting is dazzling. What a show!