What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?



is hard:D



It is stuck in my head and I love it so much! The vocals are insane, and I love how the background music compliments it so well.

And this one is just fun. xD

I love it when a movie about another country’s culture is made, and feels so authentic. My favorite part of Netflix is searching through the foreign stuff. Glad I stopped on this one!


Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey actually have legit good sound tracks, and I normally do not like “modern” music.



All you never know :nerd_face:


I love it!


Watching a Russian Netflix original about a virus (zombie-ish?). It is called “To The Lake”. It’s pretty good.


Lyonya is a man. Through all that shit–his wife dying, his daughter acting out, global pandemic, nearly being killed by his own government, nearly being eaten, etc–he still focuses on his kid and new wife+baby. His motives are clearly only for his family.

Dude is a dude.


I occasionally rewatch this one because, we could have this technology NOW if it weren’t for the constant interference of politico-religious debauchery…
That and it’s just awesome to watch.
Dodge SRT Tomahawk X VGT




Strong Heavy Metal vibes…


Read Victorian Working Women today as part of research for a new story. It was interesting! I bought it primarily as a visual reference book, but I think the text will prove more useful than the photos, with its descriptions of daily life, dress, and concerns.


Dr. Feelgood
Mötley Crüe, 1989, Glam Metal
Rock Band 2 DLC, Rock Band Unplugged DLC, NFS6 Custom OST


Evil has been put on Netflix, so now I can finish it (we cut off our cable 3 episodes into it). It’s been a good watch! I like it a lot, and I wouldn’t mind if it turned out none of the religious themes were “true”, but I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t prefer it. I feel like shows are too afraid to deal with religion, in a “its right” sense. They need to stop.


Jet Set Radio Future


I’ve been playing the remaster, and can’t stop thinking about the original OST. xD


My wife just showed me this, these people really are loosey goosey!


I like that a lot of the songs sung are ridiculous and clumsy, and just plain stupid, yet have a tiny message in them (such as the silly fries song, really being about her father’s lack of concern for her mortal-ish need to eat). lol I know most of them are not even “decent” songs in the sense that you’d hear it on a radio, but I still enjoy them.


That’s Donna McKechnie in the middle. Saw her in “A Chorus Line” in NYC.


I love Mega-Ran’s rap, especially his FF7 rap. xD


Just watched Birds of Prey again. Still enjoy it.

Before that, I watched the latest animated DC movie. Now…it wasn’t pure garbage or anything, but I honestly have not found any of the previous joy I have in their movies in their new Justice League runs, led by Damian and others. The characters just feel so forced and characterless. It’s like a really bad “good” fanfiction, to be honest…