What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


Watching Utopia on Amazon. Pretty good so far, and definitely has surprised me a lot so far with its decisions.


Well…this just got a lot more interesting. lol


Dude! I need another Amazon Prime Trial. I love monster movies. ^^ I like bad ones too. It sounds great! :rofl:


Anyone else played the game as a kiddo and don’t know anything about the lore? :rofl:

Even though I only played the game for the lols and never read the novel or watched the old movie, this is looking like a promising movie and series to get into now. Really excited for some reason.


^ listening to the audio book myself. Really good book!

Currently I’m watching Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. Wow boy.


I didn’t know there was a Descent Part II, so I started that (both are on Amazon). It’s okay, in some ways better than the first, but still has a lot of iffy “what the hell” moments. lol


The deaths were far more absurd/stupid for example, and the ending was just pure garbage.

Also watched the latest episode of Duck Tales (2017). I forgot how much I enjoy the art! :slight_smile:


Starting Parenthood again soon, too. It is one of my favorite shows, how the families come off genuine.


I am currently rewatching the Harry Potter movies. I’m not really inspired to do much in the name of gamedev, so…


Not sure if it’s shared or not? But who bothers with good music anyway? :wink:


The vocal part really catches me. :yum: (the piano backdrop too)


I know nothing about Dune, sadly, so I have some reading to do. Hopefully that trailer will make sense to me after that. :joy:


I hope you like it, I think it has been an incredible read/listen! :slight_smile:


i’m more and more confused by each episode of Re:Zero - they manage to cram so dang much in to 25minutes @_@


Haven’t watched today’s new episode but I got to admit the recent ones are not making too much sense if you haven’t read the original novel. They put off too many informational transitioning or logical thinking away and makes it more like a puzzle with pieces scrambled out of order. It’s such a pity that they could have been the greatest anime of the year but fell short right up in the mid season.:joy:

Personally I would prefer they take it slow for those who haven’t read the novel like us. Though I was told that they can’t afford another season to finish the arc.


People like to crap on the last series of Charlie’s Angels movies (Drew Barrymore etc) but they weren’t bad films, they were just over the top and action-y–just like any over the top action film starring men. They’re actually enjoyable, at least for women.

But that brings me to the 2019 reboot film. Oh god is it just BAD. I don’t know what they were thinking even recruiting Kristen Stewart to it, the girl just can’t act. She has one expression, one tone and no emotion to anything that she does. Every movie short of that panic room movie she did back in the late 90s is garbage. :expressionless:

The only good from the movie was Sir Patrick Stewart as a Bosley agent, and the newly recruited Angel (Jane wasn’t bad either I guess, as a character). But even then I have a tough time calling the movie “good/decent”. You know…Kristen might have single handedly destroyed the film for me. -shrug-

So yea…as you probably guessed it, that’s what I watched.

(by the way, Naomi Scott looks a lot like Sarah Michelle Gellar!)



I just finished the latest episode of Raised by Wolves and I am SO damn confused!


Have any of ya ever heard of Bill Wurtz?


Well, this here may be a good refresher…


This was posted in 2017, it’s already outdated!


everyone knows in the last 3 years the earth became flat so his history and science is right out the window :joy:


omg “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon” is back i can’t take this!!! :exploding_head:
:heart_eyes: :star_struck::smiley::blush:


Watching the new season of Carmen Sandiego! I hope it is as good as the others. :slight_smile:


AHHH! A new Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken anime!!!