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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


^ Daria is great. I love her pessimistic attitude and over abundance of self-righteousness and conviction. lol

Watching a new anime called Kyokou Suiri (In/Spectre). So far, I really enjoy it. It takes the over used genre and plot line, and offers something very unique and engaging. Plus, the main character isn’t insufferable. lol


Watching Netflix’s Away, with Hilary Swank. It’s really good. I mean the corny drama stuff on Earth, less, especially with the daughter, but the stuff happening in space with Emma and her crew–and their flashbacks or whatever–is good.


Uh, the Misha (Russian cosmonaut) and Lu (Chinese cosmonaut) are probably the most interesting part of the show. Their stories are happy and fun, but shadowed with tragedy and circumstance, and it is written in a very engaging way. You can feel for all of the crew, certainly, but I think those two really shine.


Listening to good ol’ Moonchild, who’s an indie R&B band I’ve found on Youtube.


Not a great start to Mulan’s opening, huh?


Chinese authorities have told major media outlets not to cover Walt Disney Co’s release of “Mulan”, in an order issued after controversy erupted overseas over the film’s links with the Xinjiang region, four people familiar with matter told Reuters.

For those curious on the reception from Chinese audiences:

The film, which many have already seen online, has received a 4.7 score out of 10 on popular social media site Douban, where users leave reviews of films, books and music.


I’m listening to Dune by Frank Herbert, narrated by Scott Brick, Orlagh Cassidy, Euan Morton, Simon Vance, and Ilyana Kadushin, published by Macmillan Audio. I don’t normally like audio books, in fact I found it VERY difficult to pay attention, but this one is great. There are different narrators for different parts of the book. One for the narrated parts and actors for the talked out scenes. Plus, there’s this dramatic music that plays sometimes. It’s really, really cool!

I really wish I could afford Audible’s subscriptions, but alas, it is out of reach. That said, if you got a job and some $, I would really suggest it. You get 1 credit every month of subbing, plus 1 more if you also have a prime account from Amazon. That’s a great deal! Also, if anyone wants a free gift of the first or second book in the Stormlight Archive, let me know as my friend has them and is willing to share. Or, if you instead want the 1st or 2nd book in the Dune Saga, let me know, I can share it! :slight_smile:


Yah. I do have a good few audio books from author subscriptions though. :thinking: Also, you may find a few titles on YouTube, if you know what to look for.


What do you mean by “good few audio books from author subscriptions”? I’m new to Audible myself, so if there’s something more to it, lemme know! :slight_smile: And yea, I’m sure I could find audiobooks online for free, but I’d prefer to own them (and in one place), which has chapter support and whatnot.


There’re a few authors I used to follow that occasionally offer audio book codes for free - Willow Rose and Kevin Hardman for sure.

Also, Daniel Thrasher on YouTube has a code you can use for either a free book of your choice or a trial sub. - can’t remember which as I don’t watch his skits too often.





Watched about five episodes of Dragon’s Dogma on Netflix today. As someone who played the game, it was quite a surprise since I wasn’t expecting much. The 3D is nice, usually I’m not a huge fan of it but this one gets a pass, all the enemies that have appeared were really well done and very like the ones you see in the game. Quite pleased with the english dub as well, the Pawn’s voice is quite similar to the original. They seem to be basing the episodes on the seven deadly sins to get a little bit of story while they progress towards their end goal. Also, woot, nudity? lul


Speaking of CGI shows with wonky first impressions that later turn out to be better than expected, ULTRAMAN (that’s the official name BTW) also turned out to be quite decent. The characters at first seem pretty blah and the story is on the eh side, but it does improve itself and becomes entertaining by the end. I will say, the one thing that stayed good was the animation and even the art style, which is not something I say considering normally anime CGI shows have a bad reputation.
Also, finally finished watching PR: Dino Charge and its super season. I didn’t think the ending is as horrible as others point it out to be but it is still questionable on how the timeline will run like at this point. The rest is pretty good, at least as good as a show about people wearing spandex costumes pretending to fight other creatures in costumes.



Replay +1000


The 100…why?


I watched seasons of great story telling, only to be dealt this shitty hand. Emori, Bellamy…and now apparently even Madi? :expressionless:


I watched the movie again (plus Aquaman), and had the song stuck in my head. lol


This has kind of been my youtube experience recently.

Now youtube wont recommend anything BUT this stuff. It was just a couple of innocent curiosity clicks at first, I didn’t think it’d get so bad!


A movie called Crawl on Amazon. About a hurricane. In Florida and…alligators? lol


So a swarm of alligators make the escape of a hurricane impossible because they’re all acting as if they all have rabies. I mean, completely irregular alligator behavior.

I thought I saw it all, but a hurricane alligator movie was apparently not on the list. lol


I’ve seen it. Mostly okay for one go. I found it under “horror” which i would really debate though.


It was just unbelievably, and not even in a fun way. lol The only concern I had throughout the film was whether or not the dog would survive. haha