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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


Reading a Korean manga called Slave B. It’s okay, just wish it took more time to build itself up and all of the lore. It has the same problem as a lot of manga/anime these days, like My Hero Academia.


It is perfect in every way.


Okay, damn. Now we just need a Final Fantasy character model mod for TESV and the merge is done. Sweet Mercy, that orchestral tribute is…is…is… (adjectives fail me)

Speaking of Final Fantasy VI, the Opera is the best part of the game before things get bonkerballs ridiculous. The tribute below that I cannot find a non-rhythm game video of, is absolutely beyond syrupy sweet. I LOVE IT.


I don’t normally like these sorts of things, but this was great! FFVI means a lot to me too, grew up on it and love it with all my heart. Incredible to think that it touched others so much they could create something like this for it.


Picking up an old anime that looks super interesting. It is called Sukeban Deka. Apparently it also had a live action series and for the anime I can sadly only find 2 episodes, but hopefully more will pop up. xD


There are only 2 episodes I’m afraid, it’s a short OVA movie/miniseries.


Oh! Well good to know I won’t be missing anything. :slight_smile:
(wish I could find a sub, the dub is soooo bad xD)


ahaha this show is so crazy, I love it! It does remind me a lot of Kill la Kill!


Did someone say, Kira Ra Kiru?

I love that anime; Ryuuko is hot! (so is Satsuki)


Hey silly and salty sloth, we all care. Here’s one for you to use on Vampyr. @DontBeSilly


First time posting here but I wanted to share a song I’ve been playing over and over again lately :slight_smile:.


Watched The Death of Stalin (2017). It is a comedic movie, but even its comedic scenes are kinda sad and terrifying because it is accurate. :no_mouth:


I have never been much into electronic music but Carbon Based Lifeforms is finding place in my playlists for over 15 years now . On certain foggy and rainy mornings i enjoy putting them on in my car while commuting to work , enhances this particular melancholic mood of rainy mornings.


This one plays in my head a lot:

Show Me The Way
Light From Above
Black Tide, 2008, Metal
Rock Band 2 DLC, Rock Band Unplugged MSL


Just watched the Mulan movie on Disney+.

This is the most embarrassing, low quality, cheesy garbage I have seen in a VERY long time. I am astonished this is made by Disney. :expressionless:


I’m more surprised you mustered up the courage to pay for it


Disney+(+?) is something we already got anyhow, plus I really loved the animated one. Unsurprisingly though, it was a let down.


(Same song, different plays)



yeah but $30 on top of having the membership is ridiculous. We will wait until December when the $30 price tag goes away.


I agree, but I was interested in it. Don’t be like me. The movie wasn’t even decent, it was pure garbage. lol


Thank goodness I don’t have Disney+ in my country. It is actually playing in cinemas here and if I were to watch it (which I don’t plan to atm because of lack of interest, behind the scenes drama and end semester college stuff), I wouldn’t be as hesitant to pay for it as I would be for Disney+.


I LOVE Splendora, and I loved that show, Daria.

Anyway, whilst talking about music and other things yesterday, dearest love Kayzee shared the following with me:

Content Warning: Silly Parody-prepare for lulz