What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


Finally some game-related content from me :yum:


And I’ve started Re0 second season too, and it really impressed me again. In contrast, SAO delayed her debut as well but went off into a much different track…



I absolutely love documentaries about videogame history

It’s safe to say this should interest everyone here. :smile:


Speaking of video games, there another show on Netflix called Glitch Techs that, while it is mostly a cartoon this time, is fairly well made for what it is. I will admit, I’m not in love with it as much as others are but it is a solid enough show to where it isn’t horrifyingly embarassing whenever they talk about video games.
Saying this especially since the network it would’ve originally aired on, Nickelodeon, did not treat the show the best to put it mildly, so now there are people online currently campaigning people to watch it if they can. Even if I am not big into the show, the way they treated the show is worse than what the show ever fears to slip on (unless it is something offensive but standards and practices are there for a reason).
High Score seems pretty cool, might give it a twirl some time.

If you just want to search pictures for this show, I’d advise safesearch or equivalent on. Apparently people are really disgusting about a certain someone and I legitimately hate seeing even one bit of it ew.


Reminds me I want to watch a documentary of the history of horror films :thinking:


Watching the new season of Infinity Train! It’s so sad and so good, and it is always great to hear Lena Headey! xD


came across this ol’ thing and i’d forgot how much i enjoyed that album



I remember said in a GA, that i didn’t like the power metal too much, now i have several ones in my playlist.


Just finished watching ‘Altered Carbon: Resleeved’ a spin off movie based on netflix’s original series called Altered Carbon and I got too say other then some animation clunkiness this is a pretty cool movie loved the action scenes and I wish/hope netflix will allow this to become a series of its own because it definitely something i would watch.


And you can support a charity…


Thanks, I did not know this thing existed, gotta check it out %)
Though tbh I’m not holding my breath. While I really enjoyed the books, the series was not as good (at least the 1st season, I haven’t got around to check the 2nd one yet). And what actually rubbed me the wrong way is that they inverted the message the books had.


I actually never watched the series but after watching Resleeved I kept seeing people online say season 2 of altered carbon was pretty bad and they enjoyed this movie more instead. so i might just watch season 1 and leave it at that.




Black Clover ED is growing on me the more i listen to it :relieved:




So good. I listen to this OST in its entirety at least once a month.