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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


Some of the folks there would go on to do Rifftrax. It’s sort of similar but they don’t do skits in the beginning plus the on demand versions don’t have the characters as shadows on the screen, likely because they function now to which they can sell it as just the audio in sync with the movie.


I too noticed a lack of good squirrel jokes. But yeah, some of the jokes are a bit dated.


I love the music in Fiddler on the Roof. Just came across this:


Idk the last time a certain someone did that, he paid the ultimate price.




poor Subaru :weary:



lolz 90% of the comments section is parroting the lines of the movie…





I am in love.


Okay, this guy’s got some good stuff.

Also, about to watch the latest episode of Doom Patrol. Give my girl Jane a damn break this time. lol


New single from Gojira just came out. A little bit too ‘soft’ for my taste this time around. Sounds like heavy version of Muse and while it’s not their first or even second song which goes into softer metal territory i think their true strength lies in their heaviest stuff, no other metal band around these days has this uncontested tier of heaviness Gojira does.

Clip is meh , i dont like art style but as always kudos to them for sending important message through their music.



Actually, this fits current events perfectly. 1600 Penn. Ave. is definitely one of the many Temples of Syrinx, lolz


I watched Mrs. Doubtfire again. I am still very annoyed with the mother. Such a monster. :rage:



dafuq happened to Shokugeki no Souma :no_mouth: the hell is this weird direction it’s going


I haven’t watched the conclusion of the train arc series yet. It’s always been weird though, that’s kind of a central premise of it. You watching the recently started season?

I decided to pick up Iniital D for some reason, one of those old legendary animes I never got around to before. The character design is awful, the CGI really bad at the start and I’m not sure if it’s gotten better or I’m just getting numb to it. Characters are super stupid and at least one of them so obnoxious we’d all be better off if they just kicked his head in and threw him in a ditch somewhere. But for some reason it’s still a pretty compelling watch. Not sure I’ll be able to get through all the 11 entries in the series though.


ye, and it’s… idono, different. it’s always been a pretty over the top Master Chef show, but it feels like it’s switched gears a fair amount, and feels almost like someone all of sudden took a bunch of Wrestling inspiration… like, there is straight up weird costumes and props now on top of everything else :dizzy_face:
… idono, for me, it just feels kinda “off” (even compared to previous “overthetop’ness”) :thinking: :man_shrugging:


Yeah, that was a common thing back then with some animes, had to include the obnoxious character as part of the cast.

I did the same thing a couple years ago, you gotta get into the mindset of the old days and enjoy the show, otherwise you won’t help but to sit there and critique every little flaw. The movies are there mostly to update the visuals and sounds, it’s just an alternative with cuts (but if I remember correctly, they replaced the eurobeat ost :pensive:).


It’s still a pretty common trope to be honest, have you seen Demon slayers? Almost any series focusing on a group of boys has that one guy you just can’t figure out why they keep hanging out with. But then the reason this one is grating on my nerve as much as it is I think is because he very much reminds me of someone who I unfortunately had the acquaintance of in middle school.

So I guess the reason I didn’t kick his head in at any point is because we take pity on these self destructive idiots and hope that maybe they’ll figure their shit out at some point. Mine didn’t.