What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


I read the book and eventually saw the movie. Aldous Huxley was a giant.


I heard this song on the radio today and I really like it. It’s so positive, about just having a good time enjoying some music, and I need more of these simple pleasures in this difficult time.


About to start season 2 of Umbrella Academy! I’m so HYPED! :slight_smile: Before that, I watched the latest episode of Doom Patrol, and as always, it was good.


A few minutes in, and it is already great. :sob:




I have just finished watching GreyHound with Tom Hanks. It’s a fine war movie ,especially after that dreadful Midway ( which i stopped watching after 10 minutes probably ) . So if you are into war movies i can recommend it.


Bad monster movies are the best. Miss me with things that could actually exist, but this… ain’t it the cutest Eel? Oo


@Danacscott Somehow reminds me of Eerie Indiana and Goosebumps, good stuff.


Goosebumps I know of - saw a few very fun episodes of it. That one, though, tis new.


I finished the second season of Umbrella Academy. It was great, of course, but I did have some issues with it. Issues which I felt stemmed from what I think was the creators’ belief this could be the last.

Slight spoilers!
  1. Vanya’s issues, which is to say all of the emotional abuse she suffered as a child in the academy, was swept under the rug largely. Whenever she finally met the rest of them again, they would not tell her up straight why she did what she did in S1 and when someone finally did, they didn’t even try to make amends for it. Allison, of all people, would have but she didn’t really do it. Instead, it was replaced with comedic jabs at Vanya about losing control whenever she got angry. Now I’m not against comedy–these scenes were still very funny–but I don’t know…I would have preferred her family take her suffering more seriously, since you know…it caused the end of the world once already. lol

  2. Vanya’s understanding of her power. She just knew things that I felt she should not have. I don’t know how else to explain it, but I would have preferred to see a bit more time with her learning about her abilities. It would have made the last 2 episodes way better.

  3. The return of the Handler felt old, and the introduction of her daughter made it a lot more weird, but what I felt was really off about it was that in the end, the Academy group was okay with the Commission still existing. :expressionless:

That said, it was a really good season. I enjoyed seeing Luther move away from his father a bit (even though at times he was a douche, it was understandable), and it was great to see Allison’s part and her refusal to use her Rumor ability due to Vanya (until she absolutely had to).

I was a little disappointed with how little Klaus and Vanya we got, but what screen time we did get it, was good.

All in all…4.5/5 for sure.

Now…well now I gotta watch some Black Spot again. Again? Yes, because Netflix takes that into account for show returns and I am desperate for S3. lol


I recently watched Film Theory’s Golden Ticket probability video, but of course, we all know that the damn thing from start to end was rigged…lolz



You would love Mystery Science Theater 3000.


Is that in the vein of Twilight Zone and similar shows?


No, it’s a show where the main characters riff on old B-movies, many of them old sci-fi and monster flicks.


Ah! Hi hi. Haven’t pinged you in a while. ^^

Saw a similar lately, called House Shark, which is a parody Jaws. Too many butt jokes but other than that, bad in a good way - totally ridiculous.

Also saw Sand Sharks a while back, I had just had to, lol. Apparently there’s Snow Shark as well. sigh


Just a sample…


Herm, the references go over my head. It’s like Bad Lip Reading, but in this case, I don’t get the humour. Herm.


ps possible spoiler warning for @Danacscott ?


@Gnuffi Thanks for the spoiler warning! Meow! I dunno know. :heart:


it’s a good song (imo); but even just the lyrics could potentially be called a spoiler somewhat if you want the game kept sorta pristine