What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


on repeat atm


Don’t know the original, but this I like.

Does it contain spoilers (not played yet)


no it’s just a still picture with song by the lead VA playing


I like her voice, very soothing. The words are lovely too. Thanks for sharing this. ^^


I recently watched the entirety of Chadtronic’s Cursed Commercial Sit and Watch series (twelve videos -as of typing this- at ten to fifteen minutes each and they go by fast). lmfao

(video below is the first video in the series)


I have some of the WaveGroup cover songs (Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Amplitude?) stored locally, and I listen to them often.

Here’s their cover of Winger’s Seventeen:


Just watched Netflix’s Nihon Chinbotsu 2020, based on the novel. Basically, Japan sinks. The anime has sad moments, and good moments, but over all it was exceptionally bizarre and it was hard to keep watching because those bizarre elements kept ruining the other parts of the show…


Sounds like typical Japanese art. Bizarre, crazy, vulgar, bonkerballs stuffs is pretty common, and most of the locals don’t pay it too much mind. The art is more bonkerballs to non-locals.

I mean, Kiru Ra Kiru. Love it, but it’s ramen-fueled crazy and of course, titillation. lolz

Nothing new, though I did start playing a mobile to PC port of a dating sim.

Yeah; it’s NSFW. I won’t even link it, but ‘crush crush’ is on Steam.


Great song, as well as a great game. Seriously, I love this song. I figured I would learn the main portion of the theme on guitar since I really like this song and I gotta learn the rest. So much fun to play. Those low notes sound soooooooooo good.

Love the heaviness to this version. I’m a metal head at heart so, of course I’m gonna be drawn into this one.

Another version I like and figured I would add.


This game has so much good memories for me, and I just listened to this OST about 4 times in the last 2 days. I actually installed the game just now, I wonder if it will run properly. Never played it on Steam, last time played was probably 2003 or 2004 I think. But had a lot of hours in this game during a 1-2 year span.


I’ve heard many great things about it.


I’ve said many great things about it.


@DontBeSilly I’ve heard many things good about Arcanum, but also that the GOG version is better - and it’s somehow a bit bjorked on steam.

@Fraggles Witty repartee as usual. :stuck_out_tongue:

@YQMaoski Where did you first play it?

@Koroth You play guitar seriously?


A buddy of mine bought the game as soon as it came out in NA in 2001, and I watched him play a little bit at his house. Seeing what the game offered, I was instantly drawn to the world, the characters, the music, and all of the things you could do. He made a copy of the discs for me (I don’t remember, I think there was a data disc and a play disc, but whatever he did got me one that could play the game using a burned disc) and it practically sat in my CD drive except when I had to take it out to do something for school work. I didn’t really have money to buy games at the time, and my parents didn’t exactly approve of it. But I played only after I finished my school work and I did fine in my studies, so they just let me do whatever I wanted.


Season 2 of L.A’s Finest apparently came out some time ago, and I had no idea. Gotta catch up on that. :slight_smile:


I just tried to launch Arcanum, the game launches and looks like it’s going to be fine, until all of a sudden you start moving around, and there’s so much video rendering problems.


I don’t think it was optimized for modern day computers. This is just too bad. I will look around and see if there’s some good fix for it.


Found a fix for it on Steam, followed the instructions, pretty easy to do. Also installed an unofficial high resolution patch, tried to patch it to my 4k screen. Hopefully it works!


Maybe try some of this?
and/or this
I think the GOG version is updated and works properly already, but the steam version not as much.


Yup. Guy I was doing a trade with gave me this exact advice. I just keep forgetting to take it off the Steam WL.


Followed this guide, now the rendering is perfect, just tested it.

The high res patch maybe I was hoping for some amazing transformation, it kind of broke it, so I uninstalled that patch, maybe try to see if it would at least go to FHD, shouldn’t try to ask the game to do 4K, I think that’s just asking for trouble.


Game looks pretty good in FHD, never had this much visibility before, I am amazed. But I wonder if I should just uninstall it and go back down to the intended size and play with the original zoom, despite pixelated details, it’s how I remember the game. But that patch also works, really well too! :smiley:

I am very happy with this result.


That I do. Been trying to get back into it again and it’s been really fun. I love it so much. Motivation has been the issue for a long time, but I’m back at it. I’m no expert or anything, wish I was, but I’m not too bad. Just need to practice more. Anything you do in the arts?