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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?



Guitar time.:tea:
I mean. Just watch how their fingers fly :wink:


Pretty in tune with the protests now… listen to the message


I’m watching the Netflix show Curon. It is really good.



Well, finished the show. I mean it is good, but how they decided to end it kinda…flattens it.


This song is just so damn good. Haven’t listened to it in a long while.


TV: I don’t really watch TV, but there is one series that I have watched for a while, Young and the Restless. Yeah, I know; it interests me from the storyteller perspective. I am a writer after all. Thing is, since the #Plandemic/#Scamdemic took hold (and now also the looting/rioting/mass coverage of stupidity), there have not been any new episodes, and dammit, it left us all on a cliffhanger. Yup, it sucks. Ah, well…

Movies: Nothing other than the occasional classic movie.

Music: I listen to music all the time. I don’t have any music going at the present but for me it’s Rock, Metal, Blues, Jazz, Alternative, Prog, and New Age, with some Classical here and there.

One of my favorite covers/tributes, the following is WaveGroup’s cover of Winger’s Seventeen, as done for Guitar Hero ENCORE: Rocks the 80’s:


So I finally have that Netflix thingy everyone of them cool kids is talking about. Seen a movie and a few tv shows atm, including SpongeBob (duh!) and rewatching a few episodes of FMA:B.
Movies: Marriage Story, good movie w/ phenomenal acting from the leads. Find it funny some of the prominent members of production + Wallace Shawn are in Disney owned properties.
TV: Glitch Techs: not as good as I’d like, but the last few episodes do pick up to be quite good. Hopefully will improve the other side characters that are more prominent, not just the characters that don’t have really too much screentime like Miko’s family. Also funny they have a whole episode basically being Castlevania when Netflix would later distribute it first which also has Castlevania. And High Five’s family practically disappearing after like one episode what??? (unless I haven’t been paying attention after all) Also sometimes what they say is horrifying dated and terrible I mean who says swag post 2015?
Decent show tho, its 9 eps so its ok


I watched the Artemis Fowl movie a few days ago.

I honestly have no words to describe the agony I felt. It’s a bad adaptation and a bad movie rolled into one.

It’s a movie that tells instead of showing, strings along the plot by a thread, contains barely finished CG and multiple shots that slow to a crawl (as in, 4 FPS while digitally zooming at 24), throws a hundred betrayals and plot twists a minute to try in vain to keep interest, and utterly nukes every character’s plot arc while replacing it with something far less substantial.

The movie covers the events of the first book in the series, I heard it described as “Die Hard with Fairies” and honestly it’s spot on. It should be about a 12 year old prodigal heir to a criminal empire that pieces together the existence of fairies, then devises a way to find one… and kidnaps said fairy for ransom money. The rest of the book is the fallout of these events, and honestly one of my favorite sieges in literature. Not bad for something targeted to kids.

The book is one of the few that can tackle a degree of moral ambiguity with some class. Nobody feels like a perfect character, but nobody is needlessly cruel or evil either; from Holly Short, an elf facing the stress of being the first female recon officer ever and having the whole system watch her every move to catch her the moment she fails, to Artemis, a brilliant but arrogant child tactician with a lot of room for improvement, the book has a surprising amount of substance to it if you can get past the cornier parts.

The movie has utterly stripped all of this out. Butler, the menacing bodyguard, has been butchered as a character; he’s now a lumbering and incompetent guard that can’t stop a child from picking up a phone. They tell you that you can NEVER call him the Butler, or he’ll snap you in half… another case of show not tell, since I didn’t believe this for a moment. There’s a clear part in the book where he’s given a real moment to shine, and they stripped this out in the movie for a cheap sadboi hour scene that has no consequences whatsoever.

Mulch Diggums is a terrible comic relief character and for some reason they opted to make an interrogation by the MI6 the framing device for the movie. His dialogue is complete garbage, but ultimately it’s probably the most faithful characterization otherwise-- every now and then you’ll hear a different voice pick through his fake gravel as they cast Josh Gad (Olaf from Frozen), and you know what? He really does try.

Remember what I said about Holly Short’s arc trying to trailblaze the LEP as the first female recon officer? Surely that’s an arc that would at least somewhat work in competent hands, right? Except… it’s been stripped out of the movie. For reasons I cannot fathom, they completely wrote this out-- most likely because ambiguity bad. The LEP are perfect in every way (except that they’re not, but that doesn’t matter). So, they cast Judi Dench from the critically acclaimed Cats as Julius Root (they might have changed her name? Not sure), and Root shares nothing in common with the book counterpart. Root’s original character was an angry and dedicated police commissioner; he had a lot of pressure coming down on him, but ultimately he was tough on Holly because he wanted to see her succeed, knowing what was at stake. Root in the movie has one tone, fake-gravel.

All this, mind you, is throwing out the fact that the ransom event is now a subplot. Because Disney, the entire plot was sidelined as a means to an end for a character that doesn’t even show up in the first book to make demands. Now, it’s up to Artemis to find some arbitrary superweapon that can teleport, make wormholes, and do other cool macguffiny things. He’s given three days to find the thingy and give it to a villain I won’t name, so from that point onwards the plot unravels itself at breakneck pace as everybody has to take their place to one way or another end up doing all the major beats from the first book with none of the flair. They also grafted a betrayal sequence into the first book that wasn’t there before, which lasts all of three minutes and makes zero sense.

This movie is badly directed, badly acted (though I would say it’s bad direction), HORRIBLY written, and badly edited. It is a trainwreck through and through, and a direct to Disney+ release is exactly what it deserved. All I can say is that this movie actively ruins the first two books of the series, and I encourage every single one of you to stay away.

It qualifies as so-bad-it’s-really-bad. As in, it hits so bad it’s good territory then makes you die inside, spiking right back to bad. Check out the books, though!

Ugh… now that I got that off my chest, how are you doing, folks? It’s been a while. :slight_smile:


Miku Miku YuiYu


Don’t be surprised when you listen in the deep of the night.:wink:


Welcome back… :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Thanks for saving me time. Not going to watch that train wreck.


Sucks that this is yet another in the collection I like to call the Disney-movies-with-big-budgets-from-preexisting-ips-that-isn’t-touched-much-if-at-all-ending-up-being-critically-panned-and-end-up-as-a-financial-dissapointment list alongside A Wrinkle in Time and that Nutcracker movie. I just don’t understand why Disney continues to fund and produce these things that are of sub par quality anyway that is given such a large budget.
Well, I just hope it is spent to treat their workplace fairer. At least the posters looks kinda cool and are pretty stylish, but I never really thought it’d be this awful, probably just tolerable from the trailer I saw. Or maybe I should shut up and admit I’m some sort of corporate shill because I have a higher tolerance of crap or whatever.


Trying a whole bunch of shows as I wait for the new seasons of the ones I love. Right now I’m watching The Nest and after it, or if I don’t like it, I’ll try Motherland: Fort Salem.

Y’all…if you got show recs, lemme know, especially if they are foreign. lol


Im watching Fringe and Fargo atm. Kinda rewatching, did not finish them first time.
Great tv shows, story rich.

But right now, this while doing a 3d ship puzzle


Reading One Piece, and some manhwas on the side. Also Tower of God, since an anime adaptation was recently started for it.

Watching Space Force, which is hilarious to me. Its target audience is military, so all the little quips and jokes are hilarious to me. Merlin is another one. I love medieval age stuff, so even though it’s budget quality (“Isn’t that the fourth time we’ve seen this cave?”), I still like it.

Listening to Falling in Reverse, In This Moment, and Asking Alexandria. Along with whatever is on the EDM channel. And Kyary Pamyu Pamyu apparently. Little one loves her, so she’s playing on the TV all the time.


Rick Astley covering Foofighters…

…I swear it is not a RiCK-RoLL


it’s a RiCK-GRoHL!



If Elvis covered Foo Fighters…lolz

That’s one thing I like about Astley, has a great Elvis voice.


Watching Absentia and Orphan Black with my friends. Two very good shows. :slight_smile:


One of the best MV I have seen.


That was beautifully animated, great scenic environments.