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One piece has serious villain as well.:wink:



Just finished Re 0 director’s cut. Hmm… Personally, I wasn’t quite surprised by the ending there. I think I got spoiled back at 2016 somehow? (Damn, I was hoping it could get a better one this time…:joy:)


Just finished The Karate Kid. :blush:

Wax on.

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I just watched the series finale for She-Ra. :confused:


Okay, the animation has suffered a lot. Netflix seems to do something with animated shows when they’re at their finale, I don’t know what. Maybe they don’t pay the animators enough or they demand it super fast, but it was kinda said such a great looking show had to suffer for Netflix’s mistakes.

I have one big gripe with the series finale. How they ended Catra and Adora’s relationship. They made it romantic love but I don’t think it matches them at all. Throughout the show they seemed more like sisters and I think that others who watched has to have seen that and just…didn’t care for it. It just felt like it came out of nowhere. They even focused this new plotline to cripple She-Ra’s returned powers. The worst part of it though is that it downplays Catra’s turmoil and issues to, what? Her being crazy because Adora didn’t respond to her never mentioned love? Catra’s abuse and abandonment (and jealousy that Adora was SW’s favorite) issues were just swept away for it. The chance to have her work through that? Left out. I don’t know…I guess I just felt they delivered it all wrong.

Also, they had a chance to have Catra fight Scopria, to bring her back from “the Light” but they completely threw away that relationship building we had for seasons too.

Some good: Netossa and Spinny getting more screentime (always a plus, also, that weaknesses scene was great lol). We got to see Shadow Weaver redeem herself (but it comes at a downside for being rushed), and generally we got to see more of the rest of the princesses’.

The big bad: the lack of delving further into Adora’s story/origin. So much potential…a chance to expand this great show into a larger, overarching and connected series. It would have been great.

Overall impression: 3/5.

The rushed writing, especially concerning the characters, is just too much for me to disregard.


Could be really Amazing if non edited.:star_struck:

Original Ver.

And… This is the 1666 post~


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Love these guys. they look kooky but boy can they play. They have also collabed with NSP on some of his stuff, definitely for the better. Super underappreciated band, check out their most recent album^

Edit: don’t know why it keeps starting at track 6 (at least for me), I recommend beginning with track 1.


I’ve very much enjoyed their music, but the super autotuned vocals does not jell well with me.


that’s fair. I go back and forth on the Talk Box he uses, but overall it doesn’t bother me too much. I definitely get it’s a personal taste thing though.



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I’ve been educating myself on Warhammer 40k universe this past week because even though i have played number of games based on 40k property i never really had any knowledge of the universe at large …and i mean it’s a UNIVERE all right , it’s so deep and developed you would probably need months if not years to get up to speed with the veterans.

Anyway , this guy has so much quality content on Warhammer 40k it boggles my mind. If you ever wanted to know more about the lore he’s a great source for that.

Just linking one of his videos here , this one is 1:30hours long and it’s only part 1 of one particular subject so yeah. Deep.



Welcome back, son :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:




Love the 80’s vibe