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Battlefield Vietnam song! :rofl:


Just listened to:


I cant say i’m a big fan of this band in general , i find them a bit too corny for my taste but song is really catchy and pumps my adrenaline up.




I very rarely re-watch things as there's a steady stream of new things constantly being produced that I do not even have time to keep up with. But when I learnt they released a directors cut edition of Re:Zero over the first quarter of 2020 I really had to watch this amazing series again.

It was a long time since I saw it the first time so while I remember the primary plot points and knew vaguely what to expect it was still a very enjoyable experience, except for the parts that are of course intentionally harrowing and painful to watch. I couldn’t quite tell what scenes were added or changed except for the ending… and oh my fucking god the ending!

Not going to spoil anything… I’m rather upset actually… angry in fact, not that it’s bad or anything… no! can’t spoil it… damnit!

They better damn well justify this change in the upcoming 2nd season this year, that much I’ll say!

If you’ve never seen this series before: It’s an old isekai, one of the really good ones. Protagonist gets somehow summoned into another world not to fulfill some prophesy or because he has some special powers or abilities, though he has gotten himself cursed by some old malevolent entity which rewinds time for him every time he dies.

Part of what makes this such a compelling watch is that he does not start taking his immortality for granted, he doesn’t know why or how this works and so he does not become blase about the whole affair. He does not succumb to cynically using this ability and only does so when absolutely necessary or unavoidable. The story deals as much with mental hardship and pain as it does physical and it gets really ugly a few times. It’s well worth a watch in my opinion, two in fact, at least.


wait wait wait WAIT WAIT !
you telling me there are significant changes to this “new” season, like that? and i actually have/should watch it and get gutted (again)? it was my understanding it was just a compressed s1 with “few” extra slides spliced in and nothing significant was added (hence i didn’t watch as i just rewatched the entire “old” season shortly before “new” released), but you’re making it sound like it’s quite monumental :open_mouth:

… edit okay looking around it seems it’s significant and i have to see this shizz with the Director’s Cut… :grimacing: :cold_sweat:


For starters it is not compressed, it’s elongated if anything the old files I have have a total runtime of 10h 40m compared with the new directors cut which is 11h 2m, 20 minutes doesn’t sound like that much but add to that that the new edition is only 13 double length episodes and the old 25 episode runtime counts in intro and outro sequences for each episode I think you can add maybe a minute or so per episode. Not all the old episodes had outros and intros and some of them had none so lets say another 10 minutes to be conservative.

But if you’ve already watched the bluray version then most of what’s been added through the series was there already. Mostly it’s better timing and pacing in conversations, allowing time for hesitations and such making for simply better delivery of the story.

It seems as for new scenes it really is only the ending that has something added, but it’s quite something.

If you have indeed just recently watched the series then maybe watch the last 3 double length episodes. Mostly just to get yourself involved with the story enough again for the ending to land.


yea sry, compressed was a bad term, did indeed mean they combined double episodes so went from 25 to 13,
will definitely watch, at least the end episodes, to see this new gamestory changer


okay, so i had to spoil myself, i just couldn’t wait 3hours "to know"
and are you mofo**** kidding me?!?! :exploding_head:
uhuh nah ah no fn way gtfo are you freakin kidding me!?! nope, all the f’n nopes out there, you do not do it like that. Director’s Cut my arse, that’s s2 set up out the wazoo, i don’t even give a flying hoot out of a donkey’s bee’hind what’s going on in the manga, you don’t “retcon” a season like that and (mis)treat best girl, without me clenching fist and shaking it in the air at nothing/imaginary director and getting madz about “muh ending” :triumph:

what in the capital frick were they thinking… poor subaru… guy just can’t catch a break… #F :sob:

edit, aaand now i’m starting all the way from ep1, this better has to make sense some freakin how, like an easteregg, or small glimpse or brief hint of wtf they are doing when they opted for that cliffhanger setup… :triumph:


I see you didn’t take it particularly well either.


Limited time only


taking a break from rewatching RE:Zero with the KonoSuba movie, and it just has me in tears from like 5mins in :rofl: :joy: good stuff, might even actually be better than entire s2 if this keeps up


Did they change the ending?

Well, I guess I will have to watch it then.

I still remember back in 2016 when I was the only one in my circle that thought this is an awesome anime, and the bad reviews pouring out from media. It felt like kinda a precious hidden gem for me personally.:joy:

So glad to hear that there is a sequel coming up too.:v:

And damn, the moment I saw the pic in the post, I felt my heart stopped for a sec…


:thinking: you need a better spehere then, or at least “educate” them
RE:zero is amazing and fantastic, :+1: :triumph:

only annoying part is the “RE:” -makes it highly confusing to tell animes apart when they all use that starter title, making you think they might be linked :smile:


I tried XD. They just couldn’t survive through the painful process mid season.:joy:


Yep, I thought re creators was a sequel when I first heard it.:joy:

I also think RE0 is the one who started all these RE titles?


Re:zero has more character development and plot going for in 10 episodes than Black Clover does in 150 (and i like Black Clover), that alone should be more than enough to keep someone watching, add that it looks freaking gorgeous, doesn’t pull any punches etc and it’s just all around great
my only gripes with the show is that Subaru is a bit dense despite everything, which seems oddly out of character, and Emilia is a bit too docile/underdeveloped, but i’m assuming that will change “eventually”, otherwise it’s bloody stellar, heck Minase Inori and Rem alone makes it an 11/10 show :blush:


Yeah, I shared the feeling when watching it. But I heard Subaru will get better in the next chapter (season 2?), so that actually helped me quite a bit.

And yep, that kinda make me prefer Rem than Emilia in some extent.:yum:


They’re both just unbearably cute and I don’t know that I agree Emilia is under developed. Rem gets a lot more “real” screen time where as so much of the parts featuring Emilia happens in parts that gets Re:done, she only gets a couple of days of “real” time and most of that time Subaru runs things behind the scenes for her and she doesn’t get to know much of what’s going on.

I think the series actually handles that issue very well as it makes it very clear at several points that she doesn’t understand a lot of what Subaru is on about and how can she? He has Re:Lived several weeks of time with them that they have no knowledge of and he can’t tell them about it.

Meanwhile she’s also very much a sheltered noble woman type character who has a lot of things done for her by everyone around her, though she is certainly a capable person in her own right. I imagine she has a lot on her plate to take care of but wouldn’t make for very good watching. While she does not change much over the course of the first season I find that her character is very well portrayed and kind of much of the point is that we don’t want to change her, we want to protect her.

There’s one thing that does bother me about the series and that’s the “archbishop of sloth” I fucking hate that dumb ass characters. Up until that point we had a really nice and pretty serious fantasy anime and then you drop a villain from fucking One Piece or something on me? The hell is this shit? It’s such a weird jarring break to the flow of the series in my opinion, would have preferred a far more serious villain.