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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


Watched some Witcher on Netflix. It has its problem, but overall it is still quite enjoyable. :slight_smile:


I feel like this is seriously underrated gem. Just watched it and loved it.


Just found something completely wild!



No idea how no one has posted this already ;]


This one is really something, especially when you look at the real story behind it.


Listened to this while I was doing paperwork at work earlier today (Should be a whole playlist)


Ahh someone else who knows of SKYND! Yasss :yum:


Stay safe, stay healthy :wink:


Watching #BlackAF. Its a great show. :+1:


Also, listening to some Rachid Taha and Khaled.


I can’t help but sharing this. The first part is just on fire :star_struck:



Made my way into some old Weird Al tracks this morning and got stuck listening to his polka medleys again, because they’re just plain good medleys and pretty catchy music at that. He’s done a good number of them so here’s a small selection.



Just checking…you’re familiar with Blood Tsunami aren’t you?

I’m just listening to their debut album, Thrash Metal, and thought of you…



Plugging Queensryche and probably my favorite cover of Scarborough Fair ever:


Slowly addicted to this song day by day…


Just watched the latest episode of DuckTales (2017).

very slight spoilers

And oh my gosh, the meeting between Donald Duck and Daisy was so cute. :sob: :blush:


Let me know how you feel :point_up_2::wink:


so someone done did try apeing KonoSuba? :thinking: not bad Cygames, not bad
i’m thoroughly into Princess Connect! Re:Dive, just my type of silly fantasy shazz, and i’m, so far, totally loving the complete braindead MC :rofl:, and dang i hope to see more of those doggos from ep1 :joy:


This man is a beast…well all of them are but this is what i call THE drumming. It’s not that he just plays his part to keep the rhythm , rest of instruments just melts into his drumming.