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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?



Space Rock from Poland.


Finished watching Crazy Rich Asians.
Well, I wasn’t crazy about these rich Asians, that’s for sure.
Perhaps the themes of cultural identity and the hardships doesn’t resonate to me as much given my area growing up, which for Asian Americans would mean a lot for them, but in Asian countries it is less impressive perhaps. I thought it was a boring movie that could’ve been a smart commentary on wealth and culture. The second half was at least trying to do something but the first is mostly PARTAY-ing. Besides living in a country that isn’t so willing to accept Asians as a regular part of life and if you want a form of escapism with food and beautiful Asian people (which you can look online anyway with just as much satisfaction), I don’t really recommend it.


sooo, kingdom got a season 3 ? :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
… well guess it only did take like 6 fn years to happen, but i guess in “anime renewal time” that’s nothing :expressionless:


I’m listening to this master piece


I’m watching a ton of stuff on Doggerland, pretty interesting stuff! Here’s the first video I began:


listening to a repetitive song on repeat… :thinking::+1:


I’m quite a fan of a few of their songs, like:


One of the best OP/ED in my mind. Recommend playback speed: 1.25

Only takes 12 seconds (0:12 - 0:24) to give you a feel of the past of a character.


i think the OP is about 150x better than the ED, then again the OP was just absolutely smashing imo, and surprisingly very fitting to the opening trailer too

talking about OP’s, i’m very much enjoying the OP from this new season’s Tower of God


There’s so many great op/eds out there, plenty of bland pointless shit as well but here’s a few of my top favourites.

Fhána’s Op to Kobayashi’s dragon maid is amazing in how it just exudes happiness. It was a great pick for this anime which also happens to be the best slice of life series ever made.

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia an overall above average anime which stood out to me because of it’s really strong use of colour themes, it’s just a joy to look at. Its Op isn’t bad either.

Opening to Death parade is another high energy song that tends to lift my mood as well. The anime is good but a bit odd, but then that’s when anime is at it’s best.

A bit different to the others in being a bit melancholy, I find it very relaxing and pleasant to listen to. Jigoku shoujo (hell girl) is an interesting long running series about a cadre of Japanese specters taking freelance requests cursing people and dragging them to hell.

And finally to top this off, can’t leave out


stiiill waiting for season 2… :triumph: -i needz moar Kanna :heart_eyes:
:expressionless: … sucks what happened to those guys/the studio, fn messed up, selfish anime desires aside


We already have the best OP of the year…


Gotta add another kind of honourable mention because of being not only a nice swinging beat but how well it’s made to fit the anime it’s attached to, it’s just a fun ED to watch.

Tonari no seki-kun series of short episodes about a kid in school playing around and the girl next to him getting annoyed about it.


Watching animes like Death Parade or Hell Girl gives me a special kind of mood that I personally enjoy very much. Similar titles are Kagewani and Junji Ito Collection (please make a sequel :pray:)

And man, the last op feels really good to me. The Monogatari series has been sitting in my watch list for a long while now, but I’m sure I will finish it one day XD



I was waiting for the season to finish. I’m sure I will give it a try very soon :wink:


Seems to be very fun, another gonna-watch this month(year). Thanks for sharing :+1:


SAO is famed for its OP/EDs. And this time they were making it bigger with huge production (budget).

Also this one:

First take version: (one of the all-time bests imo)

And here is a piano cover that I favor the most:(especially the 12:32 - 14:50 part)

Another awesome first take from Lisa. I actually got stoned the first time I listened.


A very good OP from Dororo (which would have been promising with larger budgets)

And the as always astonishing First Take version:

Ohh, why am I posting these much videos XD


Can’t we just rename it to the anime intro thread? Or even move it to one lol. As for me personally I don’t have faves since I went off anime long ago. If you ask me personally the Dragon Ball intros have a special place in my heart since its the only anime I spent time to understand the lore somewhat. I may do so another time for another anime but not now. OG Dragon Ball intro sells the adventurous aspect while being whimsical, which is a good summation pre Saiyan saga. Dragon Ball is rather mainstream so I’m not sure if this one will be as well received. (sorry for the cropped video)

Hounorable mention goes to DBGT and DBS (second) as well.

maybe this just proves I’m a basic person who likes basic things idk