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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?



Yes! It’s one of the best OP in my mind :beers:




Mind the language here, folks. :relaxed:





@Enki ahaha that’s great :joy:






I just watched Onward.

Why did I watch it? :expressionless: it was definitely a Pixar quality movie.


So you didn’t like it?


@choujiacheng It was an incredible movie, but it was sad, and sad makes me…sad. :frowning:

Rewatching Umbrella Academy, because I’m hyped for S2. :sweat_smile:


Oh sorry I thought you didn’t like cause of the emoticon. I’m glad you were also able to enjoy this movie as I did. The ending didn’t make me too sad, but I almost cried so there’s that.
Idk the last time media made me cry was Won’t You Be My Neighbor?


I have watched Lighthouse and High Life lately , both with Robert Pattinson. Recently it seems that he’s trying really hard to shake off ‘sparkling vampire’ image and star in a lot of avant garde movies like those two.

I have already expressed some of my opinions on Lighthouse in this very thread ( i think so at least , maybe different one ) but now i have watched ‘High Life’ and i’m lost.

It’s one of those movies which is very highly rated among critics but didint seem to make much connection with the audiences and after watching it i can relate. While it has very interesting ideas and imagery the whole movie is … trying to much to be deep i would say.

It’s hard to watch at times, a bit gross ( really gross at some scenes ) and for me really shouts ’ I’m ART say it in Ralph Wiggum voice ’ .

Did i like ? No. Did i hate it? Also no. It’s just your avant garde movie number x . It has good ideas, strong visual style but at the same time it tries to be Eraser Head and Space Oddisey too much in my opinion and and doesnt really deliver for me.


I hear Robert Pattinson denounced Twilight even in interviews of said movie if I hear correctly. So he’s already self aware on that front anyway if true. The Batman could be the one that helps his redemption onto the mainstream, unless it turns out to be as sloppy as the DCEU’s previous films.


I don’t know if you guys understand, but Cedric Diggory died.


I love watching these sorts of things on Youtube.



So I finally watched Kung Fu Hustle, and hoo boy that was a trip. On one hand, it was a mix of silly and over the top kung fu I can get behind. On the other, it felt like a bit too much. Overall I really liked it, and with it being on netflix it was worth the watch.