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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


Kanye West is one of if not the best talent to come out post 1999. You can not like his music, that is fine, but you can’t deny he is an influential, adored and successful artist.


Just saw this guy perform live, he’s a fantastic musician and a good entertainer too… It was just amazing.


Me: OK, I really need some help to stop listening to music. (google “Why I Gave Up on Music”)

Google: try this

Me: Hmm… (click replay)

(P.S. Honestly one of those covers I’d consider better than the original)



So the second season of Altered Carbon is out and boy did it improve a lot. My thoughts on the first season was that it was just kinda mediocre. The second season took the cool elements of the show and really kicked it up.
I have yet to see the anime prequel but I can definitely recommend the show now.


I just finished some forgotten DLC for World of Keflings and now we’re trying to get going on Don’t Starve Together after dropping it for almost a year. Our 1 year old isn’t cool with it lol


Phenomenal stoner rock from Greece and i also had a pleasure to see them live couple of years ago in Vilnius.


I watched the latest episode of Star Trek: Picard. It was interesting. :slight_smile:


Don’t know why I can’t stop listening to this song

I bet it’s something about those lyrics, but can’t put my finger on why :stuck_out_tongue:


List of stuff I watched during this period:

  • Onward: a great Pixar film that sadly doesn’t get as much love as I thought it would have. It is definitely on par with their other films imo but I can sort of see why people aren’t attached to it (namely Barley played by Chris Pratt who does the thing people don’t really like about him which I personally don’t mind). Still worth a look now that it is available VOD in the US at least along with that Trolls sequel that should be in cinemas.
  • Captain America: The First Avenger: a fun war adventure movie. I personally enjoyed it immensely in spite of the simplistic than usual story. I suppose it wants to homage the films of yesteryear, though it does becomes rather dark once the ending hits, which is a major spoiler but I’m sure most of you here knows. It’s one of my favourite endings I’ve seen in a movie (yes I’m serious).
  • Blair Witch: pretty alright but a cool experiment in film making. Didn’t care for the characters but the atmosphere is at least commendable especially the limited budget the movie had ($60000 or $93,161.34 according to an inflation calculator for 2020 standards is damn cheap for a movie). It admittedly fails in being realistic with the whole camera thingy but it otherwise do a good job at it.
  • The Owl House: only watched the first episode and partially the second one but from what I saw was pretty good. I kind of see similarities between Amphibia and this one, namely the protagonist going to a new world outside their own and sleeping for the night waking up to embrace back their reality only to not be back at said reality. However it ends in superficial similarities thankfully. Could be interesting.

Also began a downward spiral on listening to Jpop music, although it’s the known stuff like Hatsune Miku and so on. You can blame Bandori GBP for that.


I just finished season 3 of Ozark on Netflix.

All I can say is…wow.


I just found out Impulse has been cancelled. I loved it so much. Hopefully Black Spot won’t also be cancelled. They were two of my most favorite shows. If it is, it’ll sit there with Firefly… :frowning:

Anyhow, rewatching Avatar:The Last Airbender. It was such a charming show…wish we could have more of it.


Well, there is Legend of Korra. But some people have been vocally disappointed of it so I figure you didn’t like it much, maybe hate it.


I loved Avatar: The Last Airbender! :grin:


Yes, I’ve seen it. With the exception of Kuvira, I didn’t really like the show. The beautiful charm of the original was completely lost in Korra.


Well I hear shows like Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, etc. are rather well made. I haven’t watched much of either but I can agree that they are of high quality. Regular Show is also great but it isn’t what you’d like probably.


I’m listening to the album Thanks To You Song. It’s good.


Love her voice right from the beginning. Feels like YUI and definitely brings some comfort to my heart. Especially under this kinda “depressive” situation for us.


My :beers: to refresh the day.


You just reminded me of the song she did that was used in fullmetal alchemist.