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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


These men are super cool! :XD I love this song. ^^


Some music for y’all, :two_hearts:

YouTube recommended this music video to me. It’s weird, but I kinda like it.

This song started playing regularly on my local radio station last month and I love it.


Trying a new show. I probably won’t like it, as I don’t like musicals or such. It is called Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. A programmer who (seemingly) doesn’t like music one day receives the ability to hear people’s thoughts through music.

I like weird, and I like this.


I love musicals so I’m going to have to check this out.


Currently reading Brave New World by Aldous Huxley written in 1931.

It’s horrifying, and a great read so far.


Just watched all of Deadly Class, quite the fun show but it ends on a cliffhanger where everything has gone to shit. And it’s cancelled ofc.

Speaking of things that ended less great. Mr. Robot finished a little while ago and while ending wasn’t bad I’m really not down with it.

Oh and the new season of The Expanse wasn’t great either. They just sat on an empty planet while the annoying politician took the lead role.

Everything sucks today


Watching a cartoon called Infinity Train, made by the guy who made Regular Show. It follows a 13 yr girl, Tulip, stuck on a seemingly never ending train trying to find her way back home. Each car on the train opens to a new universe. So far it is pretty funny, and I really love the animation. A shame the episodes are so short though.


Well, not “exactly” (at least in the traditional sense), but he did work on it. Regular Show is one of my favourites in the 2010s so I’m happy those who did that was able to elevate to great work. Sucks that JG Quintel’s next show Close Enough is in release limbo at the moment, it looks a lot like Regular Show but with just humans this time and more adult. I do think Regular Show might work just as well as an adult series, so its great that he’s given the freedom to be more crude than what Regular Show was.

A curse of CN programming it seems. That and it is a miniseries I suppose, but I don’t know about that part.
I heard the series is really good though. Maybe I’ll give it a shot some day especially with its shorter than usual amount of episode. Speaking of miniseries, did you also check out Over the Garden Wall? Again, I haven’t seen much but I did watch a few episodes and liked it overall.


Right now I’m reading The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.


I absolutely love the animation in this video. I have since I was a kid. The music is pretty cool too. :slight_smile:


How about this…

(I’m sure I posted it before, but it’s still great so why not repeat myself…this sort of stuff gives me goosebumps)

Bonus content


Both awesome. :heart: Thanks so much. These are new to me. ^^


So i’ve just finished watching that new Mini Series on Netflix ‘Dracula’ and what a way to ruin a show . It has 3 episodes,each at lenght of a movie so ~ 1h 30min . I just loved first episode ( mind that it’s mostly Bram Stoker’s Dracula so you know what will happen ) , i liked second one ( mostly like a book i think ? ) and i just hated last one . Show ended so … it was just stupid and it totally ruined whole thing for me.





I’m watching the latest episode in the Arrowverse (DUDE), for the Crisis on Infinite Earths in prep, and GUESS WHAT


The Flash from DCEU GUYS. What is this connected universe?! I’m so confused right now at how awesomely connected everything is. The DC content from the streaming platform? Connected to the Arrowverse. CW shows? Connected. DCEU movies? Connected.

I just re-fell in love with CW.


Just finished the next episode.




I’m officially fangirling right now!


Just watched the Ni No Kuni anime movie on Netflix. It was okay, but I think what undermined it was the typical anime themes which aren’t associated to the movies the Studio is known for. If it were more like the games, or avoided some of those tropes, I think it would have been even better. Still, the plot was very interesting.

I’m giving it a 3.5/5.


I’ve just watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame from Disney not too long ago. It is as good as it is built up to be, so I’m happy with that. I think Beauty and the Beast is probably the best in the Renaissance but it is still a great movie. It only couldn’t elevate to heights due to the bad tonal shifts it has. Like, in the scene where Quasimodo finally goes out of the open and is humiliated, it jumps to a slapstick sequence during Esmeralda’s escape, which then it switches back to be like the latter, which is incredibly jarring. And to top things off, it pretty much acts like that escape sequence was added in last minute or hastily put in there to keep a G rating or else suffer the profit losses of the… PG rating! The crowd was on Esmeralda’s side on the treatment of Quasimodo, yet they acted like that sequence never happened? I think the stage show that was based off the Disney version fixed this by having the crowd boo Esmeralda instead, which is what it should’ve been ugh.
There are sequences like these before and later, but none come to mind as much as that alone. I will defend the Gargoyles, though, if only because I have a high tolerance of crap + I can imagine Duckman losing to a bird. That one line is memed on for a while, so I laugh at the thought of it every time.
But yeah, if you want your Disney films to be a little darker than usual that is actually good, consider watching this movie.


“I haven’t been living…I’ve been waiting to die!”

ST-Picard, Episode One


@onLooSe Not sure if you are into Black Metal but these guys were pretty sick . Sadly after tragic death of their frontman they’ve spilt up.


I watched a new Netflix animated show (2D, which is way better than 3D!) called Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts and I really, really liked it. It was weird because it was sort of a musical too, but the art and expressions were amazing, and I loved the direction and the characters. Oh, and the world! I can’t wait for S2…well hopefully it gets a S2.


It’s getting plenty of love in the cartoon community so most probably it would.