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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


I don’t really see that comparison, but irrespective it’s just a bit overlong and lacking narrative.


I dont know how to do spoilers in this site so if you want to watch the movie dont read any further …



but basically you have Pattison’s character trying to reach forbidden fire which was the up lighthouse and then he did he was punished in very same way Prometheus was punished for his crime of stealing the fire, being eaten alive by birds,his insides being pecked.



I see how you got there, I just don’t see any real depth to the similarity. It’s just not there for me…



I see your one hit wonder and raise you one boy band. WARNING: the male brunette is made of jello.


you want boy bands, oh dear, i’ll give you boy bands!

i might totally absolutely definitely possibly “not” have have listened to some of these 90’s boy bands on repeat a lot lately :yum:

and on that note, BTS who? :thinking:


@Gnuffi Cheetos and boy bands - both cheesy and corny guilty pleasures. :stuck_out_tongue: #cheesencornforthewin


Finished The Mandalorian - if you watch episodes 1,2,3, 7 and 8 it’s a solid 8 out of 10 for me. However, if you decide to watch the filler episodes (4,5 and 6) you lose 2 points, maybe even 3. Don’t do it to yourself…

Can I raise the stakes…(this is sooo bad)…

and (i have to edit this in) back to the boys

and this is what I'm actually listening to


ah yes… the Mmmbop days. >> Never heard of Tribe of Shampoo though - that was actually a fun song. Will edit after I listen to your current thing. ^^ Cheesy start to the new year = joy.

Edit: @xist I love the sound but I suspect there were words that I couldn’t understand - that always weirds me out. O_o


I’ve just finished watching Terrifier . Sort of Indie Horror movie which while fully embraces it’s own ridiculousness still manages to be pretty , wait for it, terrifying at times even for someone as desensitized to horror as me.


The Dracula show on Netflix is pretty darn good. A shame it is a miniseries.


Sister Agatha is just too awesome. I love the way she disses Dracula. What a comedic smart ass wearing the Cloth. :joy: the fact that they ended up making her a Van Helsing was just the icing on the cake.

However, despite liking the series, I really didn’t like how it ended. Big disappointment. If they hadn’t made it a miniseries, this could have been an incredible series. A long line of van Helsings battling Dracula, trying to find his weaknesses (or figure out the whys). That would have been awesome. Sort of like Van Helsing (sy-fy show) but far more series and higher quality.

Overall, for the first few episodes and Sister Agatha, I’m giving it a 4/5.


Yea… um, miss me with the clown. O_O. Happy you enjoyed it though. ^^


Britpop was such an amazing time for music in the UK…so many, many, many bands…the nostalgia is very real…

Name that motif

(just going to edit this in here because even when this song came out people were…hmmmmm…)


A bit of history.


Watching Tremors for, gosh, I don’t know, the hundredth time since it came out?

I aspire to be like Burt and Heather—fully prepared for an apocalypse, governmental takeover, Earthly demise, or even giant man eating worms. Complete with a basement that has a wall covered with all sorts of badass weaponry. :joy:

Burt: Broke into the wrong goddamn rec room didn’t you, you bastard?!


Dude! I love Tremors! :slight_smile: Think I’ve found most movies that feature sandworms :heart:


I’m reading a manga about a boy in the eighteenth century Tibet, training to be a doctor in his village. He learns one day a merchant walking in is carrying on his back a bride, and that he stops at his household, not just for a visit, but because the bride is meant for him.

The manga is called Tenju no Kuni. It is pretty good. And I do enjoy reading or watching things about foreign cultures, however I can get them. A small glimpse into another world is always amazing. :relaxed:


It still gets me. The vocals are so beautiful, so dramatic…so sad. :disappointed_relieved:


Mailorder brides are apparently an older thing than I first imagined.



Arranged, but in Tibet the father would carry them on their back, some sort of custom I think. :thinking: it is tough finding that sort of info online.



Japanese grandpas playing Metal. Why not?