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The funny thing about the show [Witcher] is that the audiences love it, but the idiotic and worthless critics don’t like it (and yet like the new lore breaking Star Wars trash). It is really telling. I hate “journalists”, think they’re opinions are the end all be all and act so high and mighty. :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

small rant (using spoilers)

The critics [ugh, IGN, there, I’m gonna say it lol] say it was incoherent in its ability to tell the audience it was shifting in time, but how can you be more clear than in one episode kill a character (the queen of Cintra) and then later have her walk around, alive, multiple times? Not only this, walking around with a daughter she had mentioned before dying herself that had DIED during a voyage? :laughing: if that’s not enough indication that the show is shifting through time, Ciri clearly mentions that her grandmother won her first battle at her age and then flashback to Geralt, he states “calanthe just won her first battle”. Or how about Geralt discussing, numerous times, his “child of surprise” in past tense and how long ago it was? :rofl:

The inability to latch onto context and pay attention to detail doesn’t mean it isn’t there or doesn’t make sense. It just means the people at IGN (and whatnot) didn’t pay attention or get it. That is all.

Tons of people who have never even played the games or read the books had no problem understanding this, as evident by the countless tweets going back and forth in relevant hashtags not understanding why others couldn’t get it or why people thought the time jumping made no sense. Or heck, why they’re now picking up the games for the first time.

It really infuriates me that these people are paid big bucks to write these things, and can effectively be the end of shows with their articles or the push to save others. :sweat_smile:

Anyhow…as for the 8 episode order, Netflix actually does that very frequently. The budget usually only calls for safe order of it. They did it for Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Black Spot etc. Very rarely do live action series that reach 10 episode orders unless they’re comedic or something.

I think if they had been given 10 episodes it wouldn’t have really mattered. They still would have gone with the jumping time POVs to tell the juggling huge timeline portrayed in the books of “season 1”. It won’t be a thing, I think, for S2 because there’s no need for it as its more condensed into a singular area of time.

Oh, and I’m rewatching S1 of Westworld. I really loved how powerful it was, and how beautifully it was executed, so it is about time I give it another go. :slight_smile:


my point about 8 being too few wasn’t that i wanted 10, well i would have loved 2 extra ofc, but more that i wanted the network “year’s” amount of 20-24 episodes :yum:
call me greedy, but when i like something i just want a ton of it :blush:


Oh, I was just talking about the Netflix various formats, didn’t mean to make it seem like I was replying that bit to anyone in particular. :relaxed: It is just saw it brought up and it got me thinking (a loud) about it and how it could work for Witcher.


my hankering for Ryan Reynolds did not disappoint, i enjoyed it too :blush: and i’m not gonna be ashamed of that
it’s a stupid action movie, and stupid action movies can be awesome sometimes, especially to just switch your mind off to and enjoy the spectacle being along for the ride

my main problem with the movie, which is just so common these days in action flics, is Michael Bay’s seizure inducing style of editing.
(Constant quick cuts should be exercised from hollywood, it’s an abomination even more pronounced when in action scenes.)
And ofc his weird fetish for magnesium fireworks instead of actual impactful explosions.
otherwise good cast, good fun, nice stupid stunts and action, jezz did i snort and laugh along the way :smile:


I’m guessing If I haven’t played through the Witcher 3 yet I should probably do that before watching the TV show? Or not mandatory for enjoyment?


You are actually better off not knowing much about witcher before watching the series because more you know, more you will notice difference and inconsistencies in tv show and at least for me they bothered me too much.


The show is based off of the books (such as The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny) which is canon, so you have absolutely no issue skipping Witcher 3 (which is not canon to the books, but takes the books as canon). At all. So it isn’t necessary to play.

My sisters have never touched either the books or the games (despite me trying xD), and loved every minute of it and had no problem following it. Tons of people who haven’t played the games or read the books watched it just fine (hence the 80k resurgence on Steam, tons of new players), it is just some couldn’t

slight spoiler?

understand they were skipping time until the end (of which I noticed they admitted they either weren’t paying attention to dialogue or never watched non-linear shows before so take that as you will).

Lastly, the books/games and the show are two different identities. They are not meant to be the same things, never were. Sure, if you read the books you’ll be able to know how it’ll all end, but the show takes creative liberties and changes a few things (so the journey is different anyhow), so you will be completely safe just watching the show if that is all you want to do. If you play Witcher 3, it will have absolutely no impact on how you see the show. Whatsoever. You’ll find you’ll have a great time playing a wonderful game, and probably come to appreciate the characters you see (even more?), but that’s it.


So i just finished watching Ad Astrum and… it’s so bad. It butchers science so much i feel a need to slap it’s director in a face and as a human drama it’s also not very deep.

It tries really hard to be next Interstellar .


That’s some good stuff. Especially Offspring, always excellent.


Watching the Messiah. I really hope it is leaning toward a godly like message instead of a con. It would be a nice change of pace. Regardless though, I do like the message it is trying to get out through the Messiah even if he ends up being a con (haven’t finished the show yet). It is a shame what divides people.


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good morning everyone, lets have something and start this day off great, and hopefully not have today suck :+1:


I finished the Messiah. It was definitely really good. It probably won’t be something really hard core religious fanatics dig (you know, people who can’t stand things made about religion) or anti-religious people like, but I thought it was really good. I hope we get a S2.


Still in the middle of Witcher season 1, I really need to just hunker down and finish it. I’m loving it so far, and rejoicing because it’s now overtaken the Mandolorian as the Number one streaming show right now. Bodes well for continued seasons.

Also my wife and I sat down and watched Twilight for the first time for both of us. It was… yeah. Any good scenes were immediately followed by bad acting and directing choices. Surprisingly interesting, but if I’d gone in theaters to watch it when I was younger I probably would have come out disappointed.


My poor soul after being forced to watch the entire Twilight trilogy in a evening…

…I for one, do not think that I ever fully recovered from that traumatic experience.


We spread it out over 2 nights, it made the whole experience much more enjoyable


I watched The Lighthouse recently, which, well if you like slow burning arty horror unease films then go for it…personally not for me…Dafoe was good though.

Also, halfway through The Mandalorian (lttp I know)…it’s surprisingly great!…I take it back a little, just finished episode 6 and the past three episodes have been kinda bad…especially the sixth one itself…seems like the Favreau episodes (i think he did the first three) have been good, and the others have been not so good. It’s been downhill, so i hope 7 and 8 redeem the show.


On the flip side, bestie and I used to watch a series called Lucifer. It was really good - until they introduced a ‘mother’ character. After that, the punch of the series just kind of faded. The actor playing the lead is really good though. I think the writing went too pop culture. shrug


It;s really metaphorical . I think it’s mostly inspired by myth of Prometheus and few other Greek myths mixed in for a good measure.