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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


It’s totally understandable, they are completely the opposite of doom metal on the speed :smiley:. I always get back to them though… probably my all time favorite band and my first tattoo, like 13 years ago, is the first album cover art of “Something Wild”.


Oh,nostalgic. I really love well placed synthesizer piano ( or how’s this called ) in Metal.


Can’t beat the change that occurs at around 3:45 in this one though…one of my favourite albums of all time…

(video set a timestamp around 3 mins in for your viewing convenience…)


nothing specific, just “reasons”, no good reasons really and also used as a sort of “not here” sign with everything going on

i found season 1 to be absolutely dreadful and overall just horrible in so many areas
is season 2 even remotely worth a peak with that perception going in?


Honestly, if you thought S1 was dreadful—and I understand why—you probably won’t like S2. Though it would help to understand why you thought so, so that I may tell you if it improved in some areas. If it was the overwhelming corniness and improbable situations that always seemed to follow the family around, and stuff like that? Then no, in that regard, it didn’t improve.


yea this was a major part of it, i mean aside from the awful acting, charaters, writing it was just bog full of one mindnumbing ex-machina struggle after another, i had so many facepalm moments in season 1 i think i might have made an indentation in my forehead
fuel eating eels people…
in a mountain top glacier…


Poor things must have been starving.


I’m a giant emotional mess when it comes to films about animals…watched Togo today…I was sobbing at every slightly sad part…


La Dispute catalogue is currently PWYW (all proceeds go to charity)


I watched it too… you should… and so should Michael Bay /s

I can see what your saying here, its a switch your mind off movie, but it was just went all different directions in a bad way and was too long for what it was taking the fun out of it for me.

In my opinion his unique charm and wit is the only thing that makes this movie tolerable, without him it would just be a mess of a movie.

The movie is kind of like a sparkler, its all flashy and enjoyable at the start and you wave it around, then its still going and you like “i’m bored of this, it can only do one thing, i got my fun out of this how much longer till your done?”, and then you have reached the end of it it goes out in a fizzle and your happy its finished.

So i have watched a few movies while on holiday (sorry if someone else has mentioned these I may have missed the convos about them)

I watched Star Wars - Rise of Skywalker:
I have mentioned before here how I didn’t much enjoy the Last Jedi and you can look for the posts above, but the last Jedi is okay and just okay. It seems like it was a bit of a salvage mission from JJ Abrams, trying to tie up loose ends from the first movie and largely ignoring the second one, but it was fine but nothing special. I won’t go into more details for spoilers sake.

I also watched Jojo Rabbit:
This was a very different movie, to me its like a lighter and more comedic Parasite, its something you go into without needing to know much about and just enjoy it for what it is, it is a comedy at heart but has a great story at the backbone of it. I thought from the first 30 minutes or so it was going to go to hard to the comedy side of things but it doesn’t downplay the importance of the events surrounding it. Since I have made the comparison to Parasite I will say this is far less subtle in its meaning and has far less symbolism, but I still think its quite a special movie that people should see.



I miss it.


netflix sucks :triumph:
… only 8 episodes of Witcher?! ?!



Starting a new Netflix series, foreign too (as I like 'em lol). It is Turkish, and is called Atiye (The Gift). Hopefully it is good. I need more foreign Netflix shows darn it. :laughing:


You think that’s bad? Castlevania released only 4 episodes when it first premiered.
BTW not saying that it is bad, just that I want to inform you that Netflix had pulled it off before. I guess they see it as a taster, like if you need improvements and all that I suppose. Or whatever, idk man.


haha i know, it’s one of the things i hate about netflix productions they are always short seasons, and they usually cancel productions fast/after few seasons, even if popular, which sucks.
i’m hoping witcher last beyond the curse of 2 seasons, but i’m also not holding out hope it’s gonna last much longer than that
:crossed_fingers: if they axe it early that someone picks up the rights and continue


Tuca and Bertie flashbacks incoming


I suspect that the Witcher doesn’t have enough mass appeal, we already see that with the critical reception. The uninitiated seemed to have had a hard time following what was going on, since they had no prior idea of the importance of events of characters.

To some extent the show fails to establish those things itself and maybe relies too much on their audience already knowing. On the other hand they follow the (first) books which are largely a collection of short stories so up to this point it’s mostly been a patchwork of those stories. In my opinion they did a good job tying all that together, but I still fear it does require the glue of familiarity to make enough sense.

I think season 1 was successful enough on brand hype alone, s2 is going to be the deciding challenge where we see if they manage to keep the people who didn’t care about the franchise before or not.


Take for example the dragon hunt, that story is basically about how Geralt first meets Yarpen Zigrin but the show treats him like a minor side character and we’re barely encouraged to learn his name. He’s a fairly important recurring character, he’s kind of a decently big deal. Instead the show treats that whole story as Geralt just running into Yenn again, which of course is part of it, just not the only point. There’s also the Crinfid reavers in that episodes who deserves better development and screentime.


well i feel like that’s also the fault of the format they chose
i struggled with keeping track of the different timelines in a fair few episodes too the way they jumbled it together without any actual transition/“notification”, was almost like a feel of “you have to know these important people/their story in advance” to keep up
which i imagine can be a hell of a lot more confusing for someone that knows even less or absolutely nothing about the witcher prior