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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?



Recursion by by Blake Crouch. Imagine having the Time stone and being able to change lives/events in history. The catch is the memories from a different timeline will suddenly go into the consciousness of the people affected and chaos/confusion ensues.

The person uses a chair and can choose to go back to a specific memory or event. I do not want to spoil the plot, but this is a must read for Sci-fi and time travel fans.





Watched Altered Carbon a little while back while I was on this scifi marathon. It was interesting but it was on such a smale scale. Like seriously you’re in the space age yet it all felt like it took place on the same street.

Also just got done with Westworld and I have very mixed feelings about it. None of the characters were all that great and it was all jumbled up mess. But it did have some very cool plot twists and I kinda look forward to next season.
Have any of you seen the old 70’s movies it’s based on? Are they worth watching?


Still to watch season 2 of WW. I did enjoy S1. The 70’s movie was quite good for its time but no where near the recent TV incarnation. The story is there. Not tried AC. Just my tuppence worth.


Yeah I watched Parasite not too long ago, I enjoyed the other stuff I have seen from the director (namely Snowpiercer, Okja and The Host). I enjoyed it, but I don’t think it will be for everyone, its one of those ones you have to go into and pay attention or your miss the point, lot of subtle referencing and social commentary (as I guess he seems to do with most of his films). I guess you could watch on a surface level and not be engaged in what is happening but I am not sure what the experience would be, its a very different movie that’s hard to define as it kind of morphs as it goes.


Blew my mind when I saw this movie - watch it if you haven’t, it’s an amazing film (I watched it on Netflix, it’s still up there!)


I’ll probably give the movies a pass then. I’m not that invested in the series.

Today I watched Wayne. Just really dumb non stop action. Tons of really likable characters, even the dumb redneck antagonists had depth to them.
I really hope it gets a contiunuation but with Youtube originals kinda dying out it might never happen.


I just watched the season finale of Titans.

Spoilers but I HAVE to rant.


advance at your own peril

Last warning

Donna god damn Troy was killed off…by electrocution. At the end of the episode. Holding up a carnival equipment thing. Donna Troy. An Amazon and magical replicate of Diana (Wonder Woman) was electrocuted by carnival equipment, of which she could barely lift and sustain such electrocution to safely put it down or something.


I mean if you REALLY wanted to kill Donna off that bad, you had a mind controlled Conner / Super Boy RIGHT THERE. It would have served as such a juicy plot for him later on too, because so guilt ridden that he had killed Donna under the Cadmus influences. But no. Donna was done in by electrocution. :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:


Girls’ Last Tour is probably the first time where i didn’t want another season. It just feels like there is no way that has a happy ending :weary:, so i’m fine with how it left off

now to find something new to watch :thinking:


I really didn’t like Snowpiercer…felt like it was trying to emulate a Pythonesque (read Gilliam) style but just didn’t know how to do it. Perhaps it was just the transition from word to screen, but it really didn’t work for me.

I’m currently digging around for good covers…this is great…


I really cant understand what’s all the fuss is about as well. I remember seeing it just after it was released and i was like ‘what the …’ most of the movie. Nothing made any sense .


Yeah, not everyone enjoyed Snowpiercer. To me it was amazing, to others it was an eh-bad movie (as with everything, everyone has their own separate opinion).

A bit off topic, but did anyone watch the new YouTube Rewind? I thought it was a pretty lazily built video.


I have now. Yeah that was just a real lazy compilation… but I can at least appreciate them including Pewds and his wedding (even if they were kind of forced with this setup).
There are some really odd picks there like Ricegum, does a single person like that guy? Most of the others I’ve never even heard of, they could be good for all I know.
Rewind is always a reminder that I just watch a small corner of youtube and most people I follow are nobodies by comparison.


I personally don’t care about YT Rewind all too much, at this point it will be the same tales of Youtubers no one knows much of or even like, how they missed out some events and Youtubers and how corporate YouTube has become. It’s like The Simpsons, Family Guy, Spongebob and more where some people might become numb to its seemingly never existent end. I think I will use that mantra for YT Rewind.


I thought the Youtube Rewind was fine. Not great, not terrible, just fine. If this was all they had ever done it wouldn’t have been an issue. But looking at just a few years ago the Rewinds were much better and more creative. They can’t really win unless they take a hard look at themselves for once.

And on the topic of Snowpiercer, I thought parts of it were good, great even. It had some amazing moments. But overall, I disliked the movie as a whole, and felt like it really fell short in some spots.


So yesterday I watched tho movie Knives Out which is kinda like a classic whodunnit movie. It was directed by the guy who directed The Last Jedi (a movie I didn’t really enjoy) and stars a slew of famous people (Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Evans, Ana De Armas, Michael Shannon and so on) and I think it was a really good movie. It is a lot of people talking and explaining the events surrounding a murder, with some flashbacks, but don’t expect a ton of action or chase sequences it’s very much focused on a murder and figuring out who did it and why.
I found the story engaging, like most whodunnits it sets up the crime and the likely suspects early and things to do with the murder happen in slightly crazy and unlikely ways, but unlike most movies in the genre it doesn’t just sprinkle clues found by the investigator which all gets tied together with an exposition dump at the end, but there is some exposition done near the middle of the movie which leaves the story in an interesting spot and makes you wonder where the story will go. I think its an interesting story and I’m not sure how its doing in the box office, but I feel this one will be an under the radar gem.


I personally couldn’t get into Looper because I was bored out of my mind within a few minutes of them talking and stuff, and I liked The Last Jedi as a good, albeit a bit hokey movie in its theatrical run, though I would need to revisit it some day with the flaws taken into consideration.
Personally, I just hope that he does his own things and be successful in it in their own right, whether it be financial or critical.
On a related note, there is a new James Bond trailer that came out. I just so happen to catch it on TV partially, it appears to have Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody, Mr Robot) in it as well. The 007 franchise doesn’t really appeal to me due to its long history (as in it makes the MCU look weak and pathetic, though 007 came first so that’s a given), but I’m sure there’s at least one who is familiar. I have only watched two Bond films: SKyfall and Spectre, neither of which I remember because it’s been ages since I last watched it.


I thought Looper was meh, not because of the talking but because of the way they handled the story and I did get a bit bored with it, I feel the pacing was a bit slow.
I have watched all the Bond movies and yeah I don’t know if you would want to go through all of them, some are dated, some are a bit cheesy and some are just not good, but I still like some of them. Honestly if you wanted to get into bond you could just go from the start of the Daniel Craig run as they kind of rebooted the series from there. I mean you will miss some references here and there and some parts of those movies play off nostalgia but I think its a good jumping on point. The problem is in my opinion Daniel’s run has been hit and miss:
Casino Royale - Very good, worth a watch, that opening parkour sequence is fantastic
Quantum of Solace - Ok if you watch it in tandem with Casino Royale but on its own falls flat
Skyfall - Fantastic and up there with Casino Royale
Spectre - The worst of this bunch, only watched it once, didn’t really like it and felt it had nothing memorable

So it means hes due for a good one but its a continuation of Spectre so my hopes aren’t high.

EDIT: Also Last Jedi I felt just did nothing it was a very “middle of a trilogy” movie that didn’t do much to advance the overall plot (or its own plot for that matter) and after building up some characters in the first movie which I hoped to get backstory on they just killed them off and they then just seemed to have no point in being there.

For the sake of spoilers I will name the characters I am talking about in here and also talk major plot points

Snoak and Phasma, it seemed like they were going to be important characters and then they just die out of nowhere with no character progression. They also seemed to give that Rose character a lot of attention for no particular reason. And the seemingly interesting plot point of who Rey’s parents are fizzles out, though I am guessing it is going to be bought back and resolved in the next movie. Also literally the plot of the movie is running out of time to get away from enemy, people hatch plan to help fix it, go gallivanting on gaming planet, everyone fails their mission, eject pods, lots of people dies and someone smacks the big ship into the other ship which they could have just done from the start because the end of the movie ends up right where they were at the start.