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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


You may, if you haven’t already, like Dark Matter! :slight_smile:


I’ll give it a try! Downloading right now :grin:


…only Season 1 though. :grimacing:


No, there are 3 seasons…and then it gets cancelled because sy-fy is trash. If I had said that, then they would not have tried it! :sweat_smile: it is a wonderful show though. :sunglasses:


Just watched the 2 latest episodes of My Country: The New Age. Shit’s getting real. xD


I’m sorry, but by the end of S3 (or middleish, since I gave up on the show) I was glad it was cancelled. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show shoot itself in the foot so hard, not even Man in the High Castle can reach that claim to fame.

I don’t know what the writers were on by halfway through S2, but I want no part of it.


Even if it had fallen in quality, many shows have and got better. Or worse, never did and went on. Dark Matter should have had the chance to go on and try. One season, or a few episodes if anything, should not have done it in. :frowning:


Eh, I’d say it was more like two seasons. It only takes that long to completely nuke a plot thread. I’ll tell you right now, I have no plans on seeing Episode IX. In egregious examples, one bad sequel is all it takes-- if you trash the character arcs, make drastic changes to the overall world, and carelessly destroy the plot, you have no show to go on.


I disagree completely. I enjoyed S1-2 thoroughly, and so did many other people (there was even a drive to keep it going, and Amazon tried to get it). Season 3 is where it started to lose the audience (it had its rough spots, but it wasn’t so bad it deserved cancellation) it had enough to convince sy-fy to pull the plug (which is worth noting takes nothing considering sy-fy cancelled Defiance which was really good for them).


I didn’t truly hate watching it until Season 3, but for me the cracks were showing well into Season 2. It started with a certain treatment of a character early on into Season 2 that I was super not-okay with, followed by another, then another-- it felt like the writers were definitely trying to go for the shock of these moments instead of trying to weave together a strong story or arc, and the way the show always disregarded these events going forwards made this much worse.

S2 laid the groundwork for problems, but S3 truly put a nail in the coffin, and I honestly stopped recommending the show to people after watching it. It should have been the peak of the show where everything is coming together, and instead it’s an incomprehensible mess.

I had no idea Amazon tried to acquire it, but I doubt it would have saved the show with the state that 3 left the series in.


Ohhhh, I get what you mean then. I found S1-2 to be pretty thoroughly enjoyable, but I get what you mean, like some cracks around S2?

Still, for a low budget sy-fy show (that was their second highest show at the time) they constantly hammered into for control, it was really good and held many tones similar to that of Firefly…but I suppose, more extreme in their job. :sweat_smile:

Yea, if I remember right the guy who took The Expanse was going to try and save Dark Matter, but decided on the former (plus, syfy took too long to decide and contracts ran out on the actors). I suspect they only considered it because of the huge outrage that followed the cancellation. The show brought on a huge cult following.


That doesn’t surprise me. The Tick went down in a similar way-- they cancelled it, people took to Twitter, and a few weeks later Griffin Newman and a few others gave in after contracts had expired.

That one still hurts, since in my opinion it’s the best interpretation yet and it fizzled out at its peak quality.


I watched the first season today, it was pretty good. Some parts weren’t all that great like the weird zombie episode and certain characters but it was still a good watch.
Guess we’ll see how I feel about season 2 tomorrow.


I’m watching Gargoyles, for the first time since it ended, via Disney+. I hope they add many shows from the 90s catalog, it would be awesome.

Also, this show is just as good as I remembered it.


Episode 1 of the newest Pokemon (2019), which is seemingly a reboot of the origins. I don’t know how I take that, but I wanted to give it a try. I haven’t liked Pokemon anime since season 3, so…plus, it has Gen 1 / Season 1 Pokemon! :relaxed:


I’m sleeping so hard on this thread… I’m gonna necro a bunch of old replies… sorry.

@Rhyagelle Tesselate is an excellent track and of my favorites from Alt-j. Thanks for linking it! Are you familiar with Glass Animals? They released a new track you might like. @NICK9X9 too! head bob

@Truly The Expanse is hella excellent. Unfortunately, there are too many characters for my mom to find enjoyable. As a rule of thumb, I never watch Sci-fi without her. We finished the first and half of the second season iirc. I’ll see if she wants to resume! Thanks for the reminder.

@Buzzyboii how’s your reading going? Did you eventually pick up any of the excellent suggestions here? The main problem I currently have with fantasy is that it’s oftentimes incompatible with my lack of time. Either we’re talking long-winding books (see Martin) or several volumes (see Rowling). If you have time for those, I’m happy for you. One observation I’d like to make is that most suggestions linked were by American or British authors. If you have the time, I’d like to drop a few more culturally-varied suggestions – nothing wrong with reading American books, but it’s enlightening to read some other stuff too!

  • One Hundred Years of Solitude, by Gabriel García Márquez. 417pgs. SPANISH TRANSLATOR: Gregory Rabassa
  • Anna Karenina, by Leo Tolstoy. 872pgs. RUSSIAN TRANSLATORS: Richard Pevear & Larissa Volokhonsky
  • The Hour of the Star, by Clarice Lispector. 128pgs. PORTUGUESE TRANSLATOR: Benjamin Moser
  • The Stranger, by Albert Camus. 123pgs. FRENCH TRANSLATION: Matthew Ward
  • Candide, by Voltaire. 112pgs. FRENCH TRANSLATION: ?
  • Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi. 160pgs. Comic book!

These books really opened my eyes a bunch of things I had never considered before they came into my life. Lucky are the ones who will read them for the first time!

Recently watched the mind-breaking, soul-crushing, decade-definer, gut-ripping Parasite with my mom. I LOVE South Korean cinema, it’s one of my biggest obsessions. Of all its thrilling directors, Bong Joon-ho is arguably my favorite. He took this year’s Cannes Festival by storm, and for a reason.

People, please go see it. Don’t read about it. Don’t think about it. Just buy the tickets and hold your breath.


A few days after my last post I finished Dark Matter. I hate to be a contrarian again but I really feel like they got more things right in season 2 than in 1. 3 wasn’t quite as good partially because it just ends on the most massive cliffhanger…

A few heavy character spoilers

The series revolves heavily around the main six so I’ll just throw out my feelings about them and Android.
One… I’m glad he died. He was just boring and even more so once his backstory was revealed, I would’ve much preferred if he was just a clone.
Two is just the most dull bitch there is. Despite her super powers she’s just utterly plain, her OG personality Portia was a lot more interesting. (also the zombie bite from the research into eternal life or whatever was just irrelevant I guess…)
Three is excellent. Starts out as the scumbag you’re supposed to dislike and grows through out the series into a scumbag you can love.
Four is interesting. He didn’t have much of a character until he got his memories back but when he did he became a fun antagonist. On a side note I don’t think his home country of samurais make much sense in the universe but it’s alright I guess.
Five is the ship’s mascot. She’s cute and good at all the tech stuff but perhaps a bit lacking in the personality.
Six tries desperately to be good especially after learning of his past. Like One he didn’t really belong on the ship but he’s a hell of a lot more interesting.
Android is just the best. I loved seeing her grow through the series and learn of her emotions. boobs

I also watched all of Love, Death & Robots today. And I went into it with all the wrong expectations (totally my bad).
See I had seen this clip of monsters fighting and thought the whole thing was about stuff like that, unfortuntely it’s not. What it is is a compilation of 18 short films generally relating to scifi. All of it is extremely well animated but a lot of them are lacking because they’re just that… short films. If you see all of them as pilots for their own shows I think a lot of them show potential.

That’s sweet, hope you get time to watch the next season with her. My mom really dislikes scifi.:sweat_smile:


That was a goodish show. Maybe felt a bit too much like an artists entire portfolio going on display (in that some things felt like a proof of concept/animation or technical experiment) but I liked a lot of the stories.



I’m listening to my stomach gurgling because i’m sooooo hungry right now and lunch is still 20 minutes away…


:notes: :metal: