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Pois há menos peixinhos a nadar no mar do que os beijinhos que eu darei na sua boca…
There aren’t as many little fishes swimming in the sea than the little kisses I will place on your lips…

If you like Bossa Nova, check this out, guys! Absolutely delightful and relaxing. That trombonist is the one who played the original recording with Tom Jobim.


Currently Watching:
Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld
because I’m an anime nerd and I have to finish this story.

Dr. Stone
It takes a few episodes to pick up, but I’m enjoying it now

Fruits Basket
An unlikely choice for me, but if you want some feels, there’s some feels here.

Van Helsing
It’s starting to turn more into a drama than an action show, but I’m invested now so I might as well stick to it :stuck_out_tongue:


I am looking forward to eventually watching Knives Out. Once I get out of my college town and somewhere else.

I am so, so tired.


It’s worth noting that your words on TLJ are [opinion!] far too kind. @PeteMcc

Since TLJ released, I’ve been thoroughly checked out of Star Wars. Solo was the first film I’ve skipped in theaters. I didn’t watch the shows, play the games, anything. Jedi caught my attention only because it seemed to prove that it wasn’t more of the same, and even then, it was very late that I actually boarded the hype train beyond “meh, guess it might be good.”

So, here we go, the gigarant on a travesty of a film that I despise:


This film is a soulless husk saved by the incredible VFX and casting. I’m going to break it all down below, but I’ll start with the less spoilery bits in case you feel like catching up on this trainwreck on your own for some reason:

Throwing the Plot Out

Everything about TLJ is designed as a cheap thrill. From the moment the film starts, it prides itself on contracdicting the series Episode VII built up by having Luke throw away his lightsaber and yell-- despite putting together a hidden map that is meant to lead the right person to his location-- that he never wanted to be found.

This only gets worse as the film goes on, but spoilers. The TLDR is that doing the opposite of what you expect gets old fast, and “subverting expectations” is done so poorly in this film that it’s become a meme.

Character lines, not arcs

Every new character is a missed opportunity and a canvas to project plot onto.

In my eyes, the worst offender is Rose Tico, a character that “exists” and has no actual plot. Yet, 50% of the film is focused on her. She has no actual personality-- she is first there to be sad about a character that shows up very briefly, then she wants to save the animals and hates rich casino-goers. She has no consistency, no morals, no actually tangible character traits or progression. She’s a sad face that chases the plot. Nothing against the actress of course-- she does a fine job portraying this blank slate, and gives it her best. There’s just nothing to work with.

This can be fixed by having an actual written character with a vested interest in the plot, some kind of convictions. Her sister died, how did that change her character? Oh, it didn’t? Cool. What about the pilot responsible? Any enmity there-- oh, no, you’re cool? M’kay.

The weakest character by far is Admiral Holdo; she doesn’t have one. She exists. That’s the most I can say about her.

All Hail Rey, the All-Powerful Perfect Being (Spoilers!)

Every character from the series still present is grossly mishandled.

This begins with Rey. I actually liked the character in VII as a successor to Luke-- she’s a wasteland scrapper of sorts, and has a fairly humble origin with a desire for adventure. She gets a chance to take to the stars, and she’s there the entire time in VII as a wide-eyed kid. She shows potential in the force, but like Luke, she has several stumbles on the way. She runs from her fate, she fears the First Order, and even when Kylo was wounded and exhausted, she still barely beat him.

She isn’t a perfect character, and as a complete rookie being thrown into the galaxy for the first time, nobody expects her to be. She has a lot to learn, like Finn, and there’s a lot hinging on their success, so they rise up to the task they previously weren’t sure they could handle. It’s an adventure, a real journey with real risks.

This goes out the window in VIII. Now, she’s all powerful, and training means nothing. She’s a limitless Jedi master that can defeat anyone and anything, and unlike The Force Awakens, there’s a clear rule in place that she can never be on the losing side of a fight.

Abuse the Force (Spoilers!)

Force Skype calls.
Space-gliding Leia.
Hyperspeed ramming.
This movie is trash.

Death by Incompetence (Spoilers!)

Everyone in this film is a moron.

Snoak can predict anything, yet lets a lightsaber slip past him. Kay.
There’s a spy on the ship, and that’s how they’re tracking the ship! No wait, that’s just a massive plot hole, the admiral is just not doing her job and being needlessly cryptic, screwing up so badly that you assume she’s just a spy. I expect this crap in Town of Salem, not a film.
Rose dismantles Finn’s entire character arc with what is by far one of the least satisfying conclusions I’ve ever seen in a film.
She also lectures him on how they don’t win by destroying what they hate, but saving what they love… as the base is exploding, as a direct result of her ramming the hero out of his moment of honorable sacrifice because he hot tho.

Don't meet your heroes, we rewrote them (Spoilers!)

Luke’s arc is insulting.

The hopeful kid from IV-VI returns, but now he’s got a dark past. Something horrible happened, as hinted at in VII. Yet, what is this thing? Oh, it makes zero sense at all, okay.

Luke, the character that tried to see the light in Darth Vader, tried to kill youngling Kylo over shower thoughts. THIS IS STUPID AND MAKES NO SENSE.

Wouldn’t it make more sense for Luke to let Ben’s power and exploration of the dark side to go unchecked? Isn’t this something the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight arc already handled a thousand times better?

Anything would have been better than what they went with.

There’s my semi-comprehensive, all-disorganized stream-of-consciousness rant on the film that ruined a franchise for me. I’d try harder to organize my thoughts, but then I would have thought about this film more than Rian Johnson did.

It was a waste of my time. It was a waste of money. It was a waste of an IP I grew up with, and it deserves no defense for how it manages to fall on its face and be subpar in every way conceivable. I’m not seeing IX, there’s no point. Star Wars movies are dead to me, and that’s just kind of that.

The Last Jedi has all the pieces it needs to be a good film. The whole convoy-under-siege arc could work. Having a traitor on board would be interesting. The casino was a cool location. The casting is spot-on, and every one-dimensional character is played to their fullest by genuinely talented actors and actresses that unfortunately took the hit online for the terrible writing.

Thanks, Darth Rian. Ya dun goofed.


Damn, that’s a lot of vitriol on display. I won’t comment further what I feel, but I will say Captain Phasma is also wasted. The one cool scene she has (along with Finn) has become relegated to a deleted scene, which is a damn shame. If she would even return be it IX or other media as an interesting and fun character, I’d be happy even if it is for a fleeting moment.
And I do agree Space Leia was hilarious.


So, here’s the thing about Phasma:

Episode 7 spoilers

I don’t see her being a necessary character at all. What I loved about VII’s portrayal of her was that she was just a captain on the Starkiller, and Han [being his cheeky self] got revenge. He got to have some fun in a petty way. Now, this means she crawled out of the trash compactor, then found her way off the base immediately.

I find VIII infuriating because they had a competent series intro, a soft reboot that got the ball rolling for future entries. I just can’t believe that script that threw out 100% of the plot threads from VII and managed to mishandle 100% of the content got past so many people without question. It really is just an example of how not to make a movie in any series, let alone one as beloved as Star Wars. It’s so clearly made from a place of no understanding for the series, nor any intention to care about the series.


I’ve loved this song ever since I first heard it, what seems like a lifetime ago…

I’m not a big Manics fan, but this album and the following one are classics.



It’s an important listen that addresses the tokenisation of minority groups…you can hear the tremor in Joey’s voice as he finds the courage to address the topic without the hosts having any idea he’s going to.

I’ve never heard of Joey Clift before but he sounds like a pretty cool guy.


Honestly I couldn’t even bother much

I’m somewhat intrigued by the Spongebob Musical, not because I have a pfp of him but also I heard that it’s actually good. I haven’t got to watch it myself (for obvious reasons) but this televised special is a good way to watch it legit without shoddy audio and video recordings. On the record, I listened to the soundtrack that was released and really liked it. I’m hoping that I get a chance to see it some day.

Since my movie thread is dead and this thread serves practically the same purpose, I thought I’d share it here instead because why not. Honestly, it doesn’t look all that great but it still looks like fun. I’m a little cautious now that we’re back to the mainline DCEU films, but then again I heard WW was a good film, so this could follow that same path.
Oh and I’ve been also getting a kick out of Frozen 2’s songs. Show Yourself, Lost in the Woods and Into the Unknown has really set on me. Unfortunately, this also means that it will be run into the ground like the last movie. So be warned now, friends.


I can’t wait for the new season, it is going to be a treat. :joy: It also combines all of the old good shows from muh childhood, and does so very well. I’m also glad kids right now finally have a good, wholesome, funny and fun kid’s show they can watch. :+1:


There are plenty. Some recently ended but of note: Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, The Dragon Prince, Adventure Time, She-Ra and the Princess of Power, Craig of the Creek, Irmão do Jorel, Hilda…

I’m a Disney-hater so I’m biased, but frankly nostalgia plays a big role in how we see these things. I’m glad kids nowadays have plenty of good shows to watch, regardless of what I like or dislike.

I hope you enjoy DuckTales.


There are plenty. Some recently ended but of note: Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, The Dragon Prince, Adventure Time, She-Ra and the Princess of Power, Craig of the Creek, Irmão do Jorel, Hilda…

I’ll give you Gravity Falls, forgot about that one entirely (because I love it and I hate that it is gone), but Steven Universe and Adventure Time are not meant for the audiences that Gravity Falls and Duck Tales were meant for (especially the later). And the Netflix shows? Also meant for slightly older audiences (so they aren’t completely wacky and goofy and safe), and on a platform that is a bit harder to reach. I’m talking about on cable/tv and shows that small children can load up and safely enjoy, like back in the olden days (oh no boomer talk lol). You know, stuff a bit like an older Franklin?

*Adventure Time and Steven Universe have its hidden jokes for older kids and adults who had to watch. Of course, nothing seriously wrong with either of them, but shows like Duck Tales don’t always come around for little kids.

(Never heard of Craig of the Creek and Irmao do Jorel, is that an exclusive?)

I don’t let things like that bias my opinion. I also didn’t really like the original Duck Tales, thought it was rather boring as a kid, so this has nothing to do with that. Tail Spin, on the other hand was pretty good. Not perfect, of course, but decent enough as a distraction.

Regardless, I’m not one to think that simply because a cartoon exists and is labeled a kid cartoon means it is a kid’s cartoon or actually good for them. Children shouldn’t be subjected to that kind of material that they are, especially to today’s standards.


All fair points.

This one is Brazilian, an absolute treasure. Not sure if it’s been dubbed and frankly don’t feel like looking that up atm – bit grumpy today.

We’re on the same page on this, I agree.

Thanks for the chat and sharing a bit of your childhood and thoughts. (:


Mao Mao and surprisingly, DC Super Hero Girls is also really fun. The latter had the involvement of Lauren Faust, who also did MLP:FiM and some other shows by Craig McCracken I think. The latter seems more so fit for children than Mao Mao, but neither are any slouches.
These, along with Craig on the Creek, are on Cartoon Network so maybe that’s my OWN bias showing.




Just watched The Hornet’s Nest, a documentary on the war in Afghanistan. It was a compelling, sad and powerful look into the war and lives of our soldiers and the lives of the Afghans living under the constant tyranny of Islamic terrorists.



Okay so the Netflix The Witcher series is out now. I’ve only watched episode 1 so far, but just going off of my opinion of it, I’m in for a wild ride with the rest of season 1. It seems super interesting and very well done. Highly recommend.


Also watching The Witcher. Only complaint?

gentle spoiler ONLY for non-readers of the books or non-players of the games (so if you played or read, go ahead and read safely)

The Nilfgaardians’ armor (come on?) and being represented all, completely, as war hungry, torture loving crazies. They used the invasion of Cintra, where the people were almost all slaughtered (of course, horrible) as an excuse to unwrite that the Nilfgaardians kept prisoners and tried to assimilate others into their world (even if, of course, poorly as sub-classes)? xD

Other than that…show has been 5/5! On episode 5! :slight_smile: