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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


Approved ^^ :stuck_out_tongue:


Dark Matter by Blake Crouch.

What would happen if could access other other universes? Ultimately, Jason has to fight off versions of himself in Chicago. This thriller is a mix of time travel, survival, and asking What If.

Pacing is decent, but the ending was predictable.


Just watched Dave Chapelle’s special Sticks and Stones. It was hilarious. If people can’t grasp what jokes are than this world is just horrible. Comedy is the place you go to laugh at matters to help broaden the subject and make it easier for people to talk about these things. If I didn’t have half the comedians I did when I was younger making jokes about poverty when I was a kid and poor, it would have been a much, much harder time for me. I view it like if you go in wanting to be insulted and targeted like someone’s trying to kill you (absurd), that’s the problem, not the harmless jokes.

I also watched Demon Slayer’s latest episode. It wasn’t bad, just very slow. I cannot wait to see where the story takes us from here.

Oh oh! I also got to watch S3 of Vis a Vis / Locked Up on Netflix, finally came out. Oh boy! The twists! Zulema and Saray and Curly, great characters. I wonder when we get S4…really need to know what happens to them.


Lately been curling up next to bestie and watching what she’s watching on her computer. These days it’s dramas - Korean, Chinese, Thai, Japanese - you get the drift. There’re some pretty humans in this world, and really creative script writers too, lol.

It’s reminded me, though I need to find me some Japanese Horror online. Quite like it and tis the season (soon enough, lol)


Wouldn’t usually do this but I figured the upside is positive, and the downside is minimal…

@YQMaoski assuming you have a passing interest in interesting documentaries - have you seen Icarus and/or Free Solo? Both are great ways to spend some free time, although I’m unsure how much of that you actually have! (I have zero interest in either of the subject matters but had a thoroughly good time with both).


Both are definitely interesting topics for me. :smiley: I still follow sports, though I don’t have time to actually watch, so I spend minutes here and there watching highlights.

So yeah, pretty much all of my free time goes into going to the gym, spending time with my wife, or playing games online… haha…

Both of us got into climbing a few years back, and while we did not continue (as the closest climbing gym to us is over an hour drive away), it’s still something we talk about a lot. So I think I can convince my wife to sit down and watch that with me.

Cheers for the recommendations! :smiley:


Latest episode of season 2 to Titans.


And the new Raven, whilst VERY different to the Ravens I know (comics, show, movies) is actually very charming as a character, especially when she’s around Gar (Beast Boy). I do love this show. I mean I do enjoy Doom Patrol a bit more because its well rounded, but this has a cast I know more…if that makes sense? :thinking:

Anyway, still bummed Trigon was handled so easily, but who knows, maybe it was a misdirect and he’s just lurking somewhere…waiting. :sweat_smile:


Rewatching The Haunting of Hill House and ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


It just makes me so, so SAD! I mean good god y’all, your children are telling you there’s a bent neck lady houndin’ em, weird shit’s happening all around the house and you STILL live there? :sweat_smile: Call in John Constantine or the Pope, I don’t know, get the hell out of there. xD


First person I’d call if I had the spooks a-lurking and a-groaning around the house. :heart:


Finally got around to watching Koe no Katachi. Oh boy. It is so sad. MY HEART. xD I knew after reading the manga I shouldn’t, but I said, why not? That’s why! THAT’S WHY! lol

Definitely. John is the dude to call for mystical and demonic things! lol


So catchy! I find music from 70’s & 80’s to be so much better in general . ( not to say that were are no good music today , just a lot more shit compared to good stuff ) .


The only thing I could remember of this was the “I Ran” bit, lol. Thanks for reminding me of this. ^^


I only know about that song from Todd in the Shadows. But it is indeed very catchy.


Sadly the only good quality version of this song I can find that isn’t attached to vocals.


I mean, it’s an aria so… it’s supposed to have vocals! Here the piano just substitutes them, it’s a transcript.

But here’s another version for you:

Just type in “Queen of the Night piano solo” or “piano transcript.”

And musescore piano arrangement if you, like me, us the website for sheet music:

Boy do I love this piece! The Magic Flute is one of my favorite operas for sure. Diana Damnrau handles this especially challenging (and iconic) aria beautifully here:


I know its an aria, but I just want to hear the piano itself. :sweat_smile: and yea I saw that video, but the audio seemed a bit low in quality compared to the one I posted.


Check out the musescore version, then! You can actually listen to it :slight_smile:


Found a good string quartet version for you as well:

AND A FLUTE VERSION!? :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:




Watching a show called Beforeigners. Really lame name, yea, but basically a whole bunch of people got snatched up from different timelines and were dropped into the modern day. It is Norwegian, so I’m not going to lie and say that’s half the reason I started it, but it seems interesting so far. Clearly it had inspirations from many other shows though. lol

So far, I can say the main cop dude is an ass. :sweat:


I actually really, really like the name… And will now be referring to all folks who don’t get technology as Beforeigner to technology.