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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


It’s great stuff! I’m currently in a bit Hard Rock mood myself, so it’s great timing :slight_smile:

I bet you know those, but just in case >

This is a bit stranger for the genre though:

And of course a nice ballad:

Recently I finished watching season 1 of Ancient Civilizations documentary and it was pretty interesting and nice POV on the matter of common gods and cultures. Christians should hate it for sure ;]

(the imdb information is missing 90% of the episodes in it for some reason)

It’s about god Enki @Enki :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and of course looking forward to have the time to watch season 2.





I’m really really late to the party, but I just started to listen to more K-POP. I can’t seem to get these 2 songs out of my head, and WOW those BTS boys can move!



With the new Tool not being quite there for me, this is really good…

(if you like it it’s NYP on Bandcamp)

Also, gone back to a cool track from yesteryear…


I’ve been reading this very interesting book, totally out of my own free will, and not because of exams and stuff… kill me


After 12 years creative hiatus TOOL IS BACK! Omfg couldnt be more excited


I just watched all 3 John Wick movies for the first time and in one sitting. Helluva adrenaline rush!
Keanu is not a great actor but boy does he have passion for what he does and it really shows. Just Breathtaking.
I look forward to taking down the old gods in the next part.


Still need to watch 3. I loved the first two though.

So I’m starting to watch The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance now that it’s out on Netflix. I’m excited in a way I can’t describe in writing. I really hope it’s everything I want it to be.


I just actually finished The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance myself. :relaxed:

It was really, really good. I don’t like puppets, they freak me out, but the show hooked me instantly so I managed to set aside my dislike of them. I cannot wait for S2, but I suspect it will take them a long while to make it. :sweat_smile:


Short story collection- Exhalation by Ted Chiang. If you like science fiction and topics about the human existence, check this book out. 5/5 stars

Some of the topics covered- alternate universes, AI intelligence, and time travel.


I got time to watch Brighburn…good premise (albeit unoriginal), terrible execution…quite frankly I was bored watching it…90 minutes felt like an eternity.


You must have had a lot of popcorn and snacks for that sitting. I still need to watch the third movie.


Watched the third one yesterday, its not as good as the second one and definitively not as good as the first one, still perfectly watchable but yeah, at least in my opinion.


A few beers and snacks. :wink: I wasn’t gonna do it in one sitting but I couldn’t stop.

I personally liked the third one the most just because it has the most dumb action, but it is the weakest story wise.


Awesome band and song. A little bit on the immature side about halfway through the song, but I still stand by it’s awesomeness.



And just listened to:


Have I posted this before?? Yes? No? Maybe…regardless, it’s good…
(fan video so ignore the lip flap)