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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


ahaha its amazing, right? You may also like these. :slight_smile:

And my girls Trio Mandili

And some awesome Scottish street music. :slight_smile:

And finally, wouldn’t be the same without posting some Scandinavian stuff.


Really beautiful song. Here’s a translation so you can understand a bit of the lyrics, only a few mistakes but it’s fine. :smile:


loved that, @Enki


Friday let’s go!!!


It is amazing!


Watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

It was dog shit. I haven’t felt this angry about a movie in a long time.

What a piece of shit of a movie.


I don’t know if anyone has posted this yet, but:

I listened to this audiobook when I was bored out of my mind one morning and needed something to pass the time. By the end, I was amazed at how it resonated with me, not on a personal level, but on how it really led me into the plot and the characters of the book - all in a two hour audiobook.

Albeit some people might not like it (as with all things), I suggest you give it a try.


We should talk, I was on the fence about it as a movie, but I liked a couple of the director decisions made in regard to filming choices (Yeah, the story was definitely not great).


I hated absolutely EVERYTHING that had a whif of Tarantino’s mysoginistic self-centered American ass. Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance was my only reason to watch this movie and the only thing that didn’t vastly disappoint me to the verge of getting off my duckling seat in the middle of the movie and leaving.


Do you like his other movies? like Django unchained? that movie was great and I am just wondering if you don’t like his movies or if Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is really a terrible movie. I was looking forward to seeing this movie so was just curious :slight_smile:


I do like his other movies. However, I did watch them in a different time of my life – several years ago – and I’m not sure what I’d think of them if I re-watched them.

My favorite of his is The Hateful 8, which for a long time was in my top-50 favorite movies.


Oh ok well dang that sucks, I also really liked Hateful 8 so that is a bummer that this movie is that terrible.


@Tencore, you might not have a problem with:

  1. Self-centered Hollywood references akin to 80s Woody Allen movies;
  2. Several purposeless feet-shots that indulge in Tarantino’s well-known foot-fetishism;
  3. Sexualization of women, especially young women and underage characters and butt shots, leg shots, tasteless sex jokes, etc.;
  4. 3 hours of movie that could have easily become 2 and a half;
  5. A sense of humor that relies on understanding exactly what the movie is about and caring about a) Hollywood b) hippies in Hollywood c) people getting killed by hippies in Hollywood and d) Roman Polanski;
  6. Making fun of Bruce Lee because that’s hilarious and
  7. A direction that doesn’t feel like Tarantino’s signature style except in regards to aforementioned numbers 2 and 3 as well as sudden blatant violence that frankly does not tie well with Leonardo’s intimate performance and his character’s journey.

So you know, I can see several white American men loving this one without a problem, so don’t pass up on it just because I duckling want the whole movie to die in a huge dumpster fire, man.

Seriously: you might like it. :woman_shrugging:


I saw a poster the other day - doesn’t matter what the ad was for - but it showed a mom and her little girl siting on the grass together. Mom was in the background, little girl was in foreground wearing a short school skirt, that showed a whole bunch of thigh and leg. The way it looked didn’t sit right with me. The child must have been maybe 7 or 8.

Is that sort of thing accepted in movies and commercials these days?


Kids run around in short shorts, skirts and some times entirely nude on beaches around here. Unless you find children sexy I don’t really see how showing skin would be sexualizing.

But I am willing to cede that there’s different social standards around the world and unfortunately I also recognize that the overly prudish American sensibilities are being pushed to be the one we all have to try to cater to. But I don’t like it.


It wasn’t so much the clothes as the pose. I mean, tourists here walk around in the shortest shorts I’ve ever seen, even the kids. It’s very hot. Duckling hot, even. Cool with me.

The photo just made me blink because of the focal point and the pose.


Thank you for catering to me, Don’t think we prudes don’t appreciate it.



and this:


Not sure if this is heavy enough for you but it’s got a decent groove -


and (:heart:)


Just finished Alphabet Squadron by Alexander Freed.

Follows a Imperial that deflects to the Rebel cause. She becomes the leader of a Rebel group that has lost their squadrons. Goes into detail about the psychological toll of prolonged war where both sides fight for their brothers and sisters.

Ending is what you expect and ends with some redemption for the protagonist.

Note: This takes place after Emperor has been killed.